It's been hinted at every turn,...

It's been hinted at every turn, including a mention in Entertainment Weekly's Gay Hollywood 2000 issue. Now it seems the sexuality of Bianca (Eden Reigel) finally will be revealed. AMC creator Agnes Nixon, who has a history for bringing contemporary and controversial issues to light on her daytime dramas, is spearheading the storyline. This will not be the first time All My Children has brought gay characters to the canvas. In 1983, Dr. Lynn Carson (Donna Pescow) befriended Devon McFadden and revealed she was a lesbian. Devon developed a crush on the doctor, who convinced Devon that she was not gay. In the '90s, Chris Bruno portrayed gay history teacher Michael Delaney, who inspired one of his students to come out. Penning this storyline may be one of Nixon's final memorable AMC moments for a while. Sources say that the legendary scribe is ready to step down from her post at the show. An AMC rep had no comment on Nixon's read more

Now that Melissa Reeves (Jennifer)...

Now that Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) has returned to the screen, questions circling about the return of Matthew Ashford to the role of Jack are stronger than ever. At the moment, the multitalented actor is revisiting the past — he's playing the lead role of Thomas Jefferson in the musical 1776, in Texas. And while Ashford's not averse to returning to the daytime scene — he auditioned for As the World Turns and tested for the role of Jake (now played by J. Eddie Peck) on All My Children — returning to complete one of DAYS's top supercouples seems like a no-brainer. "At this moment, we have not signed anything with Days of Our Lives," says Ashford's manager. "Our options are open." read more

Liza Huber is making a career...

Liza Huber is making a career change. Huber, who originated the role of Gwen Hotchkiss on Passions in July '99, has left the show to pursue other interests. Her last tape date was Sept. 28. While reports have stated that Huber left show business to pursue a career in fashion, Huber clarifies that that's not 100 percent true. "People ask you what you're interested in, [and you say] 'clothes, pets, horses and kittens.' I have no idea what I'm going to do," she explains.

Making the decision to leave was not an easy one. "I had worked for this for years and years, and then I got [to Passions], and I wasn't as satisfied with having an acting career as I thought I would. When you work you should be happy." The consummate professional, Huber notified Passions's executives of her plans to exit early on. "I didn't just up and leave. I let them know quite some time ago. I told them that I would ride out the storyline." But her final taping was unknown to many o read more

Dear Soaps, Zander and Emily are...

Dear Soaps,
Zander and Emily are making the screen sizzle. GH finally has a couple that will make fans sit up and love. If or when will they sign the actor who plays Zander to a long term contract?? — Rosalie

Dear Rosalie,
I admit, I was a little skeptical when they switched actors to play Zander on GH. Chad Brannon, who currently plays Zander, did not seem as physically big or menacing as the previous portrayer, Marc Brett. Now I know why. We needed a kinder, gentler Zander to buy into Emily's blossoming crush on her kidnapper. While some people may be alarmed by her obvious attraction, it's seems General Hospital has tapped into the real-life condition of Stockholm syndrome — that's when a captive falls for her captor (think Patty Hearst). Or is Emily just like most teenage girls who always fall for the rebel (even if he left you naked in bed with a dead cop)? I'm intrigued by the possib read more

Dear Soaps, I never miss an episode...

Dear Soaps,
I never miss an episode of Passions, but I started watching it after it first aired. Can you please tell me who Fluffy is, and why Timmy is so afraid of him? And why does TC hate the Cranes so much? Thank you so much! ? Tori

Dear Tori,
No surprises here. Fluffy is Tabitha's cat. And while we've never seen him on screen, we've caught the world through his eyes on Fluffy-cam, and we've seen Timmy after a run-in with the vicious little creature. My guess is that Fluffy has sniffed Timmy one too many times for Timmy's comfort. We never really knew why TC hated the Cranes so vehemently, except that he and Julian had some kind of tennis rivalry in their youth, and an injury ruined TC's chances at a professional tennis career. Last week it was revealed that TC blames Julian for the hit-and-run accident that injured TC's knee and caused him to abandon his professional dreams. It happened on the way to a championship match that TC and Jul read more

Dear Soaps, I love the Lily/Rose...

Dear Soaps,
I love the Lily/Rose storyline. With Iva back in town, it got me to wondering: If Iva is Lily's natural mother, and Holden is Iva's brother, wouldn't that make Lily married to her uncle? ? Indiana Franny

Dear Indiana Franny,
We are going to have to climb the Snyder family tree to explain this equation. Iva was actually adopted by the Snyder clan, so she isn't related to Holden by blood. Iva was raped by her cousin Josh Snyder a.k.a. Rod Landry at age 13 and got pregnant. Lily fell for Holden and began to hang around the Snyder farm. Things got complicated when Josh showed up at the farm to find out what had happened to the child he fathered. Lily learned of her true parentage when Iva thought she saw Josh hovering over Lily in a menacing position. Iva screamed for him to get away because Lily was his daughter. Iva had given up her baby for adoption; that's how Lily became a Walsh. Josh is not a Snyder either. His parents are Cal Stric read more

Dear Soaps, If the Passions's...

Dear Soaps,
If the Passions's writers were to pair up Theresa and Ethan and Luis and Sheridan, wouldn't it be impossible for both couples to get married? Wouldn't they be related? — Susan

Dear Susan,
There would be nothing legally wrong with siblings Theresa and Luis marrying Ethan and his aunt Sheridan respectively. And that would be the case, if Ethan truly were a Crane. But he's actually the son of Sam Bennett and Ivy Crane, Julian's wife. Ivy met Sam, but her family married her off to Julian. On her wedding night, she ran off to be with Sam, got pregnant and has passed Ethan off as Julian's ever since. When you think about it, biology is the least of worries for these couples. Jilted fiancés, manipulative brothers and feuding families are enough to keep them busy. (DD)

read more

Dear Soaps, In what direction...

Dear Soaps,
In what direction do you think the writers will take the Colin/Nora relationship on One Life to Live? — Blair

Dear Blair,
Well, if Nora falls in love with Colin, her ex-captor, I think she belongs on another soap. (And I'm not mentioning any names!) (MJM)

read more

Dear Soaps, My sister and I have...

Dear Soaps,
My sister and I have been wondering for a long time just how tall is Josh Duhamel (Leo, AMC)? He looks extremely tall, especially when he's in a scene with Rebecca Budig (Greenlee). Could you also tell me how tall she is. Either he is very tall or she is very short. Thanks — Michael

Dear Michael,
I've been actually thinking that very same thought, so when I recently had the chance to speak to Budig, I asked. "I'm 5'1," says the petite actress. "And he's 6'3. He and Cameron Mathison (Ryan) call me peanut because I'm so short and they're so big." Pairing up petite actresses with tall leading men is nothing new on AMC. The formidable Susan Lucci (Erika) who measures in at a trim 5'3 has played opposite several leading men over 6 feet, including Walt Willey and Michael Nader. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, When was Larry Pine...

Dear Soaps,
When was Larry Pine on One Life to Live? He looks so familiar, but I can't place him. Thanks. ? Barbara

Dear Barbara,
Pine, who most recently appeared as Barry Shire on All My Children, spent most of his time on One Life to Live "down under." Pine, who joined the cast in 1988, played Roger Gordon, the father of Viki's daughter, Megan. Viki's father had commissioned Roger's father, Danton, to build the underground city of Eterna, which would store Victor Lord's secret stash of gold. Viki, Roger and several other characters were trapped in Eterna by Michael Grande, who wanted to steal the gold. Sealed inside, Roger revealed he and Viki were Megan's parents. Viki, Roger and the others were rescued by Viki's husband, Clint Buchanan, who would soon learn Viki had not only given birth to Roger's child but had married Roger years before, and it was still legal! If you're wondering why Viki doesn't remember her pre read more

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