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Another Trading Spaces vet is headed to the big leagues. Following in the footsteps of ABC's It Elder Ty Pennington, Vern Yip is ditching his day job to star in his own home-improvement show on NBC. In Design Intervention, Yip will help one lazy family finish building — or renovating — their home. read more


Barbara Walters issued an apology on Wednesday's The View for a much-maligned ABC News promo that compared her upcoming 20/20 special on adoption to a reality contest. The spot said five couples would "compete" to adopt a 16-year-old's baby. "You know what the bad word was? Compete," she said. "We made a mistake." Alright, now what do you have to say about that whole Hasselbeck debacle? read more


Tom Hanks is near a deal to star in a film based on Richard Russo's novel The Risk Pool. The story centers on a petty thief and gambler (Hanks) who is suddenly charged with raising his sheltered son. read more

Smallville I'm starting to think...

I'm starting to think that this town is nothing but Lana's coffee shop, the Kent farm and a never-ending maze of secret laboratories. Every time Clark turns around, someone is stripping him down and strapping him to a slab in order to discover his big secret. Please, like nobody can figure out that a straight guy with those abs is obviously a superhero? The bigger mystery here is the sparks bouncing between Annette O'Toole and creepy John Glover. A little Martha-Lionel hanky, maybe? Just a word of warning to the writers: The freaky-obsessive, comic-book-crazed fans will spontaneously combust if you go there. So hurry!

Life's Funniest Moments
I could get behind last week's Live TV's Greatest Bloopers or whatever, since it was a funny enough distraction. Once. Now it's just getting g.d. ridiculous. Did NBC really can Ed to fill the 8 pm slot with clip shows of New Zealand news repor read more


Apprentice titan Donald Trump has dropped the M-bomb on his longtime girlfriend, model Melania Knauss. According to the New York Post, Trump proposed to the 33-year-old Slovenian beauty on Monday night. And judging by the paperweight she's now sporting on her finger, she apparently said yes. This would be Trump's third marriage and third divorce. read more


Clear Channel Communications has tapped Donald Trump to headline his own national radio show, Trumped. The weekday program, which debuts June 15, will find The Donald weighing in on topics related to business, media, entertainment and politics. And come fall, he'll devote his Friday show to discussing the previous night's Apprentice firing and which contestant Carolyn is crushing on now. read more


Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Nicholas Brendon (Xander) has entered rehab to treat an alcohol addiction. "After realizing that I had a disease that was taking control of my life, I decided that the best way for me to regain my health was to enter a treatment facility," the actor said in a message posted on his website. "I'm grateful for the love and support I've gotten from my wife, Tressa; my entire family; my business associates; and my friends." read more


Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay, who was recently named the Most Underrated Actress on Television by yours truly, is reportedly engaged to actor (and sometime SVU attorney) Peter Hermann. And don't believe nasty tabloid reports that say Hargitay agreed to pay for the ring because Hermann doesn't make as much as she does. My sources tell me Hargitay merely gave him a loan. read more


John Stevens' prayers were answered last night on American Idol when Ryan Seacrest uttered the words the embattled 16-year-old longed to hear: "The nightmare is over — you are free to go." (Or something like that.) The thick-skinned crooner's highly anticipated ouster follows last week's controversial results show, which found frontrunner Jennifer Hudson on the chopping block. The African-American diva's shock exit led Elton John to cry racism, but Idol meanie Simon Cowell dismissed those charges on Wednesday with "a definite no," predicting that Hudson's elimination would give the competition a much-needed shake-up. "Th read more

Tina Fey's Mean Streak

Asked how long she plans to stay at Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey — the sketchcom's first female headwriter — is, well, sketchy. "30 more years?" she jokes to TV Guide Online. "I don't really know." Fortunately, the gig leaves Fey time for side projects, like her new big-screen comedy, Mean Girls (opening Friday).

She wrote and co-stars in the Heathers-esque film, which draws from her own rotten high school experiences. "I had girls threaten to kick my ass," Fey admits. "I had a lot of friends and we were all sort of AP students. We were our own sad little clique. We thought we were super cool, but we weren't.

"Then, there were the girls who were sort of famous," she continues. "They were really popular and everyone knew everything about them. And [I was] like, 'That one is not even cute. How did she get that job? Just because she has nice Benetton clothes?'"

Fey says the witchy 'tudes in Mean Girls were also read more

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