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Survivor's Shii Devil Speaks!

Shii Ann Huang lived up to her "Shii Devil" rep on last Thursday's Survivor: All-Stars when she tore into her knucklehead tribemates for annihilating what was left of the Mogo Mogos instead of targeting the game's biggest threats (i.e. Amber, Rob, Rupert... ). In the end, the 30-year-old Big Appler still got her torch snuffed, but at least she went down fighting. Here, Shii Ann dishes about her climactic Tribal Council tirade, her real feelings about Boston Rob and why swimming challenges are the death of her.

TV Guide Online: I loved your speech during tribal council.
Shii Ann Huang:
Thanks! I am really happy with the way it turned out. It was everything that I felt that I'd been holding in for a couple of days. It was really exciting to just let loose.

TVGO: Do you think it will help?
Shii Ann:
I don't know that it was meant to be helpful. I just kind of wanted people to stop being so content with coming in third, read more


Bug-eyed viper Trish found herself all dressed up with no place to go but a loony bin on last night's Bachelor, leaving Jessica B., Tara and Mandy J. in the final three. If you'd like to sling some mud at the 28-year-old diva, please phrase your insult in the form of a question and e-mail it to me at the bottom of this page. read more


Angel alum Charisma Carpenter bares (almost) all in the June issue of Playboy magazine... Good news, Scrubs fans: Tuesday's season finale attracted more than 11 million viewers and built on its Frasier lead-in by 18 percent among adults 18-34... Tim Burton's acclaimed tall tale Big Fish topped the DVD charts during its first week in stores, selling two million copies. read more


Bobby Brown will have to add a new subplot to his in-the-works reality show. The Old Edition singer was ordered to stand trial on charges that he hit wife Whitney Houston last December. Houston appeared by her hubby's side at Wednesday's 5-minute court hearing. read more

Mary Tyler Moore's Big Break

Before The Dick Van Dyke Show made Mary Tyler Moore a sitcom star, she was a pretty young dancer, best known for her legs and voice — viewers never saw her face — on the 1950s crime drama Richard Diamond, Private Detective. On May 11, Moore reprises her career-making role as Laura Petrie in The Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited (9 pm/ET on CBS). Here, she reminisces about landing the big gig — for which she beat out 40 other actresses — and her favorite memories from the landmark series.

TV Guide Online: Winning the role of Laura Petrie was a great step up for you.
Mary Tyler Moore:
I almost didn't go to the audition. When my agent called, I said, "I'm tired. I've had too many disappointments all week." He said, "You just get in your car and go over there." I walked in, and there was Carl Reiner, on whom I had a tremendous crush from The Sid Caesar Show. We sat down to read this scene — and about a thir read more


In other Friends news, Jennifer Aniston will be among the 11,000 runners to carry the Olympic torch this summer. Mrs. Brad Pitt will participate in the North American leg of the 46,800-mile journey, which will begin in the foyer of her colossal Beverly Hills estate and end out by the pool. read more


The Friends cast will be there for each other today when they reunite to watch the sitcom's big finale. According to the New York Post, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer will attend a private screening of the episode on the Warner Bros. lot at 4 pm/PST. Afterwards, they'll join Jay Leno to tape a special edition of The Tonight Show on the set of Central Perk. Meanwhile, Hollywood's major film studios are getting in on the Friends frenzy by purchasing the bulk read more


Perpetually positive soul kid George Huff was voted off American Idol last night, narrowing the contestant pool down to four divas: Jasmine, Fantasia, Diana and LaToya. Next week: Disco night with Donna Summer! read more


Who's the real winner of The Apprentice? All those folks who shelled out $20 for a Planet Hollywood basketball signed by then-unknown Kwame Jackson in the show's fourth episode. Now that the wannabe mogul is a full-fledged celeb, his signed balls (tee-hee) are fetching upwards of $100 on eBay. It's sweet vindication for The Donald's first runner-up, who was accused by his teammates of duping customers into thinking his John Hancock carried some value. "It's a total he-who-laughs-last [moment]," says Jackson, who donated a handful of balls (tee-hee) to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Meanwhile, click on the fancy little icon at the top of this column today through May 12 to enter and win one of Kwame's balls (tee-hee) yourself! read more


Paramount Pictures has snapped up the film rights to The Partridge Family, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Bernard Slade, who created the series, will serve as an exec producer. read more

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