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Ewan McGregor's Nude Attitude

If there's one thing Ewan McGregor will never be accused of, it's coyness. Asked if he's ever been like his playboy character in the retro sex comedy Down With Love — i.e. deceiving a woman in order to seduce her — he says: "I'm a man. I've never drugged anyone for a f---. I can quite seriously say that. [But] I've confused them emotionally."

That, however, was a long time ago, so don't expect the married father of two to remember any details. Instead, he offers a few candid quips on Love (which co-stars Ren&#233e Zellweger and opens Friday) and his big-screen future (more nudity is likely, but Porno isn't).

On Down With Love, which pays homage to the '60s films of read more


Hannibal Lecter is turning into a regular Jason Voorhees. Author Thomas Harris and producer Dino de Laurentiis are collaborating on yet another Hannibal movie. This time, the film will focus on the cannibal's youth, tracking him from age 12-25. read more


Jennifer Garner — who made an appearance at ABC's Upfront presentation yesterday in New York — filed for divorce from hubby Scott Foley on Friday. According to the papers, the couple's separation date was listed as March 23 — the same day Garner turned up solo at the Oscars. But on March 24, Garner's rep insisted to TV Guide Online that "everything's fine [with her and Scott]." So, either Garner's publicist was A) a big fat liar, B) a big fat liar, or C) a big fat liar. What do you think? Cast your vote via the link at the bottom of this column. read more


E! Entertainment's celeb magnet Jules Asner — who will depart the cable network later this month — married director Steven Soderbergh over the weekend. There's a joke in there somewhere, but for the life of me, I can't find it. read more


The highly-anticipated reunion between Survivor buddies Richard Hatch and Rudy Boesch is finally happening. CBS confirmed at its fall presentation Wednesday that the long-rumored all-star edition of Survivor will air next spring. In addition to Hatch and Boesch (who has to be, like, 98 by now), other alums returning for the face-off include Susan Hawk, Tina Wesson, Ethan Zohn and Jerri Manthey. What, no Debb Eaton? read more

Frog Takes Big Leaps This Fall

WB Entertainment President Jordan Levin was in high spirits at his network's fall presentation Tuesday in New York — and it wasn't only the Frog's huge ratings leap this season that made him grin. There was Smallville's Michael Rosenbaum and his raunchy, apparently impromptu stand-up act; a moving clip reel and farewell appearance by the Dawson's Creek cast; and, a nervous (and awkwardly lisping) Rose McGowan trying to seduce the mostly-male audience by playing the ditzy card — all amidst endless talk about the importance of targeting teen viewers.

But the star of the show was, of course, the WB's new fall schedule, which features a relocated Smallville, dramatic changes on Thursday and Friday, and the return of read more


An estimated 22.3 million watched oppressed swimsuit model Jenna Morasca win Survivor Sunday night, helping CBS score another weekly ratings win. CSI was the top-ranked show with 25.1 million viewers, followed by American Idol's Tuesday edition, Survivor, American Idol (Wed.) and ER. Fox's Beverly Hills, 90210 reunion, meanwhile, showed little zip, placing 70th with 7 million viewers. I blame Tori. read more


Missing from CBS's new fall schedule: Becker, My Big Fat Greek Life and The Agency. May they rest in peace. (For the lowdown on CBS's fall lineup, click here.) read more


Katie Couric may have a future in late night. Couric's job-swap with Jay Leno Monday netted the Tonight Show its best ratings in nearly three years. The Leno-anchored Today show, meanwhile, also got a slight bump, scoring its best Nielsens since March 20. (Couric's Paula Abdul impersonation made me giggle, by the way.) read more

ABC Goes for Laughs Next Fall

ABC sees comedy as its key to the future. The Disney-owned network's fall prime-time schedule will include four new comedies, as well as renewals for all four comedies launched in the 2002-2003 season. When you add in My Wife and Kids and According to Jim, ABC will have a total of 10 sitcoms come autumn, more than any other network.

In hopes of cementing its reputation as the comedy network, ABC plans to reclaim Friday as the night for family-friendly sitcoms. This new era of TGIF sitcoms will skew a bit older than the back-in-the-day slate that included Full House and Family Matters. "It makes sense for ABC to go heavy into comedy, especially TGIF," says Steve Sternberg, senior V.P./director of audience analysis at MAGNA Global USA, a major media buying firm. "But read more