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Justin Timberlake dominated Thursday's MTV Europe Music Awards, winning best male singer, best pop act and best album for Justified. Christina Aguilera, who hosted the show, was named best female singer, while Beyonce Knowles won best song for "Crazy in Love." Aguilera opened the show wearing a nun's habit, which she quickly removed to reveal — shocker! — a barely-there top and leather chaps. She's so unpredictable! read more


The Matrix Revolutions grossed $24.3 million in its first day of release Wednesday — far below the $37.5 million Matrix Reloaded collected in its debut last spring. read more

FriendsWe all knew it couldn't...

Friends We all knew it couldn't last (and frankly, did anyone want it to go on this long?): Ross and Charlie (Aisha Tyler) broke up, with Charlie reuniting with her ex, played by the deliciously droll Greg Kinnear. I'll admit it's a cute conceit having two former Talk Soup hosts (Kinnear made the show; Tyler sent it to the glue factory) play these characters, but it made me wonder if I would have liked Charlie more had she been played by Hal Sparks instead. And Joey's commercial for that Japanese lipstick for men was a hoot. He hasn't been that funny since he showed off his "jazz hands."

Survivor: Pearl Islands Burton and Lill, the Sally Field of Survivor ("I am a nice person!"), are back in the game, just in time for Drake and Morgan to merge into one team, Balboa. It was nice to see Rupert and Burton bury the hatchet, but it was even better watching everyone kiss Lill's butt read more


The TV jungle has proven uninhabitable for Tarzan. The WB pulled the plug on the much-hyped action-drama Thursday after it failed to find an audience on Sunday nights. A network rep says original episodes of the show will continue to air during November sweeps, after which Travis Fimmel and his six-pack abs will go "on hiatus." In related news, ABC has axed Dick Wolf's L.A. Dragnet. read more


CBS has decided to fill the four-hour hole left by The Reagans with reruns. On Nov. 16, the network will repeat a special two-part CSI. And on Nov. 18, reruns of CSI: Miami and Without a Trace will air. Of course, CBS reserves the right to change its mind at the last minute if anyone gets upset. read more


The Paris Hilton sex video scandal is heating up. According to the New York Post, lawyers for the celebutante are looking into whether boyfriend Rick Solomon took advantage of the hotel heiress while she was nearly unconscious. It's illegal to have sex with an incapacitated woman — especially when said woman has a rich daddy. "She is so far gone she is drooling," says a rep for Paris. "It is the most disturbing video I have ever seen." Speaking of sick and twisted videos, Gigli arrives on DVD Dec. 9. read more


Newlyweds ditz of the sea Jessica Simpson has signed a deal with ABC to headline her own sitcom. "Jessica has infectious energy and unmistakable star quality," says ABC's entertainment president Susan Lyne. "She also has a built-in fan base in both music and television, which is a great jumping off point for us. We're looking forward to developing the ideal showcase for her considerable talents." CBS, meanwhile, has tapped ex-Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff to headline her own sitcom pilot targeted for next fall. The project is being described as a domestic comedy along the lines of Family Ties. read more


Movie buffs had no trouble Finding Nemo in video stores. The acclaimed animated smash sold a record 8 million DVD and VHS copies in its first day of release on Tuesday. That easily beats the 7 million copies Spider-Man sold last year. read more

Actor Vanishes Without a Trace

Fans of American Dreams's bespectacled boy next door, Luke, will be surprised, surprised again and then just plain shocked by his portrayer Jamie Elman's appearance in tonight's Without a Trace (airing at 10 ET on CBS). "You'll get to see me a) without glasses, b) without much of a sense of humor and c) without any of the sensitivity that [ex-girlfriend] Meg can bring out in Luke," the wry actor tells TV Guide Online. "I play a troubled rich kid, who is involved in some very shady things.

"I hope, in a way, that fans of Luke won't even recognize me," he adds, "'cause I was going for something really different. Viewers who do know it's me... well, I just hope they can forget about some of the more malicious aspects of the character I play when they see me again as 'that record-store guy' on American Dreams.

read more


Bobby Hatfield, one half of the legendary soul duo the Righteous Brothers, was found dead in a Michigan hotel room Wednesday night — 30 minutes before a scheduled concert appearance. He was 63. An autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of death. read more

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