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ABC will air a series of three specials that chronicle Christopher Reeve's attempts to walk, Variety reports. The first installment will debut in the fall — coinciding with the actor's 50th birthday. Reeve's son Matthew is producing the project. read more


Someone is finally wising up to the fact that the Hollywood movie awards season lasts way too long. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are considering moving the annual Oscar ceremony from March to February. The shift could take effect as early as 2004. We're keeping our fingers crossed. read more


Stephen King has ended one of the publishing world's biggest mysteries: The horror legend revealed that he did not pen The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer, the best seller based on the fictional character from his Rose Red miniseries. The real author is suspense novelist Ridley Pearson. read more


A lawsuit that accused HBO's The Sopranos of depicting Italian Americans as mobsters was dropped on Friday. The Italian-American Defense Association was seeking a declaration from a jury that the show offends the dignity of Italian Americans. But now, they can fuhgetaboutit! read more


This week, Charlie Rose underwent surgery to repair a congenital heart defect. It's undetermined when Rose — a 60 Minutes II correspondent and PBS talk-show host — returns to work. Meanwhile, PBS is airing Charlie Rose Show reruns, as well as new episodes with guest hosts like Mike Lupica and CNBC's Ron Insana. read more


A judge refused to grant actor Robert Blake bail on Thursday, postponing the decision until a preliminary hearing reveals more information about the evidence against him in his wife's death. The next hearing is set for Aug. 27. read more


British actor Jason O'Mara has joined the cast of CBS's The Agency... Penelope Spheeris has signed on to direct a movie about The Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten and the birth of punk rock in 1970s England. read more


Frasier star Kelsey Grammer has used his considerable clout as a Malibu resident to halt production of MTV's upcoming World Wrestling Entertainment series Tough Enough, Variety reports. The actor objected to MTV's request to tape the reality show in his neighborhood this summer. read more

Full House Star Nixes Reunion

Ever wonder what happened to the Tanner family from ABC's sitcom Full House, which aired from 1987-95? Well, we know Raising Dad's Bob Saget just became another TV clan's widower dad. But did Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) ever get to be a rock star? Has little Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) finally stopped saying, "You got it, dude"? Tragically, we'll never know the answers to these nagging questions — unless there's a reunion special!

"I don't really see it happening," Dave Coulier — who played goofball Joey — tells TV Guide Online. "I just don't think there's t read more

Why Will Smith Is Angry Today

Will Smith's voice sounded hoarse at the recent press junket for Men In Black II. No, it wasn't from doing his Muhammad Ali schtick too many times. He was still recovering from performing MIB's title track "Black Suits Comin'" last Friday morning, as part of Today's summer concert series.

"Outside performances are always tough," he tells TV Guide Online. "You always end up pushing too much to make sure you're projected." The rapper faced a worse problem than that as his live concert kicked off. "The dancers couldn't get to the stage for the first song," he reveals. "And, like, the security at the place stopped the dancers from making their entrance and I had to perform the whole first [song] without dancers."

Smith confesses the T read more

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