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September 25, 2006: Keep Off the Grass

So, at long last, Celia's city-council election story line dovetails in the general direction of Nancy's blossoming bud biz. Yes, I'm peeved that it came at the expense of Doug's title as "Councilman Doug," but there was small solace in the fact that it came down to a matter of three votes -- and Doug wasn't even on the ballot! Speaks volumes. Celia's first order of business: To not only get hubby Dean off the weed, but all of Agrestic, too. People in grass houses....I like how Nancy is having to deal, almost every week now, with accountability for what she does. Look at poor Silas, who wants to parlay his poor SAT scores into a lieutenantship in Mom's business. Uh, I don't think so, said Nance, who quickly sought comfort from Peter (no go, as his boy hates Dad's new girlfriend), then Conrad. As Nancy asked Conrad how she could spend the next two hours burning off her buzz, did anyone else think/fear they would hook up? That day may be coming, I suspect, and oh, how it will create c... read more

September 25, 2006: "The Black Box"

I have to think that the folks who toil away at the real FBI and such crime-solving organizations laugh, and hard, at the lightning-fast technological wizardry performed on such shows as Vanished and, say, 24. I mean, can a weather map from a precise day and time be called up and overlaid, rather instantaneously, onto a plotting of cell-phone towers? It's like, "Oh, and now drop in the pitch locations from Gary Sheffield's at-bat against Tim Wakefield... and then overlay the approach plan for the invasion of Normandy. Perfect!"But I digress.Some new things we learned on this week's episode of Fox's Vanished:- The live video feed of Sara's imprisonment was being ping-ponged all over god's creation by a series of cell-phone towers, meaning that the signal would never reach the blocks surrounding my house in New Jersey, or inside the local CVS.- The Nicky Johnson connection is so super important and hush-hush that even if you play a role in covering it up, you will be hush-hushed —... read more

September 24, 2006: Listen to the Rain on the Roof

Looks like Marc Cherry is keeping his promise: He's been in the media everywhere proclaiming that the show's quality will be back in tip-top shape, like it was in the first season. He deserves a pat on the back for cowriting a (for the most part) first-rate script with Jeff Greenstein (Emmy-winning writer/executive producer of Will & Grace - Jeff wrote the pivotal '80s flashback episode where Will first came out to Grace). I thought it was a smart thing to fast-forward to six months from the last time we saw them. This way they didn't have to deal with following up on the aftermath of the Applewhites' departure; also, Xiao-Mei's more pregnant and they could have Bree realistically able to say yes to Orson's proposal.Poor unlucky-in-love Bree. She went from one disastrous relationship to the next and then to the next. But tonight's biggest highlight for me was Bree experiencing her very first orgasm without even realizing it. I had been wondering what she was exactly referring to... read more

September 24, 2006: "Can Horses Smell Fear?"

All right, who's with me on the David-and-Mary bandwagon? Last week I was pretty well convinced I needed subtitles to understand a word these two were saying, but by now not only can I speak fluent Kentuckese, I can also finally have a team to root for. They're not at all shy about their lack of world experience, which at times can be downright endearing: "I've never known an Asian person in my life. The Cho brothers? I love 'em to death. Honest to goodness, we've never been around gay people. But hey, I like 'em!" Couple that with their unflappable patience (see: old Russian military jeep stuck fender-deep in the Mongolian mud) and effortless generosity (see: offering their leftover water to the single moms during the detour), and I really hope these two will be around for a while. I'm also impressed by the beauty queens so far ? the whole missing-helmet incident cost them a huge lead en route to the roadblock, but they more or less stayed positive the whole time. And let's not for... read more

September 24, 2006: Patriarchy

Even with William's death and Kitty's tentative reconciliation with her mother in tonight's premiere of Brothers & Sisters, the first thing my mind went to when the show was over was Kitty and her mom's cringe-worthy fake hug for William's benefit. It just seemed so sad to actually clarify that the hug was for show and didn't mean anything - and that was far from the only illusion in the Walker household. Mom and Dad might not actually have been the perfect couple their kids always thought they were, and patriarch William in particular seemed to have a lot to hide. Did he cheat on his wife? Or did that woman he seemed to be secretively talking to have something to do with the family business' obvious problems? Speaking of the family business, Sarah sure doesn't seem happy about her decision to become a part of it. Although her marital problems didn't seem like much of a secret, I'm guessing that her feelings for her former coworker are probably complicating things in a way that ... read more

September 22, 2006: How Much Do You Think You're Worth?

Another fine episode. I love how everything always comes around full circle and connects to underscore the excellent lesson of the night. The Bachelor Auction was the perfect backdrop for exploring the question of self-worth, which is something that I think lots of people struggle with. Anne Heche is doing a splendid job taking us along on her journey to understanding (and appreciating) exactly how valuable she is alone. The only question that nags at the back of my mind while I watch is how problematic Jack is to Marin being alone. I really like James Tupper's character -- he plays the ruggedly handsome, slightly arrogant man well. I am torn between really rooting for Marin and Jack and wanting to join in Marin's celebration of her freedom. A truly newfound freedom — heck, she's been in a relationship since she was 14. I think we are going to have to watch her "invest in herself" for a while before she can invest in Jack, or anyone else for that matter.I am really interested... read more

September 21, 2006: "Aitu Takes a Holiday"

Hands down, this was the funniest tribal council ever on Survivor. It was like watching group therapy. Between Billy and "Mr. Bully's" fight, and Billy's declaration of love for Candace, I'm not sure what I laughed at more. It was tears-in-my-eyes laughter. I'll make a declaration of my own: I love Jeff Probst. He is the best reality-show host out there, with Phil Keoghan of The Amazing Race a close second. While everyone else was laughing and/or rolling their eyes at Billy, Jeff managed to respectfully question Billy's love connection ? and he did so with a straight face. Almost.I found it odd that Billy uttered the words "I love you" after the challenge, but I didn't think anything of it. Especially since I was looking for furtive glances and accidental touches between two other castaways. After a week of keenly watching CBS ads that heavily promoted a romance like no other in Survivor history, I was sure we were going to find out that Brad and Nate were a couple. I was so wrong. ... read more

September 21, 2006: Time Has Come Today

I f---ing love this show. There -- I said it. And to use the title of the episode, "Time Has Come Today" for all us Grey's fans to rejoice -- we finally saw our season premiere! I want to say right away that I really enjoyed all the flashbacks -- and not flashbacks to scenes we've already witnessed ("previously on Grey's Anatomy"). It had a sort of Lost feel to it with the backstories -- not completely Lost-like since most of the scenes were things they've alluded to before, but it was great to finally see them:- The very first time Izzie and Alex said "Seriously" to each other.- George introducing himself to Meredith in an oh-so "I'm Dorothy -- the small and meek" way.- Meredith flashing way back to her childhood and recalling her mother arguing with Dr. Webber at an amusement park.- Cristina meeting Burke for the first time.- Derek throwing Addison out of their home ("We're not 'Derek & Addison' anymore!").- Derek's first meet-n-greet with Meredith at the bar.Those last two we... read more

September 21, 2006: Gay Witch Hunt

Welcome back, old friend. There's so much to say I don't even know where to begin, so I'll start with a side note: I received a lot of giddy e-mails today from fellow Office fans, all giddily waiting for tonight's premiere. My buddy Drew went so far as to say, "Last season ended so spectacularly, I'm not sure they can top it." And I've never been happier for him to be wrong.First things first: Pam called off the wedding! Jim moved to Stamford! We're left to reel from these colossal life changes while the rest of Dunder-Mifflin, Scranton branch gets an impromptu lesson in gay pride. (Not to be confused with Gay Shame Festival.) Not only does Michael out Oscar in front of the entire office, he manages to do it combining the sheer ignorance of Archie Bunker and the well-meaning (albeit hazardous) exuberance of Dennis the Menace. And just as last season ended with a purely squee-worthy kiss, the new one begins with a lip-lock that literally made me curl my toes in discomfort. Awesomely ... read more

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