Dear Soaps, I would like to know...

Dear Soaps,
I would like to know if you have any information on what Reiko Aylesworth, the actress who portrayed One Life To Live's Rebecca Lewis from '93-'94, is up to these days, and if there is a fan mail address for her. — Dina

Dear Dina,
You'll be happy to know that Aylesworth — whose alter ego, Rebecca, was taken hostage by Todd Manning during the Marty Saybrooke rape ordeal — is doing just fine. She's currently shooting six episodes for a new Aaron Spelling series titled All Souls, slated to run on UPN. You can send fan mail to Aylesworth care of M.J. Management, 130 West 57th Street, Suite 11A, New York, NY 10019. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, Weren't the characters...

Dear Soaps,
Weren't the characters of Emily and Holden married at one point on As the World Turns? How come this is never mentioned, and how come the characters act as if they barely know each other in the (relatively few) scenes they have together? Wouldn't this make Emily and Molly having dated the exact same men a little more pronounced? — Nicole

Dear Nicole,
The writers have given Emily quite a few love interests (Tonio, Royce, Jef, Tom) since the character's quicky marriage and divorce to Holden in the late '80s, so that might be one reason that their past isn't mentioned. Also, a different actress, Melanie Smith, played Emily when she and Holden tied the knot. However, since new head writer Hogan Sheffer (who's doing a terrific job) honors the show's rich history, the Holden/Emily connection will likely be mentioned if a scene calls for it. It would be interesting if Emily and Holden were given more air time si read more

Dear Soaps, What ever happened...

Dear Soaps,
What ever happened to the soap Love of Life? — Patharold

Dear Patharold,
According to The Soap Opera Encyclopedia by the late Christopher Schemering, Love of Life ran from September 24, 1951 to February 1, 1980. After the cancellation notice came down, the CBS show was hoping that it'd be picked up by another network so it left the storylines open. As the credits rolled for the last time, Tony Bennett's version of "We'll Be Together Again" played as director Larry Auerbach, who'd been with the show from the beginning, walked through the empty sets. LOL alumni include Audrey Peters (Vanessa), Christopher Reeve (Ben), Tudi Wiggins (Meg), Ron Tomme (Bruce), and the late Nancy Marchand (Vinnie). (MJM)

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As The World Turns: Lia Yang returns...

As The World Turns: Lia Yang returns as Mei-Lin on Nov. 2…. James Shanklin plays INS Agent Halliwell, who accosts Simon, beginning Nov. 3.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Scott Lawrence appears as Mr. Jones, a private detective hired by Rick, on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1.

Days of Our Lives: Look for Austin's deceased father, Curtis Reed, to cause trouble for Greta and Austin in the virtual garden. Nick Benedict reprises the role on Nov. 1 and 2.

Guiding Light: Elizabeth Roby plays a nurse and Christopher Rivaro and Jose Antonio play guards on Oct. 30…. Maria Elena Ramirez begins as Ramona, the wife of the late Diego on Nov. 3.… Look for Steven Ogg to play Pete, the overseer of the illegal immigrants, and Jody Ashworth and Jason Mascartolo to play guards on Nov. 3.

Port Charles: Mark Kulor, Craig Davis and Shawn Howell take on the Scanlon brothers in read more

Reál Andrews (Taggert,...

Reál Andrews (Taggert, GH) just completed his second Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii &#151 and lived to talk about it. "They were the worst conditions ever," exclaims Andrews. "The winds were horrendous, people were getting blown off their bikes all over the place. The water was very choppy; it was a true test." Andrews finished the race in 15 hours and 26 minutes &#151 a half-hour less than last year. "I want to take two hours off next year," says Andrews. "That's my goal." To battle the impossible conditions, Andrews focused on his brother and his strong belief in God. "My brother's memory was my main motivator. In bible study, you sing to Jesus, so I decided to start training to Jesus. Instead of fighting [the conditions], I just pretended he was giving me a big hug and relaxed into it. My fiancée was also an incredible inspiration." While Andrew dreamed of macadamia nuts with "peanut butter and jelly" and that cold frothy beer at the finish line, he ne read more

Hogan Sheffer, who's been manning...

Hogan Sheffer, who's been manning the writing reins at As The World Turns since June, is certainly making a good impression on the cast. From intergrating old favorites and new characters to developing their distinct voices, the cast has put its faith in the daytime rookie writer and isn't afraid to praise his work so far. "He's awesome," exclaims Scott Holmes, who plays Tom. "I feel this show clawing its way back to the top. [Sheffer] hasn't really done daytime before, but he's got lots of stories to tell." While Sheffer's moved several favorite characters to the front burner fairly quickly, he still has more to go &#151 including Holmes. The patient actor doesn't seem to mind. "I know that he's doing it almost character-by-character to revoice the show. He hasn't gotten to us, but I think he will soon enough."

Sheffer is doing his homework, tapping into the back-story of characters from decades past, much to the actors' delight. "I really love what Hog read more

Kimberlin Brown, who plays ruthless...

Kimberlin Brown, who plays ruthless psychiatrist Rachel Locke on Port Charles, may be taking a permanent vacation from her hospital rounds. Sources speculate that Brown will leave the show's canvas by the end of November sweeps. With the impending death of three major characters, Locke's demise &#151 and Brown's departure &#151 is virtually a done deal. When asked to confirm whether the actress had chosen to leave the show, Brown's agent would only say that they had no information at this time, but an official statement from Port Charles seems to support her departure. "Port Charles will be having an exciting and mysterious storyline this November, with many twists and turns that will lead to the demise of several characters," confirms the show in an official statement, "Look for three characters to depart." The show is keeping the identity of the characters under tight wraps so as to not compromise the excitement of its viewers.

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Mimi Torchin, the top scribe at...

Mimi Torchin, the top scribe at the popular soap magazine Soap Opera Weekly, has been released from her editor-in-chief position. Lynn Leahey, the current editor-in-chief of Soap Opera Weekly's sister publication, Soap Opera Digest, is being promoted to editorial director with responsibility for both publications. Torchin, a soap celeb in her own right, interacted with soap fans through her weekly editor's column, Speaking My Mind.

According to the magazines's publishing company, Primedia, the surprising change is the result of the decline in soap opera veiwership and newsstands sales of all print publications. The company hopes to redesign the magazines as a more complimentary package and add new sections to Soap Opera Weekly as well, including more coverage of primetime serials. read more

Dear Soaps, On Passions, it seems...

Dear Soaps,
On Passions, it seems as of now there is going to be a Gwen/Ethan/Theresa triangle. I would really like to know who you want to be with Ethan and why. Thanks! — Tjay

Dear Tjay,
Looks like there's going to be a love triangle? I think there's been a Gwen/Ethan/Theresa triangle since day one! While I believe Ethan does love Gwen, it's because his family has always instructed him to. He's never had to question that love. His feelings for Theresa were discovered on his own accord; every emotion he'll experience in this relationship will be one he's decided for himself. They say a man will do anything to be with the woman he loves. Ethan is ready to defy his family's wishes to be with Theresa, which proves the boy is serious. Lindsay Korman, who portrays Theresa, plays her passion for Ethan so purely, it just makes you want to root for her. And it's a pleasure to watch these two young talented performers share a read more

Dear Soaps, On The Young and the...

Dear Soaps,
On The Young and the Restless, I was wondering who are Christine (Cricket) Williams's parents, and what ever happened to them? I can't remember them ever being mentioned. — SP

Dear SP,
Christine's parents are Dr. Jim Grainger and the late Jessica Abbott Grainger. They came onto the scene in the late '80s. Jessica wed John Abbott, but she divorced him so that she could marry Jim and give Cricket a happy memory of her parents being together. Jessica was suffering from AIDS and died from an overdose of pills while in the hospital. (A nurse aided Jessica in her decision.) Jim went on to become involved with Nikki, but he left town after Jack manipulated a brief Nikki/Victor reunion. Jim has faded from the scene. He didn't even attend Christine's marriages to Danny or Paul. And just in case you didn't know, Christine is played by Lauralee Bell, daughter of Y&#038R creators William J. and Lee Philli read more

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