iOS Help Articles

  • Loading Issues in iPhone

    If a section of the app is not loading completely, you can try troubleshooting steps to see if you can refresh them. First, try pulling down the screen to re-load the listings. If that doesn’t work, try closing out of the app and re-starting it. To do this, double click the device home button, then tap and hold down the TV Guide app icon. Tap the red minus icon. Double click the device home button again. Look for the TV Guide app on your device, and re-restart it.

  • Alerts in iPhone


    I have Alerts set but I am not receiving them on the phone.

    On the device, go the Settings app. Tap Notifications and check to confirm that TV Guide is listed under In Notification Center. Also check that Badges and Sounds are turned On.

    I removed a show from my Watchlist, but I'm still getting Alerts for that show.

    Alerts are not tied directly to your Watchlist. They are tied to Listings. To remove an Alert, go to Listings, tap the button in the upper left corner, then tap Manage Alerts.

  • Changing provider or location in iPhone

    To switch a location or provider for the listings in the app, go to the Listings section. Tap the button in the upper left corner, then tap Change Provider. Enter your zip code, choose Cable, Satellite, or Antenna, then choose your provider. The grid will re-load with the channel lineup.