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Grey's Anatomy Recap: "She's Killing Me"

"She's Killing Me" was an apt title for this week's hour of Grey's Anatomy. Surprisingly, though, it was Bailey who was the titular "she."

After two of her patients returned to the hospital with post-op infections... read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "Taxi Driver"

Lots of action goes down in "Taxi Driver." There's a paranoid Kevin, who seems to be running on fumes as he tries to prevent Crowley from finding him and/or driving him crazy. Sam hitches a ride to hell in order to tackle the second trial where he's reunited with someone special. Dean is forced to do the unthinkable in order to rescue his little brother. And Naomi simply tries to get back into the game. Will she succeed?

There are some heartbreaking moments and some really satisfying moments that I'd been waiting for all season long. We got another look at hell. And, yes, we learned Crowley sent Bobby's soul down under. Boo, Crowley. Boo.

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Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dancing with the Stars boots its second couple — or should we say first after Dorothy's withdrawal last week? Did Wynonna and D.L. overcome their low scores? And who got two extra points?
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Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, April 1, 2013

Break out your corsages and boutonnieres! It's Prom Night on Dancing with the Stars.

Tom and Brooke are in their prom outfits from yesteryear, and they're glorious. You really can't get much better than a pastel puffy shirt plus hot pink scrunched dress. Also glorious? Brooke's gigantic, '80s teased hair. I can only wish my prom look aged like that.

You can vote for tonight's prom king and queen via Twitter and the winners will get two arbitrary points added to their scores. Gimmicks and it's only Week 3! read more

Grey's Anatomy Recap: "Can't Fight This Feeling"

This week's Grey's Anatomy featured a harrowing tale of a mother (Sarah Chalke) trying to get her son treatment, even though every time he was diagnosed, it ended up being wrong. The tale was meant to help viewers in case their children were afflicted with the same baffling ailment, Kawasaki Disease — which will hopefully pay off in the long run.

However, it was through this story... read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "Freaks and Geeks"

Remember Krissy from last season's "Adventures in Babysitting?" Well, she's back. She's lost her dad and she's in full hunter mode. It's up to Sam and Dean to find a way to keep her safe. But, you know Krissy. She's tough. She's smart. And she thinks she's found a way to deal with her grief. Revenge.

While admittedly Season 7 wasn't what I'd call my favorite season of Supernatural, one of the highlights had to be the introduction of Krissy. Back then, the teenager turned to the Winchesters for help in rescuing her hunter father. At such a young age, she showed she was fierce, fiery and could handle herself with a knife.

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Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Tuesday, March 26, 2013

After two weeks of performances, Dancing with the Stars finally cuts its first couple. Did D.L. and Cheryl bite it? Or did someone else get the boot?
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Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, March 25, 2013

Dancing with the Stars' 12 couples are back with their Week 2 routines. Did Zendaya maintain her spot on top of the leader board? Did D.L. make a comeback? Find out below!
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Grey's Anatomy Recap: "Idle Hands"

It's the moment Callie and Arizona — and Calzona fans — have been waiting for: After months of dealing with the aftermath of the plane crash and Arizona's insecurities when it came to her prosthetic leg, the couple finally had sex! In true Calzona fashion, their trip to sexytown in Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy lent for some comedy and... read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "Goodbye Stranger"

The hunt for the Angel Tablet suddenly takes front and center as Cas returns. Unfortunately, he continues to be seriously compromised by the likes of Naomi. Meg is back as well. Unfortunately, she's spent the last year being tortured by the likes of Crowley and his minions.

As for the brothers Winchester, Sam is still trying to keep the unhealthy side effects of being the go to guy for the trials from Dean. That doesn't go too well for him. Meanwhile, Dean is just sick of all the lies. Oh and I'm sure he's also sick of the guys in his life kicking the you-know-what out of him "Swan Song"-style. On the plus side, he did find the precursor to Busty Asian Beauties (Voluptuous Asian Lovelies) lying around the bunker. That's something positive, right?

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