Dear Soaps, Okay, since Brock...

Dear Soaps,
Okay, since Brock and Mac never took a paternity test on The Young and the Restless, could Mac be the daughter Nina is looking for? Wouldn't that be interesting? I wonder how Jill would feel about that. Please check into this for me. — LaToria

Dear LaToria,
Okay, I checked into it for you. You've got some good ideas, but they're not likely to happen. First of all, Jill recently, and begrudgingly, informed Brock that her investigating led her to believe Mac truly is Brock's daughter. Also, Nina's first baby wasn't a girl; it was a boy, as shown in the recent flashback featuring Rose DeVille. Many have speculated that actually Raul could be Nina's long-lost child. Time will tell how the rumored departure of Tricia Cast (Nina) might affect this possible revelation. Watch for the thoughts on this topic in an upcoming Q&A with David Lago (Raul). (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, When was Larry Pine...

Dear Soaps,
When was Larry Pine on One Life to Live? He looks so familiar, but I can't place him. Thanks. ? Barbara

Dear Barbara,
Pine, who most recently appeared as Barry Shire on All My Children, spent most of his time on One Life to Live "down under." Pine, who joined the cast in 1988, played Roger Gordon, the father of Viki's daughter, Megan. Viki's father had commissioned Roger's father, Danton, to build the underground city of Eterna, which would store Victor Lord's secret stash of gold. Viki, Roger and several other characters were trapped in Eterna by Michael Grande, who wanted to steal the gold. Sealed inside, Roger revealed he and Viki were Megan's parents. Viki, Roger and the others were rescued by Viki's husband, Clint Buchanan, who would soon learn Viki had not only given birth to Roger's child but had married Roger years before, and it was still legal! If you're wondering why Viki doesn't remember her pre read more

Dear Soaps, My sister and I have...

Dear Soaps,
My sister and I have been wondering for a long time just how tall is Josh Duhamel (Leo, AMC)? He looks extremely tall, especially when he's in a scene with Rebecca Budig (Greenlee). Could you also tell me how tall she is. Either he is very tall or she is very short. Thanks — Michael

Dear Michael,
I've been actually thinking that very same thought, so when I recently had the chance to speak to Budig, I asked. "I'm 5'1," says the petite actress. "And he's 6'3. He and Cameron Mathison (Ryan) call me peanut because I'm so short and they're so big." Pairing up petite actresses with tall leading men is nothing new on AMC. The formidable Susan Lucci (Erika) who measures in at a trim 5'3 has played opposite several leading men over 6 feet, including Walt Willey and Michael Nader. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, I have been watching...

Dear Soaps,
I have been watching All My Children on and off for years. It must have been an off time when Ryan and Gillian were married. What is their history and why did they divorce? — Maureen

Dear Maureen,
Gillian needed a green card so the gallant Ryan stepped in and wed her. They fell in love, but neither would admit it, so they skipping having sex. Ryan caught his bride in David's bed. The married duo not only made up but made love, too. Gillian stood by her husband when he was falsely accused of raping Kit. Ryan was cleared, but when he learned his wife traded sex with David for money, divorce papers were filed. Ryan attempted a temporary romance with a temporarily available Hayley, while Gillian went on to marry Jake Martin. Alas, Ryan and Gillian never stopped loving each other. Until Jake makes a full recovery from recent injuries, however, star-crossed lovers Gillian and Ryan seem destined to remain apart. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, I recently saw that...

Dear Soaps,
I recently saw that Craig Montgomery has returned to As the World Turns. I know I saw the actor who portrays him on Guiding Light BUT I know I've seen him on another CBS soap. Can you please refresh my memory? — Trina

Dear Trina,
The man is question is none other than the talented Hunt Block. He took over the role of Craig Montgomery this past July. And yes, Block also appeared on Guiding Light. He was fiery lawyer Ben Warren, who arrived in Springfield to seek vengeance on his half-brother, Ross, and wound up falling for Ross's wife, Blake. Block also did a quick stint on All My Children as Guy Donohue earlier this year. The other CBS "soap" you saw him on was actually a primetime series. In the '80s, he was the dastardly Peter Hollister on Knots Landing. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, Whatever happened...

Dear Soaps,
Whatever happened to the actors who play Margo Lynley and Jake MacClaine on The Bold and the Beautiful in the early '90s? Did they ever appear on other soaps? Thanks. ? Danny

Dear Danny,
Lauren Koslow (ex-Margo) is now Kate on Days of Our Lives and is trying to drive Sami over the edge ? figuratively or literally, whichever comes first. Prior to B&B, Koslow appeared on The Young and the Restless, as blackmailer Lindsey Wells. Todd McKee (ex-Jake) appeared on Santa Barbara, as Ted, before joining B?B as incest survivor MacClaine. I ran into Todd about a year ago at a mall in Los Angeles and he told me he was working in the financial world. (Michael J. Maloney read more

Dear Soaps, I love the Lily/Rose...

Dear Soaps,
I love the Lily/Rose storyline. With Iva back in town, it got me to wondering: If Iva is Lily's natural mother, and Holden is Iva's brother, wouldn't that make Lily married to her uncle? ? Indiana Franny

Dear Indiana Franny,
We are going to have to climb the Snyder family tree to explain this equation. Iva was actually adopted by the Snyder clan, so she isn't related to Holden by blood. Iva was raped by her cousin Josh Snyder a.k.a. Rod Landry at age 13 and got pregnant. Lily fell for Holden and began to hang around the Snyder farm. Things got complicated when Josh showed up at the farm to find out what had happened to the child he fathered. Lily learned of her true parentage when Iva thought she saw Josh hovering over Lily in a menacing position. Iva screamed for him to get away because Lily was his daughter. Iva had given up her baby for adoption; that's how Lily became a Walsh. Josh is not a Snyder either. His parents are Cal Stric read more

All My Children: James Handy joins...

All My Children: James Handy joins the cast in the recurring role of Alf starting Oct. 10.

As The World Turns: Michael Lucas plays Samuel on Oct 6.

Days of Our Lives: On Oct. 13, Melissa Reeves returns to the in the role of Jennifer along with Paige and Ryanne Kettner who reprise the role of Abby, Jennifer's daughter.

Guiding Light: Martin La Platney plays Father Shea, an Episcopalian priest on Oct. 2.

Port Charles: KDRV-TV Medford anchorman Brian Morton plays a reporter who interacts with a mysterious informant Oct. 5....Jack finds a new game buddy in Jason Flaunt who plays Kane beginning Oct. 11.

The Young and the Restless: Granville Van Dusen returns as Keith Dennison, Megan and Tricia's father, on Oct. 4. Look for Thad Luckinbill to return as J.T. on Oct. 5. Brody Hutzler returns as Cody on Oct. 5 & 6. Diane Charles apppears as Lis read more

Sean Kenniff, arguably America's...

Sean Kenniff, arguably America's most famous doctor thanks to his stint on the phenomenal hit Survivor, is making a house call in Springfield. Last week, Kenniff taped a cameo appearance on Guiding Light playing — you guessed it — a doctor. Before slipping into his scrubs and makeup, Kenniff sat down with a host of journalists on the GL set in New York City to discuss his foray into the world of daytime. "I always thought that acting would be fun. To play a doctor on television, the most common location [you see them], other than the occasional primetime drama, are on soap operas," said Kenniff. "Every soap you can think of has a hospital." While Kenniff has been offered opportunities on other soaps, he decided to make his debut on daytime's longest. "Guiding Light is one of the premier soap operas on television," he explains. "The staff seemed pretty cool. With a novice like myself, that's what you need to be a comfortable as possib read more

Could you forgive someone who...

Could you forgive someone who took away the most important piece of your life? That will be one tough question to answer this week when Brooke learns that Eliot is the drunk driver who killed her daughter on All My Children. Eliot, the reformed ex-cop turned minister, originally returned to Pine Valley to banish his last, lingering demon of Laura's death. "One of the final things Eliot wanted to do was confess," says Julia Barr, who plays Brooke. "He tries to tell me on a number of occasions, but there are just too many things that intervene. Then they got involved, and it seemed like an impossible admission."

When Brooke and Eliot win physical custody of Ricky, who, like Eliot, suffered at the hands of a abusive parent, it sets off the chain of events that lead to the shocking revelation. "Because Hank [Ricky's father] is a policeman and part of the pipeline, he's found out who Eliot really is," says Barr. "The guy's extremely threatening. He breaks and enters my hom read more

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