That's no apparition you're seeing....

That's no apparition you're seeing. Jensen Buchanan (ex-Vicky, AW) is returning to As The World Turns. She'll be reprising the role of Vicky, but this time Buchanan is back — as a ghost.

Vicky was last seen briefly on the ATWT canvas when she crossed over to the show with Tom Eplin (Jake) from the defunct Another World. Her character presumably perished in a plane crash late last year. But fans have been clamoring for her return.

Being involved in a supernatural storyline is nothing new for Buchanan. In 1997, she crossed over into the afterlife to be reunited with her love, the late Ryan Harrison, who reassured her she was still needed on earth. Could Vicky be returning to reassure Jake that she approves of his burgeoning relationship with Molly? Since Buchanan now resides in California, she'll be back and forth to New York shoot scenes, but could be on for a while, explains the actress's spokesperson. Buchanan will start in read more

The search is over! Nancy St....

The search is over! Nancy St. Alban will take over the role of Michelle Santos on Guiding Light from the departing Joie Lenz, whose last airdate is Oct. 4. St. Alban starred in the Hallmark Hall of Fame's Durango. Look for her to begin Oct. 27. But don't expect Michelle and Danny to reconcile quickly — or easily. GL has cast Elizabeth Hobgood to play May, a sexy cocktail waitress Danny hires for the club who is certain to catch the lonely Santos's eye. Hobgood recently played a nosy reporter digging for dirt at Bianca's homecoming party on All My Children. She starts airing Sept. 26. read more

Dear Soaps, I just started watching...

Dear Soaps,
I just started watching Passions two months ago, and I am confused about something. Have they ever shown Julian's father? I know he often calls him on the phone and we hear his voice, but have they ever actually showed him? Thanks. — Nancy

Dear Nancy,
Much like Charlie, the man who gave Charlie's Angels all their assignments without ever showing his face, we have never seen Alistair, the patriarchal voice behind the Crane family. We've only glimpsed his hands, feet and shadow, and heard his authoritative voice. That voice belongs to actor Alan Oppenheimer, who has done numerous voice-only parts and narration over the past fifty years. Need a visual reference? Oppenheimer also played network executive Gene Kinsella on the sitcom Murphy Brown. Passions's producers have said if Alistair ever needed to be seen onscreen, Oppenheimer may or may not be cast in the role. (Delaina Dixon)

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Dear Soaps, Why has OLTL's PTB...

Dear Soaps,
Why has OLTL's PTB made Jessica seem as bad as Roseanne when she lied to Cristian about her feelings? The girl who once said she would never lie about her feelings has lied. I feel this is a bad route for the story. How are they going to clear that one? — Latoria25

Dear Latoria25,
A string of lies can make the most virtuous person do things that are out of character. Jessica thought Will had broken his promise when he left her, but he only left to make sure Jessica would return to her mother, who he thought was dying, thanks to Todd's lies. Feeling hurt and betrayed, she turned to Cristian for comfort. In my opinion, Jessica didn't really lie about her feelings — she did at one time love Cristian — but the emotions that made her accept his wedding proposal stemmed from misleading information. And then Cristian added fuel to the fire by keeping Will's letter away from Jessica. Once she learned the trut read more

Dear Soaps, I am a bit confused...

Dear Soaps,
I am a bit confused over the "Nora's memory loss" story line on One Life To Live. I thought Nora and Sam knew each other in college — or at least before Nora married Hank. If Nora remembers Hank and their daughter Rachel, shouldn't she remember Sam? If they did not know each other in college, then please tell me when they did have a relationship (weren't they engaged?) Please help me get this time-line straight! — Kelley

Dear Kelley,
You know what I really think? Don't try to make sense out of a magic drug designed to induce selective amnesia. I was hoping Nora would remember she's really Margo Hughes from Oakdale. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, Could you please let...

Dear Soaps,
Could you please let me know of an e-mail address for As the World Turns? I would really like to let them know how much I've been enjoying the show lately with Rose. Thanks. — Rwisac

Dear Rwisac,
ATWT is still in the process of creating an official website and e-mail address. In the meantime, you can contact the show through its CBS e-mail address: to let them know what you think. If you want more info about the show and its actors, make a pit stop at the official ATWT fan club site online. You'll get information on upcoming fan events, cast lists, your favorite actors's birthdays and ATWT merchandise. The address (it's a long one) is

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Dear Soaps, I saw Bobbie Eakes,...

Dear Soaps,
I saw Bobbie Eakes, who played Macy on The Bold and the Beautiful, singing a country duet on Country Music Television (CMT) the other day. They even had a music video. Has she gone country? I knew Macy sang on the show, but I didn't know it was her actual voice. Did she leave B&B to become a singer? — TAZ

Dear TAZ,
Eakes has been developing her music career for some time. Yes, that was her voice you heard on the show all these years. The actress was hoping to juggle both B&B and her music this year until the show made the decision to write the character out. As no identifiable body was found following the car explosion, there's always the chance that Eakes and Macy will return to B&B. In the meantime, Eakes is on tour with country singer Collin Raye. They've recorded Loving This Way, the duet you saw on CMT. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, Is it just me, or...

Dear Soaps,
Is it just me, or are the writers of All My Children making Finola Hughes's character, Alex, very cold? Ever since Dimitri came back, she has not been the warm person she used to be and is treating Edmund like a piece of dirt. It makes the viewers wonder why Edmund would still want her. And Dimitri needs to leave the show for good this time. What are your thoughts? — Dianna

Dear Dianna,
First, I think the legion of Michael Nader fans who campaigned to get Dimitri back on the show would object to him leaving so soon. As for Alex's coldness, I can't say I've noticed it. She certainly must feel awkward for falling for Edmund so soon after Dimitri's "death." Also, the British can kind of come off cold and condescending in general. It's not their fault. It's that haughty-sounding accent. (Michael J. Maloney)

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Dear Soaps, On Port Charles, who...

Dear Soaps,
On Port Charles, who is Grace? What is her connection to Kevin that has Rachel wanting revenge? — LK

Dear LK,
Rachel is Grace's sister. Rachel blames Kevin for her death. It's a basic enough reason for revenge. Time will tell how new PC writers James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten handle this plot point. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, Don't you think that...

Dear Soaps,
Don't you think that Jax's departure on General Hospital was handled badly? After the buildup and then actually seeing Vanessa [Marcil] back in her role it was really stupid to not have a meeting between them. Please give your opinion. Thanks. — Katie

Dear Katie,
Your thought poses an interesting dilemma. If Jax had met up with Brenda, would he have had any reason to leave Port Charles to try and find her? But more to the point, Ingo Rademacher actually taped his last scenes in early August. Vanessa Marcil didn't tape her cameo until a few days before they aired (an unexpected surprise that was pretty exciting in its own right). Only time will tell if Rademacher's new primetime vehicle, Titans, will be a hit. If the show doesn't last, Rademacher may make his way back to the GH canvas. And after seeing Marcil once again on the GH scene, there's no doubt in my mind that she read more

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