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September 11, 2006: "Before the Flood"

So... the daughter, not missing Sara, is pregnant. A lot of you called that one from Day 1, so good job. But who could have known that Marcy once canoodled with married Supreme Court nominee Judge Rainer? Trés tawdry twist. But Heath Ledger Lite, aka Ben, saved her from that mess. Only to ultimately drag her into a bigger one. It's funny if not telling that the characters on Vanished raise so many questions and ask them aloud. It's almost as if they are reading the viewers' minds. "Why put a new coffin in an old cemetery?" Indeed. I love serialized thrillers as much as the next guy, but let's start answering some of these questions and soon, OK? As I said last week, if you want us to care about Sara (who, we learned this week, was actually a not-so-evil stepmom, make us care about those who purportedly miss her. Or at least the FBI agents involved. I "get" that Sara's abductor has something to do with Kelton, but to what end? And stemming from what? Take this whole "Nathan" thi... read more

September 5, 2006: Cindy Plumb (Season 4 Premiere)

Can you believe its been eight and a half months since we last saw a new episode of this show Thats more than twice the amount of time we have to wait to see the average show when it goes on hiatus But as we all know NipTuck is no average show Was it worth the wait Absolutely and I of course will tell you just why First of all you knew it had to be good since Ryan Murphy came back to write and direct it Oh wait a minute I take that back Ryan wrote and directed last seasons lackluster finale the one where we found out what a shocker not that Quentin was the Carver Ugh But since the C word was never mentioned in tonights entire hour and 10 minutes the actual episode was under an hour but with all those movie promos and ads Im glad I added in time at the end via my TiVo Im going to cut or rather nip Ryan some slack here And speaking of Ryan how many of you are looking forward to seeing his new fli read more

December 20, 2005: Cherry Peck (Season 3 Finale)

How do I start Hmm How about this The show ended and my cell phone rang It was TVGuidecoms own Daniel Coleridge I answered because I was dying to hear what he thought of tonights two-hour season finale Daniels a good friend and besides hes the one who covered NipTuck for Watercooler before I took over this season Im disappointed declared Daniel Me too said I So at least I wasnt alone Why oh why did they make Quentin the Carver How terribly predictable FX even tried throwing us off by releasing that photo of a bloody and carved Quentin Then they showed Liz being interrogated in last weeks coming attractions another way to throw us off When that Carver mask came off and it was Quentins face I screamed No I so wanted it to be someone we didnt suspect Daniel had predicted weeks ago that it was going to be a woman who raped the victims with a strap-on Well he was half right The fact that Quentin has no penis was quite shocking did I e read more

December 13, 2005: Joy Kringle

Definitely my least favorite episode ever I was going to write worst episode ever until the ending redeemed things a bit for me I liked that Julia decided not to abort Seans baby and I liked that the rain washed away the paint Ariel Brittany Snow and Matt covered the nativity scene with Hey I am aware that there are hateful people in this world but I guess I dont like to be reminded of it I mean a girl tries bleaching her skin because she finds out that shes 116 African-American A woman who appears as Mrs Claus at the local mall goes in for lipo and finds out she has a dead fetus inside of her left over from 17 years earlier And then her Santa-impersonating husband leaves her What a pleasant holiday-themed episode At least we found out that Julia never had sex with Quentin and that Matt finally felt guilty about dating a racist Bring on next week when we finally find out who the Carver is FX certainly wants us to search for clues by airing a promo for it read more

December 6, 2005: Sal Perri

I knew from last weeks previews that this plane-crash episode would be a change of pace and it was It even came equipped with a former X-Files cast member Mitch Pileggi as Dr Marcus For a while there I was thinking they gave Julian McMahon a week off and then 22 minutes in theres Christian to the rescue That was Napoleon Dynamites Sandy Martin so brilliantly playing Helen the woman Julia was desperately trying to save I like what the entire experience did for Julia it made her realize how good a surgeon she could be It also made her get out her frustrations towards her mother Erica When she thought the woman with the severely burned body was her mama she was able to tell her all she wanted to tell her even though a lot of it wasnt pretty Then we got the now-classic NipTuck shocking ending that makes us wait with anticipation until next week to find out more How many of you thought that when Julia went to the refrigerator at the end the Carver was going read more

November 29, 2005: Abby Mays

How disturbing was tonights episode Not disturbing when it comes to the acting and the writing that was first-rate as usual Im talking about the subject matter Christian the sadist and new patient Flabby Abby an intensely effective Rebecca Metz the masochist Never thought Id see a show where a lead character pathetically asks a not-so-pretty gal to put a bag over her face so he could have sex with her But I cant condemn this since I know this stuff actually happens How about Abbys line Just because I am ugly doesnt mean that Im attracted to ugly We all know thats true no matter how attractive we are Brilliant usage of Queens Fat Bottomed Girls during the surgery by the way Then there was the disturbing Quentin story line having sex with the army guy played by Bryce Johnson from Popular then getting intimate with Julia denying having sex with the army guy even though Sean witnessed it outing the army guy leaving McNamaraTroy an read more

November 22, 2005: Madison Berg

First things first Last week I referred to Nikkis murder as Seans daydream because when Sean went into the bedroom after he heard voices nothing was there except the note Nikki left behind Lots of people I spoke to like my roommate whose opinion I respect since hes a TV addict like me agreed that it was indeed a daydream But then I got several feedback emails from people saying it wasnt a dream Nikki really was shot by that creepy guy So I consulted my FX contact who confirmed it wasnt a daydream He agreed with me that it was confusing and vague but that was the intention This is a rarity with this show since it usually ends each week with most non-Carver mysteries solved So building on this vague theme I wasnt surprised that they never mentioned Nikki tonight Even more vague was tonights ending with Kimber seemingly bailing on Christian at the altar but then they showed the previews for next week Shes been kidnapped I already felt so bad for he read more

July 18, 2006: Season 2 — Episode 6 (Season Finale)

How sad that this was the season finale! Not “sad” because the episode itself wasn’t good, but because it sucks to have only six episodes of Kathy. But I must say, I was at least pleased that tonight's show prominently featured my two favorite supporting duos — Kathy’s parents and Kathy’s dogs. Let’s break this down....Kathy’s ParentsJohn and Maggie Griffin are just like relatives of mine back in Chicago, and like them they are an absolute riot. I could watch them every week so I was glad they were on so often. Tonight I enjoyed how Kathy said that no matter how positive her news is, she always has to “talk them into everything,” such as taking them to a fancy beach resort. It was hilarious to watch Kathy give them a talking-to about the proper way to tip, since, in their minds, “everything costs the same as it did during the Depression.”Kathy’s DogsChance and Pom Pom each have personalities of their own, so how perfec... read more

July 11, 2006: Season 2 — Episode 5

First of all, how wonderful was it last week to hear the news that Season One of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List was nominated for outstanding reality program? Certainly one of the few positive things that came out of those nominations (don’t even get me started). And since Kathy is an Executive Producer on the show, she can now always be referred to as the “Emmy-nominated Kathy Griffin,” and I just love that. Now on to tonight’s show....Right away, it was strange to watch Kathy and Matt be all cheery on TV one night after the Larry King Live appearance finally aired. Poor Kathy. Even though these episodes were taped months ago, how ironic that she made a reference to trusting an accountant with her money. Anyway, I was looking forward to this episode since they’ve been referring to it for weeks — the Pom Pom dog from hell/Kathy in the rat suit episode! I’m an easy sell for dog-related tales, and this did not disappoint — the more reactio... read more

June 27, 2006: Season 2 — Episode 4

I was glad we got to see more footage of the Iraq trip, since last week's hour wasn't enough. Because the army wanted to cancel Kathy's Baghdad show due to the insurgent bombing, how great was it when they turned the lights on? I couldn't imagine Kathy doing her whole show in the dark. Right away, I was laughing at her comment about crabs in Iraq: "My vagina has seen enough combat!"Other highlights:— I thought it was good that Kathy gave the soldiers an opportunity to be a part of her show during the improv portion. You could tell how happy they were to get their minds off the war for a brief moment.— I found it interesting that the troops are forbidden to make any jokes or disparaging remarks about President Bush, but that Dick Cheney is open target (so to speak).— Kathy saying she has "never felt so attractive" by being around the men in uniform, calling them "my new demographic — guys who hardly see any women at all" and saying, "They treated me like an A-List... read more

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