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Simon and Garfunkel may reunite this fall for a national arena tour, Billboard reports. The duo — who gave a rare performance at the Grammys in February — last toured together in 1994. read more


Ben Affleck is in discussions to star in two upcoming comedies — Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Sex Talk. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ghosts centers on a bachelor who attends his brother's wedding and is visited by the spirits of his past flames. Sex Talk, meanwhile, is about a reporter who uses sports strategy to help couples solve problems with their sex lives. read more


Supermodel Rachel Hunter has filed for divorce from rocker-hubby Rod Stewart after 13 years of marriage. She cites irreconcilable differences. Oddly enough, the couple have been separated since 1998, so an obvious question would be: What the heck took so long? read more


Time's up for two stars of 24. Penny Johnson Jerald and Sarah Wynter — whose respective roles as Sherry Palmer and Kate Warner were pivotal last season — will not be returning as series regulars for Day Three this fall, TV Guide Online has learned. A Fox spokesman refused to confirm the demotions, but did caution that "it would be a mistake to infer from an actor's contract status what their participation in the show next year will be. For example, Xander Berkeley (George Mason) was hired as a series regular last year but his character was killed off in episode 15." Yeah, that sucked for him. read more


Minnie Driver has joined the cast of Joel Schumacher's big screen adaptation of Phantom of the Opera. She'll play opera diva Carlotta... Sen. Hillary Clinton's appearance on CBS's Late Show Monday helped David Letterman score a rare ratings victory over Jay Leno... Nicole Kidman is in talks to become the new international face of Chanel. read more


Turns out, Michael Chiklis — who won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for his performance as rogue cop Vic Mackey on The Shield — may have just been playing himself on the FX drama all along! Chiklis is being sued by his former managers for $1 million for breach of contract and fraud. Evolution Entertainment claims Chiklis owes the company commissions from his Shield gig. The suit also describes the actor as an egomaniac who once tried to get his on-screen wife fired. Chiklis's camp declined to comment, except to say that the personal attacks on "Michael's character... are absurd." read more


It's official: The Sopranos will live on for a sixth season. HBO confirms that a deal has been reached with series creator David Chase for an additional season, to begin production in early 2005. The sixth (and final?) season will consist of 10 episodes instead of the traditional 13 and will likely debut in the fall of 2005. Earlier this month, Chase said that he was toying with the idea of extending the mob drama's upcoming fifth season beyond the standard 13-episode cycle because he found himself with a sudden story surplus. However, HBO apparently talked him into doing an extra season instead. According to the New York Times, the prospect of a lucrative syndication deal may have been a factor; a sixth season will leave HBO with 75 episodes of the show — enough to sell into syndication. read more


ABC's rising late-night star Jimmy Kimmel is a bachelor once again. His wife, Gina Kimmel, filed for divorce Monday citing irreconcilable differences. She's requesting joint legal custody of their two young children, Katherine and Kevin. The couple separated last fall. read more


After years of diplomacy, HBO has finally convinced the City of New York to allow for the return of Taxicab Confessions, Variety reports. Shooting on the new episodes will begin in July. read more

What Scares Shannen Doherty?

As host of Sci Fi's guiltiest pleasure, Scare Tactics (which returns with new episodes Friday at 10 ET), Shannen Doherty is an accomplice to all manner of terrifying pranks. So she can't be entirely surprised by our first question: What would really freak her out?

"It would have to be something to do with water or sharks," she admits, perhaps foolishly, to TV Guide Online. "I'm petrified of sharks. Petrified. Like, I know I'm going to get eaten one day."

Aha! Now we've given the altered-reality prankathon's producers the info they need to spook their star. Yet for some reason, the Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed actress isn't quaking in her boots. What gives? "I don't think they'd do that to me," she says. "If you pulled a prank on me with a shark, I'd probably have read more

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