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Cable TV's newest superstar, Ozzy Osbourne, will be breaking bread with the President of the United States. According to MTV News, Osbourne — the star of MTV's hit reality show The Osbournes — is slated to attend next month's annual White House Correspondents Association dinner. He will be the guest of Fox News Channel anchor Greta Van Susteren. read more


South Park's red-hooded Kenny has been dead for weeks — and the show's die-hard fans apparently don't care. Kenny — whose death in every episode is among the show's many running gags — died at the end of last season of a terminal muscular disease. However, when South Park's new season kicked off last month, Kenny was M.I.A. Turns out, series creator Matt Stone decided he was tired of bringing the hapless little guy back to life. "I think a lot of people probably haven't noticed," Stone says. "I couldn't care less. I am so sick of that character." read more

Party's Over for Neve Campbell

One thing you can say about Neve Campbell: She doesn't scare easily. Not only did the 28-year-old actress survive three Scream films, but she also endured the final, dreadful seasons of Party of Five. Her latest act of bravery? Working opposite Oscar winner Jeremy Irons in the upcoming Showtime flick Last Call.

"I was a little intimidated going in because he was somebody that I admired for a long time," she tells TV Guide Online. "But we really hit it off and we had a good energy together. He's such a talented guy and a sweetheart as well, so it was a great experience."

Last Call — which premieres on May 26 — chronicles the final months in the life of author read more


Oprah Winfrey has a TV show coming soon to the Oxygen network — although she's hush-hush on details. "I think people are going to like it cause I'm in it and I'm really good," she tells Entertainment Tonight. read more


"I lost my appetite — I was numb. I literally thought I couldn't breathe. I went to five shrinks, and nothing made sense." — Tara Reid recalling her painful split from Carson Daly in May's CosmoGIRL! read more


Three years after Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace hit theaters, Ewan McGregor (aka Obi-Wan Kenobi) is finally confirming what we all knew: The film was a big ol' turkey. "I thought it was ... kind of flat," McGregor said in an interview released by UK film company FilmFour. "I think there is much more humor and there is much more color in [Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones]." read more

Young Judy Garland Returns!

How's Hollywood been treating Tammy Blanchard since she won her Emmy for Me and My Shadows: Life with Judy Garland? The starlet, who stunned us as the young Judy, tells TV Guide Online: "I think TV has opened its doors to me, and I'm grateful for that because I get to act. In the movie business, no one's really taken a chance on me yet. It takes time. You ace one thing and then you start at the bottom again, you know?"

Blanchard — who was too sick to attend the Emmys — keeps her trophy in the parlor of her New Jersey home. She has "no regrets" about missing out on collecting it in person. "Sometimes I imagine what it would've felt like to get up on that stage," she muses, "but after watching Halle Berry [at the Oscars], I thought, 'That's exactly what would've happened to me.'" read more


ABC has found a new name for its low-rated comedy Wednesday 9:30 (8:30 Central): Canceled After Two Episodes. In its place, the network is bringing back The Job for three weeks. In other TV news, Fox has renewed Mad TV for two more seasons. read more

Ashley Judd's High and Mighty Lover

Jim Caviezel wants to return to the days when Rhett carried Scarlett upstairs, the music intensified — and the rest was left up to your imagination. Though it might seem risky for an up-and-comer to start a moral crusade in Hollywood, the devout Roman Catholic co-star of High Crimes won't budge when it comes to gratuitous sex. He even gave director Carl Franklin an ultimatum to tone down a love scene between him and Ashley Judd.

"I told Carl, 'It's no problem, I don't have to do this movie. Go ahead and find someone else,'" the actor boldly proclaims. "I'd just finished six months of filming The Count of Monte Cristo, so I didn't need it. But we talke read more


Roy Huggins, the writer-producer behind such TV classics as Maverick and The Fugitive, died of natural causes on Wednesday in Santa Monica, Calif. He was 87. read more

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