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Susan Hawk, the 38-year-old self-proclaimed redneck whose blistering tirade against Kelly Wiglesworth on the final episode of Survivor may rank as one of television's all-time greatest moments, is retracting the most stinging portion of her classic speech in which she told her nemesis, "If I ever pass you along in life again and you are laying there dying of thirst, I would not give you a drink of water. I would let the vultures take you and do whatever they want with you, with no ill regret." Well, Hawk is now chanting a different tune. "Somebody asked me, if you saw her, would you give her some water? I think I'd throw her on my back and take her to the hospital if I had to," she told Access Hollywood, adding that she'll do her best to exploit her 15 minutes of fame. "I'd like to take the top of the wave and ride it as best as I can and make as much money as I can." read more


In a poll conducted by TV Guide Online, fans felt Rudy should have walked away the millionaire. Some 34 percent of respondents said the 72-year-old should have been the real winner, followed by Kelly with 22 percent and Colleen with 10 percent. Rich received 5 percent of the vote, good enough for sixth place. Speaking of Rudy, if you're a fan of the 'ol guy, there's a web site selling some nifty merchandise, including a T-shirt that says, "I like Rudy... NOT in a homosexual way." read more


Want to own the very shoes worn by Survivor's first casualty, Sonja Christopher, as she marched off Pulau Tiga? Well, now's your chance. The 63-year-old musician is auctioning off on eBay the Reebok sneakers she wore on the island. In fact, the size nines include traces of mud from Sonja's trek to her fateful tribal council. Proceeds from the sale — the top bid at press time was $565 — will help raise funds for the building of a fellowship hall. But you better act fast, the auction ends shortly after 4 pm/ET today. read more


Madonna is fighting for the Internet domain name, the Associated Press reports. The pop diva has asked that the World Intellectual Property Organization order New Jersey entrepreneur Dan Parisi to hand over the site. Parisi, who initially used pornographic material on the site but has since removed it, told the AP he doesn't believe that just "because Ms. Ciccone named her act after the Virgin Mary that gives her the right to stop any other party from using the word madonna as a title of their Web site." A ruling is expected in mid-September. read more


Survivor's sole survivor, Richard Hatch, is denying reports that he had liposuction. However, the 39-year-old television legend admits that he did go under the knife to ensure that no human being ever has to watch him play with his flab on TV again. "I did not have liposuction, but if you saw that flopping around stuff on the last episode, I had that removed," he says. "It's called resection and it's skin from having lost over 140 pounds that could not retract. It had been stretched past the point of ever being able to come back so I had that removed." Hatch, who confirms that he likely will appear on the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 7, adds that the procedure took place on May 9 and "it was scheduled probably five or six months before I even left for the island." Meanwhile, he confirms talk that he's considering writing a book. "It's certainly a possibility," he says. "I think I've had an interesting life." For more from Hatch, check out Part 1 of a revealing t read more


Survivor brainchild Mark Burnett is considering crossing over some of the stars from his CBS reality phenom to his 7-year-old adventure show Eco-Challenge. The New York Post reports that Burnett may have a Survivor team compete in next year's Eco-Challenge, which airs on USA Network and features teams from different countries competing in a 300-mile race for $51,000. Survivor exile Ramona reportedly pitched the idea to Burnett. read more


Just when you thought the Pokemon craze might be fading, Warner Bros. has announced plans to release a third animated feature film this spring. Pocket Monsters 3 hit screens in Japan last month and has so far taken in more than $6 million at the boxoffice, says The Hollywood Reporter. Pokemon: The First Movie grossed $85.7 million in North American theaters; its sequel has grossed $41 million here since July 23. read more

Ruthless Rich Wins Survivor Jackpot

In the end, it came down to the game.

In a stunning upset Richard Hatch, the 39-year-old gay corporate trainer who engineered the infamous Alliance that incurred the wrath of his fellow castaways (not to mention an entire nation), was named the winning Survivor castaway last night in a thrilling two-hour finale that accomplished a bit of a pop culture miracle: It actually exceeded its hype. Hatch walks away with $1 million and a shiny new Pontiac Aztek.

Viewers (estimated to be in the 40 million range) were treated to one surprise after another, beginning with the elimination of predicted winner Rudy Boesch, the 72-year-old Navy SEAL, and culminating in a final tribal council that pitted 23-year-old river guide Kelly Wiglesworth against Hatch. In what appeared to be nothing more than a popularity contest, a jury comprised of the seven most recent fallen castaways ultimately elected the winner. As a result of Hatch's scheming, the se read more

Daria on Fame, Fortune and Film

Daria Morgendorffer has made a career out of not fitting in. The Lawndale High School student wears the same thing every day (green cardigan, black pleated skirt, combat boots), makes snide remarks about the popular crowd (the founding member of which is her sister Quinn) and wouldn't attend a football game if her eventual escape from high school depended on it (well, maybe in that case...). A cartoon version of what is arguably more real-world than The Real World, Daria and her dysfunctional family recently completed their fourth season on MTV. In their first feature film-length special, Daria: Is It Fall Yet? (MTV, premiering Aug. 26), the Morgendorffers find themselves suffering summer malaise in classic Daria style. In an exclusive interview with TV Guide Online, the perpetual outcast talks about making the big leap to films. ? Darcy Lockman

Are you excited about your first feature film?

I'm thrilled. Not for the money, the fame, the c read more

Jolts and Jabs on Survivor Finale

While Hatch's unexpected victory may have been the evening's biggest surprise, the night's most dramatic moment came during the final tribal council when the seven jury members were allowed to ask the two finalists a question. Self-proclaimed redneck Susan Hawk ? the first of the final four voted out ? took the opportunity to lambaste nemesis Wiglesworth for stabbing her in the back. "You lied to me, which showed me the true person you are. You're very two-faced and manipulative to get where you are... that's why you fail all the time," she said. "If I ever pass you along in life again and you are laying there dying of thirst, I would not give you a drink of water. I would let the vultures take you and do whatever they want with you, with no ill regret.

"You will not get my vote ? my vote will go to Richard," she added. "And I hope that is the one vote that makes you lose the money."

Later, while submitting his vote for Kelly, Gervase Peterson fired back du read more

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