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During a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, Britney Spears set the record straight about her wild romantic life: She's dating Will Ferrell, not Colin Farrell. "Don't believe the tabloids, you guys, the truth is, I'm living on a farm in northern California with Will Ferrell," she joked during the "Weekend Update" segment, in which Will also appeared. "I love him so much!" Stop, please... you're killing me. read more


American director Michael Moore, whose Bowling for Columbine was named best foreign film at Saturday's Cesar awards, got a standing ovation when he applauded France for dissing the U.S with regard to Iraq. "Thanks for showing us the way, and for taking up a position on something very important," he said. "A real ally, a real friend, is someone who tells you when you're wrong." Hey, Mike: That dreadful John Travolta comedy Lucky Numbers you co-starred in? That was just plain wrong, dude. read more


The Pianist got a big Oscar boost over the weekend, winning top honors at both Britain's and France's annual film kudos. At Saturday's Cesar Awards, the French bestowed seven trophies on Roman Polanski's Holocaust drama, including best film, best director and best actor for Adrien Brody. The Brits, meanwhile, also handed The Pianist wins for best film and director, but gave Gangs of New York's scenery-chewer Daniel Day-Lewis the BAFTA for best actor. Other winners at Sunday's British Academy Awards included Nicole Kidman (best actress for read more


How's this for dramatic irony: Tonight's Boston Public revolves around a closeted teen named Devon who comes to terms with his same-sex feelings after witnessing a gay bashing. There's just one problem — Matt Lutz, the actor playing Devon, is about as pro-gay as Jesse Helmes. "I think homosexuality is a sin," the conservative Christian tells The Advocate. "I think that it is a lifestyle that I don't necessarily... I think it can be unhealthy." My take? Sounds like this guy's looking to blame someone for Will & Grace's uneven season. read more


The music industry crowned a new boss at last night's Grammy Awards. Pop-jazz chanteuse Norah Jones won a field-best five trophies, including album of the year for Come Away With Me, record of the year for "Don't Know Why," best new artist and best female pop vocal performance. The producer, engineers and the writer of "Don't Know Why" were honored as well. Bruce Springsteen, the night's frontrunner, had to settle for just three awards for his Sept. 11-inspired The Rising. The Dixie Chicks also took home three awards, including best country album for Home. Among the double winners were Eminem, Coldplay, India.Arie and Nelly. Nielsen, meanwhile, estimates that 24.9 million viewers watched the CBS telecast — up 31 percent from last year. For a rundown of the major winners, clic read more


The prospect of war in Iraq has led ABC to postpone production of its three-hour musical remake of Fiddler on the Roof. Shooting on the TV movie was slated to begin in Prague in June, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, security concerns and increased insurance costs for projects shooting in Europe forced the network to delay the film. read more


Warner Bros. finally confirmed on Friday what we've all known for months: Irish actor Michael Gambon has been tapped to replace the late Richard Harris as Albus Dumbledore in the third installment of the Harry Potter film series, The Prisoner of Azkaban. In related news, production on Prisoner was halted over the weekend when a grass fire broke out near a railroad bridge in Scotland where crews were filming. read more

How Kathy Griffin Won Celebrity Mole

It may have appeared to fans of ABC's Celebrity Mole Hawaii that comedienne Kathy Griffin was just there to provide comic relief ("Corbin Bernsen just turned into super-veiny hockey dad!") but make no mistake; she was there to win. "I went in with a psychotically committed strategy that I had planned a month beforehand," she reveals to TV Guide Online. It paid off, for after realizing that model Frederique van der Wal was the Mole, the Suddenly Susan sidekick outfoxed runner-up Erik von Detten (Dinotopia) on the final quiz, and walked off with the show's grand prize of $233,000. "I would encourage any celebrity read more

Island Native Hits the Street

If we were ever shipwrecked, we'd want three things: Stoli, digital cable and Dawn Wells — and not necessarily in that order, either. After all, the actress who played castaway Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island not only remains cute as a button at age 64, she's also far more enterprising than the Professor. Today, for instance, in a classic-TV edition of the syndicated game show Street Smarts (check local listings), she quizzes John Q. Public to raise funds for her Film Actor's Boot Camp. Next month, the co-executive producer of Surviving Gilligan's Island unveils her second small-screen tell-all, the fanciful Batman exposé Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt. And right now, she dives into our rather random questions without ever reaching for a life preserver. So sit right back and you'll read the tale!

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Who Was the Life of the Party?

The WB's almost-all-star Big Brother-meets-Real World hybrid, The Surreal Life, wasn't set up as a competition. However, savvy viewers quickly figured out that the cohabitants had turned the series into a battle royale, the goal of which was to steal the spotlight and extend their 15 minutes of fame. That being the case, who won? As the sleepover sleeper winds up its run tonight at 9 ET, TV Guide Online reviews the goings-on and decides which pseudocelebrity came off the best.

Corey Feldman
Won points by: Revealing just how tough it was for him to be very young, very rich and very successful. Thanks, man. We needed a good chuckle. Lost points by: Setting back vegetarianism a decade with his hare-brained argument for the cause. Made up our minds by: Talking to his fiancée as if she were a dim-witted model or something. Okay, so she is a model. It still wasn't cool, dude.

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