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April 9, 2006: Something to Talk About

Just as my pal Michael Ausiello stated in last week's Ask Ausiello, we won't get a new episode until April 30 (!). That's three whole weeks to wait for Meredith to start romancing a scruffy Chris O'Donnell. Oh, well. Although I've thoroughly enjoyed each and every episode, tonight's repeat wouldn't exactly rank as one of my favorites, only because of the "pregnant man" story line. Please. I remember being annoyed by the silliness of it and then being quite satisfied when it was revealed that he wasn't actually pregnant. What I did love was the performance of veteran actor Reni Santoni as the husband of the woman who survived her fifth open-heart surgery, even after her heart caught on fire. The way he covered his face when you thought he was crying but was actually hysterically laughing was brilliant. “She’s like some mythical monster — she’s never gonna die!” and then, “You tell her she’ll survive without me,” as he walked out. Awesome scene.... read more

April 2, 2006 - The Name of the Game

I am officially old. Mare Winningham is playing a soon-to-be grandmother! OK – got that out of the way. What an awesome episode. So Meredith found out she has two stepsisters and a stepmother and Winningham did a fantastic job as the step-mom. I've already praised Jeff Perry as Meredith's dad Thatcher and what an incredible scene that was with George describing Meredith to Thatcher while Meredith listened in. I loved that gentle "Thank you, George" from Meredith. Present and (in my case) past Chicago theatre patrons got a big kick out of the fact that we got to see two members of the famous Steppenwolf Theatre Company – first Perry and then the phenomenal Laurie Metcalf. That scene with Metcalf as the dying mother giving her daughter all of that motherly advice had me crying like a baby and picturing Metcalf's name in the Outstanding Guest Actress category at this year's Emmys. If it weren't for Alex, the daughter would probably miss out on getting that advice in time. Nic... read more

March 26, 2006: Into You Like a Train (repeat)

Memo to the "blue-ribbon panel" that ends up choosing the Emmy nominations for guest actress in a drama series — you need to nominate Monica Keena, plain and simple. Tonight's edge-of-your-seat repeat reminded me how phenomenal the former Dawson's Creek actress was as the woman with the metal pole stuck through her body and also protruding through the body of a man she didn't even know after the train they were riding crashed. Definitely one of my favorite episodes. Bruce A. Young played the man and he was also fantastic. This was the one where we learned what a banana bag IV is (the device used to sober Meredith up). I remember noticing how Meredith related to Monica's character, Bonnie, at the end, since Derek chose the salmon-scrubbed Addison ("She's my wife") over Meredith. "What about her? You can't just abandon her!" Funny to go back and see George still pining away for Meredith and her not noticing it, especially after he said to her (referring to McDreamy): "For what it... read more

March 19, 2006: Superstition

First, I've got to say I was really glad Denny survived his surgery, especially since most of the patients were dying one after another. Izzie would not have been a well person. Great scene when she said to Denny, after wiping her tears, "I can't fall for a patient," and he followed with "OK — good luck with that." Should be quite interesting now that Izzie broke up with Alex for telling Denny he was probably going to die. I did like it when Alex read George the riot act about how he was being a baby about Meredith. Someone had to tell him. But it just encouraged George to finally ask out Callie. Interesting to see some of the superstitions amongst the doctors, from Burke's lucky surgical cap to Addison awarding people with cups of hot chocolate — "Don't question the cocoa!" I loved Mary Kay Place as Webber's former AA sponsor. We just keep learning more and more about the characters each week — good to hear Webber's been sober for 17 years. I've been a Mary Kay fan s... read more

March 12, 2006: Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole

The real test to determine whether an actor is doing an effective job is not just how well he or she acts in a scene but how he or she re-acts. We had some really great reacting tonight. An obvious example is Sandra Oh's facial expressions as Cristina was forced to be Bailey's baby-sitter. How hilarious was she while changing the baby's diaper? Then when she told the baby to "Shut it!", I had to TiVo back and watch it again. But back to the reacting. Patrick Dempsey's face said it all while Meredith was explaining to Derek the horrible thing she did to George. Meredith asked Derek to act like a friend, not as her ex, and you could tell he was struggling just by the expression on his face. I love that he told Meredith to apologize to George in the elevator. Then T.R. Knight gave my favorite reacting performance of the night as Meredith apologized to George — you could tell just how mortified and hurt he was. And what a perfect way to end the episode, with Derek apologizing to Ad... read more

February 26, 2006: What Have I Done To Deserve This?

First of all, the title of this episode is my favorite Pet Shop Boys song (but what made the song extra special was Dusty Springfield, of course). OK, now. Poor George. As many expected, sleeping with Meredith ended up not being the experience George was hoping for. I was really glad they waited until the end to show that scene of the two of them in bed together, treating it like a flashback in George's mind rather than opening the episode with it. Hopefully he'll get over the devastation, and moving out will certainly help matters. I'm loving Sara Ramirez as Dr. Callie Torres — she'll for sure help George get his mind off Meredith. I was very excited to read that Sara was joining the show as a recurring character — she won a Tony award for her performance in Monty Python's Spamalot. Speaking of George, he narrated both the opening and closing of the show instead of Meredith. Perhaps they'll switch the narrator each week? You know I love me some George, but the show isn't ... read more

February 19, 2006: Yesterday

Oh no — it did not end that way! Are you not dying that Meredith and George got together?!? Absolutely the last thing I expected to happen. I thought for sure she was just going to hug him, say, "Thanks, George," and walk away, but then she took his shirt off! I'm sure the people in the next apartment heard me scream "Shut up!!" Then, after thinking about all that Meredith had just gone through, I got over my shock. But you know she's using him out of frustration, and our poor George is just going to get hurt. But hey, at least he'll get a chance to experience his obsession, especially since his "beast never sleeps." Oh, George. But let's talk about the rest of this awesome episode. So glad we finally got to meet Mark. Excellent casting, by the way — I'm already loving Eric Dane. He's got a definite Scott Speedman look to him. How great for McSteamy to say to Addison exactly what we've been thinking: "He's not in love with you; he's in love with that intern." And speaking ... read more

January 10, 2006: Scarecrow

Six weeks Six weeks Thats how long WB made us wait to find out if that really was Big Daddy Winchester on the phone Not to mention whether or not his truly spectacularly hot sons were going to have to throw down over what happened at the asylum Cruel Yes But I can forgive easily when the show brings it with some juicy brotherly dysfunction The plethora of issues plaguing Sam and Dean are a big part of the reason why this is my favorite new show of the season Sure the town sacrificing couples to a scarecrow is creepy Using the Cigarette-Smoking Man from The X-Files as a professor who helps nab Dean was a great casting move But the whole bro breakup and then makeup is what really entertained me Talk about uncomfortable Dean all blindly following their dads orders the dad who ditched him by the way And Sam all focusing in on tracking down his paranormal-chasing-pops so he can find the thing that killed his mom and his girlfriend But you know Sam and Dean arent th read more

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