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Actress Tara Reid — who was portrayed as a Carson Daly-obsessed drunk on Sunday's MTV Bash — says she's trying to repair her party-girl image. "I don't want to change my personality," she tells Details magazine. "[But] I want people to know that this is a girl who has plans, has focus, and she's going to get what she wants." And darnit, right now girlfriend wants a martini! read more

Question: Who's older, Kelly ...

Question: Who's older, Kelly or Jack Osbourne? I swear Kelly is older, but my friend says Jack is. I know they are about a year and a half apart, but who is older? — Janis

Televisionary: Kelly is. Oldest sister Aimee was born in September 1983, Kelly was born in October 1984 and Jack, who was named for Ozzy's late dad, came into the world in November 1985.

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Former X-Files alien hunter (and upcoming Sex and the City guest star) David Duchovny has signed on to contribute his voice and likeness to XIII, a new video game from Ubi Soft Entertainment. He joins a cast that includes erstwhile Batman Adam West and rapper Eve. read more


ABC has placed a midseason order for a drama series from the creators of Party of Five, the network announced Monday at the Television Critics Assoc. press tour in Hollywood. Set in a building on New York's Upper West Side, the show focuses on the lives of its rich residents through the eyes of their nannies, assistants and housekeepers. For a minute-by-minute recap of ABC's first of two TCA days, click here. read more

Question: How do people ...

Question: How do people submit those questions to David Letterman when he does the CBS Mailbag? I went to the website, but only found an address for CBS, nothing for Letterman in particular. — Mary, Portland, Ore.

Televisionary: It took a little digging on the site, Mary, but I came up with it. Go to the show FAQ page, follow the link at the end of the second answer and type away.

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Question: What happened on ...

Question: What happened on the last episode of Gilligan's Island? — Adnan B., Long Beach, Cal.

Televisionary: Technically speaking, the last episode of the lovably stupid sitcom, which aired April 17, 1967, didn't wrap anything up, if that's what you're driving at, Adnan. In a typical Island setup, a native king came calling, searching for a maiden to be sacrificed to his tribe's volcano god. The ever-heroic Gilligan, seeking to save Ginger, Mary Ann and Mrs. Howell from that fate, dolled himself up to distract the king and... well, I wouldn't want to ruin a good rerun for you.

If what you're really wondering is whether or not they ever got off the island, the answer is yes. But it didn't happen during the show's 1964-67 run on CBS. In 1978, NBC aired the two part Rescue from Gilligan's Island, in which the castaways got off the island, returned to normal life, then got stranded on the island again afte read more

Question: My mom and I used ...

Question: My mom and I used to never miss Kate &#038 Allie since she and a divorced friend used to live together for a few years. But she said Jane Curtin and Susan Saint James didn't really get along in real life. Is that true? — Mary S., Northfield, Vt.

Televisionary: Nope, though there were some of the normal tensions brought about by the unfailingly ego-driven entertainment biz and the pressures of mounting a hit comedy during its 1984-89 run on CBS.

Take the time, for instance, that both were nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series after the show's first season. Saint James had already been nominated six times and had won once (for NBC's 1968-71 adventure series The Name of the Game). And she had it in her head read more


PBS has ordered 13 new episodes of American Family, broadcast TV's first Hispanic drama. The new episodes will begin airing in April. read more


The embattled New York Times has named former managing editor Bill Keller as its new executive editor. (That finally puts to rest those pesky rumors that former US Weekly bigwig Bonnie Fuller was in line for the top job.) Keller replaces Howell Raines, who took the fall for the whole Jayson Blair saga. read more


Rush Limbaugh is joining ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown as the "voice of the fan." Starting in September, the 52-year-old conservative radio host will deliver a weekly opinion piece at the top of the two-hour show. "I think football is a lot like life," he says. "[And] I know life pretty well." I give this experiment a week. read more

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