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Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, March 18, 2013

Put on your dancing shoes! Dancing with the Stars kicks off Season 16 with 12 new couples, three new pros and a new dance style. How did everyone do?
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Grey's Anatomy Recap: "Transplant Wasteland"

Welcome to the new Seattle Grace Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

For the second time in Grey's Anatomy history, Seattle Grace has changed its named... read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "Remember the Titans"

Sam and Dean are charged with a monstrous task: they have to kill Zeus. Yup, that's what I typed. The brothers have to come up with a way to off Zeus. No biggie. In the end, it all becomes another lesson in what someone will do in order to save a person they love.

Gods don't have much luck on Supernatural, do they? Come to think of it, no one has much luck on this show including (or should I say especially) the Winchesters. Remember those side effects Sam exhibited at the end of the last episode? They're getting worse. He's spitting up lots of blood. And, yes, he's not telling Dean about what's happening to him.

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Grey's Anatomy Recap: "This Is Why We Fight"

With the hospital down five doctors and a buyer, Seattle Grace slipped precariously into chaos during this week's Grey's Anatomy.

After the doctors quit their jobs, the rest of the Seattle Grace staff begin dropping like flies. Not only do a bunch of nurses and lab techs bid adios, but Bailey starts taking job interviews elsewhere, and even Jackson is... read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "Man's Best Friend With Benefits"

Sam and Dean head back to St. Louis, Mo. (site of Season 1's "Skin") where they have to figure out a way to help someone who already knows about what they do — the family business. In fact, this police officer once saved the hunters' lives while they worked a case together.

These days, James Frampton is also a that comes complete with a collared human/canine familiar named Portia. Any Supernatural fan knows that Dean hates witches. Turns out he's not into dogs either. This is definitely not the case for him.

After four really strong episodes ("LARP and the Real Girl", "As Time Goes By", "Everybody Hates Hitler", and "Trial and Error"), I have to admit that I couldn't quite get into this one. "Man's Best Friend with Benefits" was simply OK. I love the title but it was way light on mythology. The case didn't quite hook me. I didn't connect with the humor. Even the Sam and Dean moments couldn't save things for me. I still love Season 8 but you can't win them all.

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Grey's Anatomy Recap: "Hard Bargain"

Seattle Grace is now down five doctors on Grey's Anatomy!

With the fate of the hospital on the line, the surviving doctors of the plane crash and Callie decided they... read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "Trial and Error"

Kevin Tran makes a significant return in "Trial and Error." After hardcore focus complete with considerable harm to his health (headaches, nose bleeds etc.), he's finally able to give the Winchesters the first big lead in their quest to close the Gates of Hell. It all results in one of the brothers passing a huge test. Mind you, this is the first of three challenges that'll need to be faced.

When the flashback portion of the season came to an end (still miss you, Purgatory scenes), I was kind of worried about what the second half of the season would bring. I had no idea where this show was headed other than the whole closing the Gates of Hell business. Then the Men of Letters story was introduced. The Winchesters got a home base of operations. Things started to open up in an encouraging way.

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Grey's Anatomy Recap: "The Face of Change"

Seattle Grace certainly is changing, but is it for the better or worse?

Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, in which potential buyer Pegasus Horizons toured the hospital, proved that things will not get better with an outside owner. In fact, seeing how a different Pegasus-owned hospital does business gave us a glimpse at a very grim future for Seattle Grace. Check out how the hospital changed this week: read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "Everybody Hates Hitler"

Rabbis, Nazi Necromancers and a Golem, oh my.

In "Everybody Hates Hitler," Sam and Dean use their grandfather's key to open up what quickly becomes the Winchester Brothers' world headquarters. Their new digs are mighty impressive -- something straight out of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The brothers aren't there long before a seriously geeked out Sam discovers a case. The younger Winchester seems to find himself a purpose. For the first time in a long time, Sam seems content with where he is and what he's doing.

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Grey's Anatomy Recap: "Bad Blood"

Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy proved that Seattle Grace is beyond saving.

Even though Derek and April spent most of the hour running around trying to get other departments to cut their budgets in order to save the ER, it was all for naught: read more

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