Android Help Articles

  • Installing the latest version in Android

    TV Guide released an app that is now compatible with Android versions 4.0 and up. Check out and install the new app here. The older app is no longer supported by TV Guide and as a result it may not function properly.

  • Alerts in Android


    How can I be reminded about shows I want to watch?

    Go to the Listings section. Find the show you want to set an Alert for. Tap the show, then tap ‘Set Alert’. You’ll be prompted to sign in to the app (if you’re not already signed in). Select the Lead Time & Type and tap Save. Note: Signing in is required to set an Alert so that it will be saved to your account on the device. To manage or remove Alerts, go to Listings and tap the third icon in the lower right corner of Listings. Alerts will notify you on the device as a Push Notification and will not sync to the Google calendar on your device… Read more

  • Changing provider or location in Android

    To switch a location or provider for the listings in the app, go to the Listings section. Tap the small clock icon in the lower right corner. Enter your zip code, choose Cable, Satellite, or Antenna, then choose your provider. The grid will re-load with the channel lineup.