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The return of Sex and the City on Sunday averaged 6.4 million viewers, slightly below average. According to industry experts (read: me), the ratings would have been higher had Sarah Jessica Parker and Mikhail Baryshnikov displayed just an ounce of chemistry together. read more


The estate of late Beatle George Harrison is suing the cancer doctor who treated the legendary performer, claiming he coerced Harrison into autographing a guitar for his teenage son two weeks before his death. The $10 million lawsuit — filed Monday by the singer's widow, Olivia, and their son, Dhani — says Dr. Gilbert Lederman guided a weakened Harrison as he wrote his name "with great effort and much obvious discomfort." A photograph of the physician's son holding the guitar appeared in the National Enquirer shortly after Harrison's death in 2001. The doc's attorney calls the suit "absurd." read more


It's official: Friends star Courteney Cox and husband David Arquette are expecting their first child. There's no word on a due date, but rumors that a baby was on the way began swirling in October when David's actor-brother Alexis let the cat out of the bag on The Sharon Osbourne Show. Cox — who has been candid about her struggle to have children — recently told Barbara Walters that she had suffered "many miscarriages" and had begun using pre-genetic testing to lessen the possibility of losing another baby. read more


What do you get when you mix The Restaurant with a little Shampoo? A new reality show on Bravo titled Blow Out. According to Variety, the six-episode series will be set in a new Beverly Hills salon launched by star stylist Jonathan Antin. read more


Is Britney Spears ready to try her luck in Sin City again? The newly singled pop tart — whose quickie Las Vegas wedding to pal Jason Allen Alexander was officially annulled on Monday — is being wooed to play herself in an episode of NBC's new hit drama Las Vegas. "We're actively trying to get her to come on, because she loves the show," exec producer Gary Scott Thompson tells TV Guide Online. "But then her little weekend [wedding] happened and we kind of went, 'I don't know if she's gonna want to do Vegas anymore.'" Calls to Spears' reps were not returned, but they probably have their hands full these days. read more

Warning: The writer of this column...

Warning: The writer of this column is a lightweight who's unaccustomed to caffeine. Having slurped down a delicious Starbuck's caramel frappucino after work, he's very, very wired this evening. It was only a tall frap, but it feels like a venti. Do not be alarmed by his mad outbursts and sudden mood swings. Just sit back and enjoy 'em.

Mark Harmon, you so fine! You so fine, you blow my mind! Hey, Harmon! Yeah, yeah! Hey, Harmon!

Sorry, I said I was over-caffeinated. Still, the former Sexiest Man Alive makes gray hair look good. Harmon may have a few decades on costar Michael Weatherly, but that thirtysomething pup has nothin' on my silver fox. Now, as for tonight's episode, it's another convoluted NCIS plot I can't be bothered to follow. I'm too focused on baking up Ore Ida crinkly fries without burning them. (These are the problems of a bachelor with the munchies.) Anyway, Sherilyn Fenn fr read more


"This maybe was not the year to try to launch a show on the network schedule. By the time we found our creative voice, we were pulled." Rob Lowe lamenting the rapid demise of The Lyon's Den at the Television Critics Assoc. press tour in Hollywood on Tuesday. read more


Robert Duvall is finally coming clean about why Francis Ford Coppola wasn't able to pull him back in for Godfather III. "If they paid [Al] Pacino twice what they paid me, that's fine, but not three or four times, which is what they did," he tells tonight's 60 Minutes II. Duvall earned an Oscar nod for his role as Tom Hagen in the original Godfather. He also starred in the sequel. read more


Finding Nemo, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers will compete for best picture at Sunday's People's Choice Awards... Celine Dion received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday. It's located in front of the Kodak Theater on the corner of Hurl and Gag... Beyoncé Knowles has been tapped to sing the national anthem at Super Bowl XXXVIII on Feb. 1. In other gridiron news, Fight On!! Trojans are No. 1!! read more

The Resolutions Will Be Televised

If we learned one thing in 2003, it's that we can't count on our televisions to keep our best interests in mind. How else to explain the unfortunate incident in which TiVo decided that, since we watched Bachelor kissing bandit Bob try out for the Olympic tonsil-hockey team, we must also want to see every single program on the Playboy Channel! So, as we brace for the year ahead, we have elected to make a few resolutions — for our constant companions, our TVs. (What? You didn't think we needed any improving, did ya?) What's more, we suggest that you do the same. After all, an indiscriminate viewer could wind up watching anything! Our solemn vows (and fondest wishes):

The O.C. will air daily. Maybe more often than that, because it is the coolest primetime soap in, like, ever. Way wittier than 90210 even aspired to be, Fox's smash read more

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