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September 21, 2006: They're Back....

Ah, haven't you missed those great shots of the Vegas skyline? The smell of stale blood and gunpowder residue? Hodges' smoothly relating everything he does to women, even if only talking about his mother? It must be CSI in the air. I hope that many of you are going to join me in conversation this season and that McDreamy hasn't taken you away. Last season, a lot of people complained that the last few episodes contained more character development than crimes. I hear this season we'll have a good mix of the two, which should excite almost everyone. So in Part 1 of this two-part season-opener, we have a whole mess of crimes, but I was a little torn about the quality. Maybe it's because I've been dumbing it down, watching Rock Star all summer or 'Til Death and Happy Hour before this, but I was a bit confused as to what was going on in the first half hour or so. We had the death-defying Cirque du Soleil act with a woman crushed at the bottom, and we had a man in a tuxedo, dead at a party... read more

September 21, 2006: Awkward Hole in My Pajamas

There was a comment left on last week's blog that it should be a requirement to be married to review this show. Well hey, I'm engaged so that will have to count for now. I can certainly relate to a diamond ring in the middle of a cantaloupe, though. I mean, I shoved it deep inside a watermelon when I proposed and that worked out well. OK, I'm just kidding about that ? it was actually a pineapple. Seriously though, most of you seem to think this show is crap. For some reason I think it's getting funnier. Maybe I'm demented (and maybe so are the four of you who said you liked it last week, too), but I think the five of us are right. This is really a quality comedy if you like lowbrow put-downs for 30 minutes. How about Eddie throwing the engagement ring at Joy? When she complains about the ring hitting her in the boob he compares it to "pitching softball to a slow kid." Ha. The way he proposed the first time around was better, though ? straight out of Top Gun when he asked her to "rid... read more

September 20, 2006: Shanna's Swan Song

?We are not going home tonight,? Shanna Moakler proclaimed during one of her rehearsal-scene interviews. Sorry, Shanna, but yes you are. She may once have been Miss USA, but clearly she wasn?t Miss Popularity, and that was ultimately the reason for her early exit. And based on her appearance in the red-light spotlight for two weeks now, Willa Ford looks primed to be following Shanna next week, for the same reason.So we won?t be seeing any more of Shanna, and hopefully no more of Julio Iglesias, either. Really, the less said about his performance the better. At least there was dance going on during it, which proved to be a pleasant distraction. And even more enjoyable was the group jive. I know they were dancing to Billy Idol, but their all-black outfits and the way they paired off made me think of the final scene from Grease ? I almost expected Sandy and Danny to come out and join them.I did not expect to see Tucker Carlson again, and yet, there he was. Thankfully not dancing, but i... read more

September 20, 2006: We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Or are we? Jericho's small-town ways were completely turned upside down when they saw nothing like they ever had before.... And frankly, I probably wouldn't have stood so calmly on that rooftop if I were witnessing possible mass destruction, but the fear on that child's face was enough to convince me that the cast of this drama is just as intense as the story line. Nuclear explosions lit up the distant sky like a scene from Independence Day (well, not quite, but similar). A busload of children was stranded on a lone highway after hitting a deer. Parents panicked and the writers added the power outage in there for extra drama. And while Jake Green (Skeet Ulrich) thought he could make a quick return to his hometown to collect on some inheritance after being away for five years, he's stuck in town now that he rescued the busload of kids and used his mysterious life-saving knowledge to become the quiet hero. But just as any good pilot will, this one left me sitting here with many questi... read more

September 20, 2006: To Live and Die in Princeton (Again)

Since my earlier post suffered at the hands of the Technical Difficulty gods I'm re-submitting. Here's hoping the second time's a charm?I'm no fan of the rat but the opening scene on tonight's show was just gross. I'm not usually squeamish but I had just finished dinner. Was it really necessary to see Ezra Powell (Joel Grey) cut into a live animal and then later learn that the remaining rodents had gnawed on him? Despite that, I liked this episode directed by Laura Innes of ER (and might I add that I am anxiously awaiting that hospital show's premiere on Thursday).This week, famed Dr. Powell, the man who wrote the medical textbook, is the team's patient and he is suffering what he knows will be an incurable affliction. His wish? To die. So, why come to Dr. House, a physician known for going to incredible lengths the cure his patients? Because as House knows, people may accept death but no one really wants to experience it. With this in mind and up against a self-imposed diagnosis... read more

September 20, 2006: To Live and Die in Princeton

I'm no fan of the rat, but the opening scene on tonight's show was just gross. I'm not usually squeamish but I had just finished dinner. Was it really necessary to see Ezra Powell (Joel Grey) cut into a live animal and then later learn that the remaining rodents had gnawed on him? Despite that, I liked this episode directed by Laura Innes of ER (and might I add that I am anxiously awaiting that hospital show's premiere on Thursday).[Editor's Note: Due to a technical difficulty the rest of this column is currently unavailable. Please check back later. Thank you for your patience.] read more

September 19, 2006: Monica Wilder

First things first AC Slaters got a nice ass Did I ever think Id type that anywhere I suppose thats what you get when you spend most of your time Dancing with the Stars and being Bold Beautiful I think youll all agree that Mario Lopez has aged quite well Whether I buy him as a plastic surgeon is a different story I did like that Marios character Dr Mike told Christian how hes able to look so good besides working out every day I dont eat And more dialogue I found extremely true Im 33 Basic metabolic rates slow down every decade after 30 Tell me about it I am always a Debbie Downer when my friends turn that age and I say to them Happy 30th get ready for back fat Cue Debbie Downer noise Thanks Debbie The first shot of Mario exercising at the gym was reminiscent of his Greg Louganis TV-movie You knew that as soon as Sean told Christian he didnt want to perform the liposuction Christian wanted hed seek help elsewhere Then lo and beho read more

Anticipating Jericho's Start

Among all the news shows on the radar out there, I'm ready to dive into Jericho's (premiering Sept. 20, 8 pm/ET, CBS) mysterious storyline — a small Kansas town overcome with fear and uncertainty after witnessing a frightening explosion in the distance and finding out soon after that their communication to the outside world is cut off. Plus, I'm curious to see if Scream's handsome-yet-rough-around-the-edges Skeet Ulrich can carry us through an entire season. I'm hoping this new drama surprises me — aside from the culture shock of non-city living — and won't make me reach for the remote, click my red heels and wish for something better. read more

September 18, 2006: "The Feed"

Best episode of the season to date? I'd be willing to cast my vote for that. And mainly because Fox's Vanished is now starting to get me into that 24 state of mind, what with the lawyers who really aren't lawyers, and doors in the floor, and key players shot dead just when we need them most. Heck, we even have Penelope Ann Miller as a photocopy-negative version of Sherry Palmer, weaseling her way back into her ex's life and then immediately starting to pull political strings. (Alas, Ms. Miller, who I am sure is a lovely person, is still ringing hollow in the hellion role. But time will tell.)Another Achilles' heel of the series to date is, I have to say, the son. Marcy's a tart with pathetic judgment, we know that. But Max, up until last night's episode, was but a cipher of an offspring. Now he's a mopey cipher -- albeit one, we are warned, who could "slip" at any moment. Uh-huh. And the whole Masonic-alphabet thing is a bit goofy, if you ask me... so desperately trying to evoke The... read more

September 18, 2006: Here We Grow Again

"How do I write about this?!" I asked my wife and fellow Weeds enthusiast as we watched Andy's first, um, "lovemaking" session with Yael. For now, all I will say is "Poor, poor Andy." What a shame that we have to wait a week to be privy to his own "morning-after" thoughts.If I have any lament about this otherwise stellar Season 2 of Showtime's Weeds, it's that everyone's stories are rather segregated and compartmentalized these days. Celia is almost completely on her own, save for Dave and Doug's connection to Nancy's biz. As "interesting" as her courtship with Mr. Nation of Islam is ? I ask again, is he a fake? ? Heylia has precious little interaction with Nancy or even Conrad for that matter. And Andy... poor, poor Andy.Speaking of he who won't be sitting down for a while, is Andy far and away the most entertaining character this season? The lengths to which he went to save Conrad's plant... I'm amazed he didn't make a quip about how he found a pot to p--- in. Then again, Doug has... read more

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