Dear Soaps, Was Lee Grant cast...

Dear Soaps,
Was Lee Grant cast in the soap Peyton Place? It aired in the mid '60's. — Mlittle

Dear Mlittle,
Good memory! Peyton Place, a primetime serial based on the bestselling novel, followed the sexual hijinxs in a small New England town. Grant played biochemist Stella Chernak, a girl born on the wrong side of the tracks who had bettered herself. Devoted to her brother Joe, Stella blamed his sudden death on Rodney Harrington (film actor Ryan O'Neal). She lied, saying Rodney had told her that he was going to kill Joe, which lead to Rodney's famous murder trial. The program aired from 1964-1969. Stella resurfaced in the 1977 movie, Murder in Peyton Place, this time played by Stella Stevens.(DD)

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Dear Soaps, I would like to know...

Dear Soaps,
I would like to know if Viki's husband Joe adopted Kevin. I have to settle this bet with my godbrother. Thank You. — Evelyn

Dear Evelyn,
Love to help out a family in need! First thing, Kevin did not have to be adopted by Joe Riley, because Joe is Kevin's biological father (as well as the biological father of Joey). Viki married Clint — who was hand-picked by her former husband Joe to take over at The Banner — after Joe passed away. Clint adopted Viki's sons, and the couple gave birth to their own daughter, Jessica. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, I'm writing to you...

Dear Soaps,
I'm writing to you about The Young and the Restless. I read somewhere a reference to Paul Williams having a child. Does he? If so, who is the mother and where is the child? — Sue

Dear Sue,
Back in the '80s, Paul fathered a daughter, Heather, with April Stevens. April and Heather were last seen on Y&#038R in the mid-'90s. April murdered her abusive husband, Robert Lynch, in self-defense. April and Heather (Conci Nelson, daughter of Y&#038R head writer Kay Alden) live in New York. Strangely, Paul, who desperately wants to have a child with current wife Chris, never seems to mention Heather. Perhaps when Lauralee Bell (Chris) goes on real-life maternity leave later this year, the writers will re-examine Paul's relationship with his daughter. (Michael J. Maloney)

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Dear Soaps, On the Oct. 9 episode...

Dear Soaps,
On the Oct. 9 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Bridget Forrester mentioned to Stephanie that she (Stephanie) and Eric had had five children. I can account for three: Ridge, Thorne, and Christina. Who are the other two, and where are they now? — Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
Actually, you're thinking of Ridge, Thorne and Kristen Forrester — not Christina. Steph and Eric's other children include Felicia and Angela. Angela was born with a medical condition that made her comatose. Stephanie kept her existence a secret from Eric. Later, Angela died — only the doctor to whom Stephanie entrusted her care hired an imposter to take Angela's place, so they could bilk Steph out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Felicia was last seen in 1997, when she returned to town from New York for Ridge's attempted-murder trial. Watch for her portrayer, Colleen Dion, to reprise her role as Leslie, an attorney, on read more

ABC has announced that Agnes Nixon...

ABC has announced that Agnes Nixon &#151 whose resignation had been all but confirmed in major publications and on the Web &#151 is actually expanding her role with ABC Daytime. Nixon has been named overall story consultant for the network. The creator of ABC's All My Children and One Life to Live, Nixon has been serving as AMC's head writer. In her new position, Nixon will oversee and consult on the creative direction for all ABC soaps. "Agnes's talent, experience and passion for the genre that she helped create is unrivaled," says the president of ABC Daytime, Angela Shapiro. "ABC considers her a valuable resource, and we have structured an environment in which her significant contributions will have the most impact." read more

All My Children: Fay Wolf plays...

All My Children: Fay Wolf plays Leila, a troubled teen whose life Gillian and Jake save on Oct. 27.... Ryan mends his broken heart in the company of Rosette, played by Joelle Carter, on Oct. 30.

Passions: Thor Edgell plays the Angel of Goodness, who combats the forces of evil on Oct. 18 and 19. No stranger to the drama canvas, Edgell has appeared on Seventh Heaven, The Practice and Days of Our Lives.

Port Charles: Due to a scheduling conflict, Robert D. Vito will step into the role of Neil Kanelos for Colton James on Nov. 1.

The Young and the Restless: Penn Badgley appears as Phillip Chancelor IV on Oct. 18.... Hunter Preisendorfer is back as little Noah on Oct 19 and 20.... Brody Hutzler continues as Cody on Oct. 20 and 23. That's Thad Luckinbill back as J.T. on Oct. 20 and 24.... Tamara Clatterbuck (Tammy, GH) skips Port Charles for a day to repris read more

Guiding Light may have lost Joie...

Guiding Light may have lost Joie Lenz (ex-Michelle), but it looks like her former onscreen counterpart, Paul Anthony Stewart, is still on board. "We came to an excellent deal, and I'm very excited to be staying with Guiding Light for three more years," confirms Stewart. Under his new contract, Stewart will have more flexibility to pursue his other passion: musical theater. Already armed with one Broadway performance under his belt &#151 he played Christian in Cyrano, the Musical &#151 Stewart is eager to seek more opportunities on the Broadway stage. "My executive producer, Paul Rauch, and my headwriter, Claire Labine, understand and appreciate my need and desire to perform in the theater. Now I'm just waiting for the right project to come knocking at my door."

Several rumors had questioned whether Stewart would follow in Lenz's footsteps and leave the show. "I'm not sure where all these rumors came from, but they didn't come read more

Brooke's recent confrontation...

Brooke's recent confrontation with Eliot over the death of her daughter Laura has been traumatic, but behind every cloud there's a silver lining. Brooke's adopted daughter, Laura Kirk English, is returning to town, and her presence is certain to perk up her mother's spirits. Laura Allen joins the cast in the contract role of Laura, previously played by Lauren E. Roman from 1995-1998. Laura has returned from China and is destined to take up with one of Pine Valley's many eligible bachelors. "The return of the character Laura is a welcome addition to Brooke's life in Pine Valley," says Julia Barr, who portrays Brooke. "[Allen and I] have already taped a couple of scenes together, and her openness and professionalism make her a pleasure to work with." Look for Allen to begin airing Oct. 26. read more

Now that Victoria Rowell has left...

Now that Victoria Rowell has left the Y&R canvas, could the show's execs be gearing up to find another powerhouse performer to fill the void? Word has it that several prominent actresses have been approached to audition for a newly created role that could become a possible love interest for Kristoff St. John (Neil). One name that seems to be gaining momentum is Lauren B. Martin (soon-to-be ex-Camille, ATWT). It would certainly be the perfect vehicle for Martin, who was let go from her current show due to lack of storyline. Crossing over to Y&R would put the talented actress in an environment dedicated to placing African-American characters on the front burner. Another top possibility is Sherri Saum (ex-Vanessa, Sunset Beach). Currently, Saum is shooting a film in Maine with the legendary Lauren Bacall and is on contract in the role of Casey Lennox with Showtime's Beggars and Choosers, but the actres read more

The soaps meet the squares as...

The soaps meet the squares as 17 of daytime's hottest stars show off their wit and game faces during Hollywood Squares's "Soap Opera Week" beginning Oct. 16. The stars of nine different soaps will field questions from Emmy Award-winning host Tom Bergeron. Guest participants include: Days's Matt Cedeno (Brandon) and Bryan Dattilo (Lucas); GH's Stuart Damon (Alan), Michael Saucedo (Juan) and Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie); GL's Kim Zimmer (Reva); OLTL's Linda Dano (Rae); Passions's Galen Gering (Luis), Juliet Mills (Tabitha) and Josh Ryan Evans (Timmy); PC's Nolan North (Chris) and Julie Pinson (Eve), Y&R's Joshua Morrow (Nick); B&B's Hunter Tylo (Taylor) and Sarah Buxton (Morgan); and ATWT's Michael Park (Jack) and Eileen Fulton (Lisa). "I proved to myself that I'm damn smart," says Ful read more

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