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Question: Who portrays Terry ...

Question: Who portrays Terry Tate, office linebacker, in the new Reebok commercials? He looks like a player. Did he ever play football? If so, where? — Eddie C., Norcross, Ga.

Televisionary: Lester Speight, who goes by the name Rasta, was an all-American at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Md., before playing for the USFL's Baltimore Stars and the NFL's New York Giants. And I'll give him this: It may have been the ad route, but he found his own way to the Super Bowl just the same.

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Question: Wasn't Spider-Man ...

Question: Wasn't Spider-Man on Sesame Street during the 1970s? I remember that this Spider-Man had no voice and only talked in words that were shown on the TV screen. — Kevin S.

Televisionary: It sounds like you're thinking of the most excellent Electric Company, Kevin — the Children's Television Workshop show intended to serve kids who'd outgrown Sesame Street. Produced for five seasons and aired during the '70s and early '80s, the show included a live-action segment called "The Adventures of Spidey," which utilized the webslinger's popularity to sneak some learning into kids' heads. (I know because, despite what my wife says, I was one of them.)

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Sylvester Stallone has signed on to play the lead villain in the upcoming third installment of Spy Kids. He'll play Toymaker, a longtime nemesis of the Cortez clan. Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over will arrive in theaters this July. read more

Question: Is Sopranos and ...

Question: Is Sopranos and Kingpin director Allen Coulter any relation to conservative blowhard Anne Coulter? — Mary, Baltimore, Md.

Televisionary: Now, Mary, that's a political value judgment and since this isn't a political column — and people get very testy with me whenever I stray into that arena — I have to stress that's your term, not mine. However, just so no one gets confused with any other Anne Coulter, I'll adopt your terminology for convenience's sake and point out once again that we're discussing the "conservative blowhard" one.

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If you missed Michael Jackson's 90-minute career killer last Thursday on ABC, you're in luck. VH1 will rebroadcast Living With Michael Jackson Saturday at 9 pm/ET, Sunday at 8 pm/ET and Monday at 10 pm/ET. ABC, meanwhile, is in talks to secure another airing of the British documentary later this week. Speaking of Jacko, USA Network is developing an unauthorized TV movie based on his life. Can't wait to see who they cast in the title role. read more

Question: Whatever happened ...

Question: Whatever happened to the dinosaurs that ran on ABC back in the early '90s? It was my favorite show, and I especially loved the baby dinosaur. And who did his voice? — Mark S., Westmont, N.J.

Televisionary: After launching in April 1991, Dinosaurs went, well... the way of the dinosaurs in July 1994. And Baby Sinclair was voiced by Kevin Clash, whose r&#233sum&#233 includes, among other characters, Sesame Street's Elmo (including the ubiquitous "Tickle Me Elmo" doll of the mid-'90s), a gig that won him Emmy gold, and Splinter, the master of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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Question: I loved Growing ...

Question: I loved Growing Pains when I was a kid. My question is, didn't Alan Thicke have a talk show before he played Jason Seaver? — Paul G., Milton, Ala.

Televisionary: That he did, Paul, though TV history has been kind enough to paper over the failure of the heavily touted, syndicated Thicke of the Night with even more notable talk-show crashes, such as efforts by Chevy Chase, Magic Johnson and, I predict, Jimmy Kimmel. Thicke's much-ballyhooed effort was promoted as a Carson killer, and when it debuted in 1983, some stations even read more


Tim Allen is in talks to develop and star in Paramount's upcoming remake of Father Knows Best... White Oleander star Alison Lohman has been chosen as ShoWest 2003's Female Star of Tomorrow... Monday Night Football vet Al Michaels has signed a new multiyear deal at ABC Sports. read more

Question: Checking out TV ...

Question: Checking out TV Guide's prime-time listings from the past, I came up with The Gene Autry Show in 1954 and then The Adventures Of Champion in 1955. I mentioned to my wife that it might be the first spinoff and she insists that the first was The Andy Griffith Show. Who's right? I'd sure like to show her up for a change. She thinks she's never wrong. — James P., Las Vegas, Nev.

Televisionary: Why, doesn't she know about the uncanny phenomenon of the person who bothers to write me always being correct? Survey says... she does not. This oughtta put her firmly in her place, then, James, because you're right by the margin of a few shows.

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More evidence that this will be the last season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: David Boreanaz, star of the WB's Angel, is slated to cross over to the UPN cult hit in May for the show's (likely) series finale, sources confirm for TV Guide Online. For more, click here. read more