Dear Soaps, Just a quick question...

Dear Soaps,
Just a quick question about Dr. Marlena Evans on Days of Our Lives. She recently mentioned losing a son named A.J. When was this? Who was the father? And what's her deal by the way? Seems the psychiatrist needs a few sessions herself!! — DB

Dear DB,
It was actually Marlena's late son, D.J., fathered by her former husband Don Craig, who passed away in 1980. D.J. was a victim of SIDS, a.k.a. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. His death caused a rift in Don and Marlena's marriage, and the couple soon divorced. These days, Marlena's in need of therapy herself, as you pointed out, because she's been through a lot. She learned her husband John slept with Hope on their honeymoon and fathered a son with her. Also, Marlena's daughter, Belle, was almost killed and stepson Brady has become a handful. Just because Marlena's a psychiatrist and helps other people deal with their problems doesn't mean she's not allowed to have a few of her read more

Dear Soaps, I would like to know...

Dear Soaps,
I would like to know if you have any information on what Reiko Aylesworth, the actress who portrayed One Life To Live's Rebecca Lewis from '93-'94, is up to these days, and if there is a fan mail address for her. — Dina

Dear Dina,
You'll be happy to know that Aylesworth — whose alter ego, Rebecca, was taken hostage by Todd Manning during the Marty Saybrooke rape ordeal — is doing just fine. She's currently shooting six episodes for a new Aaron Spelling series titled All Souls, slated to run on UPN. You can send fan mail to Aylesworth care of M.J. Management, 130 West 57th Street, Suite 11A, New York, NY 10019. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, On The Young and the...

Dear Soaps,
On The Young and the Restless, Malcolm was engaged to a woman who was a singer. I was out of touch for a while and when I tuned in again, she was nowhere to be found, and Malcolm was in love with Dru. How did the relationship with the other woman end? Did her manager/husband come back on the scene? — Curious in Alabama

Dear Curious,
Malcolm ended his relationship with old girlfriend/singer Callie Rogers after she confessed that she lied about being married to her manager, Trey. The character of Trey was seen in a few flashbacks as that storyline was being resolved, but there were no new appearances for him, presumably because his portrayer, Rodney Van Johnson, is now under contract on Passions as T.C. Russell. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, Will you please explain...

Dear Soaps,
Will you please explain to me the family tree that Elizabeth Webber belongs to on General Hospital? She and Lucky Spencer are cousins, right? — Jooli

Dear Jooli,
Okay, you may want to grab a pencil to map out these branches. Laura, Lucky's mom, is the daughter of Lesley Williams and Gordon Grey. When Rick Webber married Lesley, he adopted Laura and became her father. Elizabeth's father is Jeff Webber, Rick's half-brother. So even though Lucky and Elizabeth are distant cousins, they are not related by blood. And just in case you're wondering, Jeff's parents are Helene and Dr. Steve Hardy, which explains how Audrey Hardy is Elizabeth's grandmother. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, Please tell me this:...

Dear Soaps,
Please tell me this: Is the actor Al Freeman Jr., who played Lieutenant Ed Hall on One Life to Live, related to actor Morgan Freeman? Please answer. Thanks. — Mia

Dear Mia,
That would be one incredibly talented family, huh? These two distinguished actors who share the same last name are NOT related, but they've both been on the soap scene. Al Freeman Jr., who racked up more than fifteen years on OLTL, won the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Emmy in 1979 for his role. Morgan Freeman's soap stint was considerably shorter: he played Roy Bingham on Another World from 1982-1984. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, Are there any plans...

Dear Soaps,
Are there any plans to bring back Kristen or Felicia on The Bold and the Beautiful? Also are there any plans to make Maeve Quinlan (Megan) a main instead of recurring character? She is so pretty! — CuriousGuy

Dear CuriousGuy,
B&#038B doesn't comment on casting, but as the soap generally prefers to use original players, I can tell you that it's not likely we'll see Felicia anytime soon. Her portrayer, Colleen Dion, has reprised her role as Leslie on All My Children. Teri Ann Linn, who played Kristen, has been living and acting in Italy where B&#038B's a mega-hit. The actress did say in an interview earlier this year that it might be time for Kristen to return to Los Angeles. As for Quinlan, much of the drama has shifted away from the offices at Forrester, cutting down on Megan's airtime. Brooke's secretary has been popping up in the press lately and was quoted as saying it's time read more

Dear Soaps, What was the name...

Dear Soaps,
What was the name of the actress who played Victoria's eldest daughter on One Life to Live? She looked incredibly like Patricia Arquette, if my memory serves me. — Ruth

Dear Ruth,
Viki didn't know her eldest daughter, Megan, until she was grown. Viki had conceived a child with high school sweetheart, Roger Gordon, but had carried it to term while she was her alter ego, Niki Smith. Her father, Victor, bribed Roger to take the child away, and hired a hypnotist to make Viki forget the whole incident. Jessica Tuck played the role of Megan from 1988 until the character's death (from a fatal case of lupus) in 1991. And yes, with short blonde hair, a lean frame and that piercing gaze she sported on the show during her tenure, Tuck did resemble film star Arquette. (Delaina Dixon)

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Dear Soaps, Can you tell me where...

Dear Soaps,
Can you tell me where the new Jake on All My Children came from? I think this actor is truly the wrong match for Gillian. He has absolutely no chemistry with her and it pains me to see them together. It makes you believe that Gillian is really settling by staying with Jake. — Colette

Dear Colette,
Do you mean the character or the actor? Well, I'll answer both. After learning he was not the father of Liza's little girl, Colby, Jake left his new wife, Gillian, for wartorn Chechnya. Jake's latest portrayer, J. Eddie Peck, most recently played Cole Howard on The Young and the Restless. You say the new Jake has no chemistry with Gillian? Well, the man is suffering from impotence! But seriously, if Ryan is Gillian's true soulmate, and Jake is the obstacle that's keeping them apart, then it would be appropriate for us to think that Gillian is just settling with Jake. We can only hope that she and Ryan muster up t read more

Dear Soaps, I am a junior at Binghamton...

Dear Soaps,
I am a junior at Binghamton University. Can you tell me what song was playing on Oct. 23rd episode of Passions, when Theresa was crying because she thought Ethan was cheating on her? Thanks! — Monica

Dear Monica,
The song is called "Gone" and the artist's name is Jessica Riddle. It's off her new CD called "Key Of A Minor." (DD)

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Dear Soaps, What ever happened...

Dear Soaps,
What ever happened to the soap Love of Life? — Patharold

Dear Patharold,
According to The Soap Opera Encyclopedia by the late Christopher Schemering, Love of Life ran from September 24, 1951 to February 1, 1980. After the cancellation notice came down, the CBS show was hoping that it'd be picked up by another network so it left the storylines open. As the credits rolled for the last time, Tony Bennett's version of "We'll Be Together Again" played as director Larry Auerbach, who'd been with the show from the beginning, walked through the empty sets. LOL alumni include Audrey Peters (Vanessa), Christopher Reeve (Ben), Tudi Wiggins (Meg), Ron Tomme (Bruce), and the late Nancy Marchand (Vinnie). (MJM)

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