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Where do ex-American Idol stars go to die? The mall. Behind-the-Scenes with American Idol, a 14-city, 21-mall tour starring such Idol alums as Ejay Day and Vanessa Olivarez, kicks off Saturday at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island. For more information, go to Meanwhile, USA Today reports that Codemasters is releasing an American Idol video game this fall that will feature computer-generated likenesses of judges Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. Abdul's CGI alter ego will be programmed to utter just three words: "You were amazing!" read more


Tom Green is returning to MTV as the star of his own late-night reality show. The series — in which viewers will be invited into Green's personal life (we assume at their own risk) — debuts June 16 at midnight. MTV has also picked up reality shows centered around Jackass cast member Bam Margera and newly-wedded pop stars Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. On the latter show, Lachey and Simpson will allow MTV's cameras to capture the trials and tribulations of their first year of marriage. Like the time they fought over whose zit was bigger. read more


Linkin Park's latest CD Meteora debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's album chart with sales of 810,000 copies. Celine Dion's One Heart bowed at No. 2 with 432,000 copies sold. read more


Oscar-nominated actor Robert Loggia has landed a recurring role on the upcoming fifth season of The Sopranos... Queen Latifah is in talks to headline Beauty Shop, a female version of last year's hit film Barbershop, Variety reports. read more


Miramax is developing a romantic comedy set in the world of competitive Scrabble titled Your Word Against Mine... The WB has ordered six episodes of Who Wants to Be a Superhero?, a reality contest in which real people invent original superhero personas. read more

Freddy vs. Jason Victim Spills Her Guts

For years now, the prospect of a monster mash between the psychotic cut-ups from A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th has had horror buffs seeing red — or at least hoping to. Unfortunately, despite the sharp eye of Ronny Yu, the director who cleverly resurrected the Child's Play series with Bride of Chucky, word from the Freddy vs. Jason set is that the franchises' merger (due in theaters June 13) is a gory but, figuratively speaking, bloodless affair.

"I hate to say it, but I was really expecting a little bit more," admits nubile victim Katharine Isabelle, a veteran of the read more


David Letterman's return to CBS's Late Show Monday after a month-long medical leave was just what the Nielsen doctor ordered. Dave notched his second-best ratings this season and his biggest victory over NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno in three years. ABC, meanwhile, is urging Jimmy Kimmel to go get shingles. read more


The American Idol finalists are releasing cover versions of Lee Greenwood's "I'm Proud To Be an American" and "God Bless the U.S.A." Proceeds from sales of the singles — in stores April 15 — will benefit the Corey Clark Legal Fund. I mean charity. Meanwhile, on last night's disco-themed Idol, Joshua Gracin and Rickey Smith reportedly bombed. I say reportedly because I didn't actually watch the show. I went to see Urban Cowboy on Broadway instead — a decision I will live to regret. It's bad, folks. How bad, you ask? Imagine a musical version of Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones. read more


Sharon Osbourne appears to be cancer free! A family rep tells Reuters that Ozzy's more-coherent half "has completed her treatment and has no signs of cancer." Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer last year. In related news, Paramount Pictures and MTV Films are negotiating to produce a feature film on Ozzy's life. God, I hope it's subtitled. read more

Idol Diva Julia DeMato Sounds Off!

Let's face it, Julia DeMato endeared herself to no one during the first few weeks of American Idol 2. Crying fits? Check. On-stage outbursts? Check. Petty feuds? Check. But a funny thing happened to the 24-year-old prima donna once the competition entered its final phase: She extracted that nasty chip from her shoulder. Of course, three consecutive weeks in the bottom three would humble the most diehard of divas. Still, DeMato's classy, graceful reaction upon getting voted off last week offered proof that the wannabe pop star had indeed turned a corner in the personality department. Six days later, DeMato was still on her best behavior when she phoned TV Guide Online to answer some rather tough questions posed by our readers.
TV Guide Online: First off, do you have any comment on Corey Clark's ejection?
Julia DeMato:
I really don't know what's going on, so I can't comment on it.

TVGO: Fair enough. We received a lot of questions from readers wo read more

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