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Barbra Streisand may play Ben Stiller's mother in Meet the Fockers, the upcoming sequel to Meet the Parents, Access Hollywood reports. She'd star opposite Dustin Hoffman, who was just cast as Stiller's dad. read more


Fox has wrapped production on a new dating show that revolves around a 4-foot-5 single guy looking for love from a pool of 12 little women. Titled The Littlest Groom, the two-episode series will feature all of the typical reality trappings, including group dates, hot tub parties and — of course — a twist. At one point, the pint-sized bachelor will have to choose between dating women his own size or women of average height. read more

Question: The Jan. 10 TV ...

Question: The Jan. 10 TV Guide magazine article "Buried Treasures" says to go to your Web site "to find more special features on these and other DVDs." I have been to all your pages online, but can't find anything! Please help and tell me where to find this information. — Paul F., Durham, N.H.

Televisionary: But that item already did, Paul. It said to go to, which takes you here.

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Ashton Kutcher has found a woman closer to his own age. Demi's 25-year-old boy-toy has been cast opposite Amanda Peet, 32, in the Disney romantic comedy A Lot Like Love. The film revolves around a guy and a girl who manage to resist their mutual attraction over the years only to see fate throwing them back together. read more


Two more former American Idol contestants have landed record deals — singing marine Joshua Gracin and first-season finalist R.J. Helton. read more


A record 26.7 million viewers watched NBC's telecast of the Golden Globe Awards Sunday night, topping the previous high of 24.3 million viewers in 1998. read more


Newlyweds star Nick Lachey has signed a development deal with ABC that calls for him to star in a comedy or a drama series. Lachey's bride, Jessica Simpson, recently inked a similar deal with the network. read more


MTV has picked up a half-hour game show pilot titled Your Face or Mine?, which asks contestants to predict how handsome or ugly people think they really are. Stand-up comedian Dan Levy will host. read more

Question: I need your help. ...

Question: I need your help. My husband and father are fighting over who the guest star was on CSI on Jan. 15. These two guys are fighting like two kids over a lollipop. — Donna, Tuckerton, N.J.

Televisionary: Then tell 'em to knock it off. You don't specify which character sparked the battle, but I'm betting it's the murderous surgeon who was played by Kyle Secor, best known from his days as Det. Tim Bayliss on Homicide: Life on the Street. And I'm pretty sure their dustup is merely misplaced energy, Donna. What they're really fighting about is which one loves you more and wants to make you happiest.

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Traffic: Part 1 Not to be a champion...

Traffic: Part 1
Not to be a champion of the Ignorance is Bliss Club, but... I don't want to know that opportunistic Americans, like the DEA agent played by Elias Koteas, are setting up opium trafficking rings in Afghanistan. That kind of knowledge hurts my patriotic soul. And, in these post-September 11 days, I especially don't want to know that — while TSA agents make me do everything but give blood before I can board a plane to go see my mama — some American fishermen are helping black market travel agents ship freight cars full of illegal immigrants into the country. All willy nilly. Just like that. Welcome to America, y'all. For this reason, and this reason alone, USA's brilliant three-part series about the non-vehicular traffic crossing our supposedly secure borders just about sent me over the edge. For real. I don't want to know that people die trying to get in this country. I don't. And I don't want to feel sad or guilty about it, either. Espec read more

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