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Despite buzz that J.Lo was cruisin' for a sliming, it was wonder twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen who found themselves on the receiving end of a big tub of green goo at Saturday's Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. Shrek's Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz emceed the annual kiddie kudos, which saw Adam Sandler nab the coveted "Wannabe Award," given to the celebrity kids most want to be like. Other winners included Finding Nemo (fave movie), Amanda Bynes (fave movie actress), Jim Carrey (fave movie actor), All read more


"To meet the man was wonderful, but to have him fire me was a downright shame." — Country bumpkin Troy McClain discussing his showdown with Donald Trump on Thursday's Apprentice in an interview with TV Guide Online. For the complete Q&A, click here. read more


A snarky demon body-slammed The Rock at the weekend box office. Comic-book-inspired movie Hellboy opened at No. 1 with $23.5 million, easily topping Dwayne Johnson's Walking Tall remake, which grossed $15.3 million for second place. Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed fell from first to third with $15.1 million, followed by newcomers Home on the Range (No. 4 with $14 million) and Julia Stiles' royal romance The Prince & Me (No. 5 with $10 million). read more


Kelly Osbourne was admitted to a California drug-rehabilitation clinic Friday to treat an addiction to painkillers. Like any good parents, Ozzy and Sharon broke the news on CNN's Larry King Live. In related news, Ozzy has filed a complaint with the state medical board, accusing a Beverly Hills doctor of overprescribing addictive drugs to him, the Los Angeles Times reports. Dr. David Kipper has been asked to turn over copies of the rocker's medical records. Paging U-Haul... read more

The Sopranos And now things get...

The Sopranos
And now things get messy. (Like the dog poop on Tony's shoe.) It's funny, I thought that strangely romantic moment between Tony (James Gandolfini) and Adriana (Drea "I got a sitcom, everybody!" de Matteo) was going to play itself out over several episodes (I guess I'm still getting used to last season's "C'mon, somethin' happen!" pace.) But nope — about 40 minutes later, Tony has a gun digging into Christopher's face as he forces him to truly believe that nothing actually happened between him and Adriana before the dreaded car accident. (Did the Feds hire that reckless raccoon to dart out in the middle of the road like that?) Man, there is something ugly churning inside Tony's battered head. As Dr. Melfi said, "For once, you want to avoid something you know that's wrong."

High School Reunion
On WB's website it says, "Will two weeks with Johnny destroy three with Brad?" (Brad is read more


Britney Spears postponed her concert at Cleveland's Gund Arena Thursday night due to illness. It was the lip-syncher's third postponement in as many weeks. The show was rescheduled for June 29. read more

An American Dreams Nightmare

As the sophomore year of NBC's superlative American Dreams comes to a close (Sunday night at 8 pm/ET), viewers should brace themselves: Summer hiatus may bring as many changes to the series as the 1960s did to America. Here, executive producer Jonathan Prince tells TV Guide Online (almost) all about the season finale:

Meg and Sam might finally get together. Although thus far the era has made it impossible for the white American Bandstand dancer and her African-American friend to acknowledge, never mind act on, their feelings for one another, their moment could be coming. This fall, "Sam's going to college. In that world, away from East Catholic [High], so much more is possible," Prince says. "In fact, this week, you'll see a scene where someone at Penn actually mistakes Meg (Brittany Snow) and Sam (Arlen Escarpeta) for a couple... and of course, that lands on them strangely yet wonderfully."

JJ could die read more

Roseanne Confesses: ''I Faked It!''

Roseanne Barr's big comeback was aborted last summer when her two reality shows — The Real Roseanne Show and Domestic Goddess — were canceled within days of each other. The ax swung soon after it was announced that the one-time sitcom queen had to undergo an emergency hysterectomy. "I had a choice between continuing on or having an organ removed," Barr says. "I immediately chose having an organ removed."

Well, there's a little more to the story than that. The reality is that ABC's Real Roseanne Show was tanking in the ratings, which didn't bode well for the then-forthcoming ABC Family spinoff, Domestic Goddess. Plus, as Barr laments, her first foray into unscripted TV "was too hard. It was all a big, big mess."

For example, Barr reveals, Real Roseanne "was totally faked. They had me doing things on that show that I never do in real life — like get out of bed and shower and exercise and talk to peop read more


Speaking of April Fool's jokes, Howard Stern got into the prank business himself on Thursday when fans tuned in to his morning radio show and discovered that the embattled shock jock had been replaced by the feel-good team of Cross and Lopez. The duo — who promised "fun without the filth" — aired a taped message from the station's general manager saying he had to take Stern off the air because of FCC pressure. The punking lasted about an hour before Stern returned to the airwaves. read more


If Michael Jackson's trip this week to Washington, D.C., to raise awareness of AIDS in Africa reeked of a shameless PR stunt, that's because, well, it was. According to Variety, Jacko's handlers are shopping a special to the networks featuring footage from the baby-dangler's mission on Capitol Hill. The asking price for the package, which would also include a 10-minute interview with Jacko? A cool $3 million. Not surprisingly, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox are apparently showing little interest. read more

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