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Recliners designed by the cast of Friends fetched a total of $125,000 on eBay. Proceeds from the auctions — which ended on May 22 — benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. read more


NBC has commissioned a script for V: The Second Generation from Kenneth Johnson, creator of the seminal 1983 miniseries, which featured lizard-like alien Visitors with a hunger for mice and men. For more on this story, pick up the current issue of TV Guide magazine, on sale now. read more


Is Rolling Stones crooner Mick Jagger, 59, losing his touch with the ladies? At the band's sold-out concert in Munich, Germany, on Wednesday, no women's panties were tossed on stage — though men's undies were! "It was all men," Jagger told reporters while out promoting the European leg of the Stones' 40 Licks tour. "I don't know what that says. They left all the girls at home or whatever. I don't know! Usually, we get a few bits of underwear on the stage. Last night, there were a few Y-fronts." read more


Courtney Love is thisclose to signing a deal with EMI Virgin Records, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Under the new label, the former Hole frontwoman plans to release her first solo album. Love parted ways with her ex-label, Universal Music Group, and sued them in 2001 over a financial dispute. read more

Paul Walker's Fast Times

At the end of 2001's The Fast and the Furious, Vin Diesel's hijacker character, Dominic Toretto, went on the lam. That's why he's MIA in 2 Fast 2 Furious (opening today). But how could Universal even make a second installment sans its breakout star?

"Initially, I think that was the real question for everyone," admits Paul Walker, who returns as speed-lovin' cop Brian O'Conner. "We didn't know what to do without Vin. It didn't feel like it was going to be a real sequel. But apparently, it's more than a sequel, from the buzz we're getting. I don't know what kind of indicator it is, but when you have all the die-hard fans [watching the preview screenings], they're losing their minds!"

Of course, Furious was a sleeper hit more bec read more

Seven Silly Questions for Alan Thicke

For seven years on ABC's Growing Pains, Alan Thicke played Jason Seaver, the loving TV dad some of us never had. (Sniff, sniff.) He's also got three sons in real-life — Brennan, 28, Robin, 26, and Carter, 5. All this papa practice qualified him somewhat to pen a book, How Men Have Babies: The Pregnant Father's Survival Guide. Since the guy wants us to help him plug it, he agreed to answer our goofiest inquiries.

TV Guide Online: How do men have babies? Is this about cloning?
It's about pregnanthood. They've done Couplehood, Babyhood... and this is the antecedent to it all! It's an update of a book that came out two years ago. It's aimed at men and written in ESPN language, but it's really mother's little helper. Pregnant women buy the book, highlight the passages and say, "See, read more


Hospitalized singer Luther Vandross has awoken from a coma caused by his April 16 stroke. "Late last week, he had what we would consider a first real breakthrough," his rep told USA Today. "He's much more alert, much more responsive neurologically. He was able to respond 'yes' or 'no' by nodding his head," although a tracheotomy tube prevents him from talking. It's amazing timing, since his new album Dance with My Father and his "best of" compilation, The Essential Luther Vandross, are to be released Tuesday. Go Luther! read more


While Sex and the City's man-eater Samantha Jones wouldn't think twice about becoming a presidential mistress, things were a little more tame when her portrayer Kim Cattrall met Bill Clinton yesterday. The sexually charged duo were spotted chatting aboard the USS Mason during a Tommy Hilfiger party. Perhaps Cattrall was recommending her book, Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm, to the ladies' man. read more


Sylvester Stallone is writing, directing and starring in a new flick called Rampart Scandal about police corruption in L.A., reports Variety... Recent NBC retiree Jane Pauley may be getting her own talk show come fall 2004, reports the New York Post... Good Morning America correspondent Lara Spencer will host the new season of PBS's Antiques Roadshow in January. read more

Can Cupid Save This Singleton?

Let's face it, the dating scene bites. That's why 25-year-old Lisa Shannon will put her fate in America's hands on Cupid, the new dating show debuting July 9 on CBS. The twist here is that if she and her Chosen One can stick together for one year, they get $1 million. So for the past month, this Michigan copywriter — along with gal pals Kimberly and Laura — has scoured the country for the 10 lucky bachelors you will vote on. With the manhunt now concluded, she's free to dish the guys, including Cupid creator Simon Cowell!

TVGO: How was the cross-country audition process ?
Shannon: We just wrapped [auditions] in our last city, Los Angeles. Now, we take all the men we've narrowed it down to — about 60 or 70 — and fly them all out to L.A. That's after their background checks and whatnot. Then, we narrow it down to 10.

TVGO: Background checks? That's better than grilling gu read more

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