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September 28, 2006: Kneel Before Zod

So, how Superman II was it when L-Zod uttered: "Kneel Before Zod"? Then Clark does kneel and takes his hand with Zod thinking he holds all the power in the world. But, of course, that's not how things turned out. Clark got the best of him just like in the movie. Was it me or did the Zod that got flushed out of existence look a tad like Terence Stamp circa 1980? Maybe it's just me.Martha and Lois ended up in the Fortress of Solitude. (Has everyone on the show been there?) I did appreciate Jor-El thanking Martha for raising Clark. When the action wasn't at the Fortress, it was in the Phantom Zone, where a powerless Clark wasn't a match for anyone or thing on that prison planet, including that Kryptonian dude from the Season 5 premiere — he and his posse got a few good licks in before Jor-El's assistant Raya gave up her life to get Clark out of the Zone. When the action wasn't in the Fortress or the Zone, it was with Lana and L-Zod. In a continuation from last season, Lana continu... read more

September 28, 2006: The Convention

Best friends, together again. I think it's fair to say that Michael isn't necessarily the worst Pam substitute Jim could ask for... but he's close. The great Scranton/Stamford divide got a little smaller this week, as reps from Dunder-Mifflin's many branches come together in the spirit of salesmanship and a totally killer party in Room 308. "The Convention" gives us the chance for a mini-reunion (prompting Michael's use of the word "progidal"), a celeb sighting (outstanding line delivery, Bus!) and of course, a little nudity (Angela, I think maybe you took the slow train from Philly). Meanwhile, Pam's off on her first date since calling off her wedding, and everyone's brimming with advice: Michael suggests she unbutton her top button and "let those things breathe"; Phyllis and Stanley tag-team her on ordering the most expensive thing on the menu so long as she's willing to put out, and Kelly leads by example with the always sensual stuff-him-full-of-French-fries-until-he-gags routin... read more

September 28, 2006: Graduation Day

As if Abby and Luka didnt have enough to contend with tonight manic-depressive Maggie breezed in to meet her ailing grandson and offer her support in a flurry of note taking and NICU staff badgering However she also brought an unexpected mix of motherly wisdom and perspective that Abby sorely needed Sally Field has done an excellent job with this role in each of her appearances taking a strident character and making her sympathetic and relatable never sugarcoating the challenges of living with mental illness Despite her doubts Maggie actually persuaded Abby to include the baby in a trial that was both risky and promising The scene where she insisted something was wrong with the baby reminded me of the scene from Terms of Endearment when Shirley MacLaine loses it on the nurses for not administering her daughters pain medication on time While I thought it was downright mean to lead all of us to believe the baby had died the last scene of Abby with her mom offe read more

September 28, 2006: Survivors, Ready?

Survivor aficionados know there's a certain lingo that goes along with the show. For some it's comforting, for others, mind-numbingly repetitive. Me? I like it. Jeff's catchphrases are a constant that I can rely on each week as the number of castaways dwindles. That said...First things first: We couldn't move on from last week's show without finishing up Billy's love story. Back at camp, Aitu continued to dismiss the love, and the next day, after the tribes merged, Cecilia went directly to Candice to get the scoop. Needless to say, this love was one-sided. Again, I cannot wait for the reunion show.With that cleared up, Jeff uttered those three little words that change the game every single time. Drop your buffs! That's right, segregation is over. Survivor put as much effort into contriving the makeup of these two new tribes as they did with the first four. Grab a tile from the bag, do a schoolyard pick, but only choose a person who has yet to be represented on your new team. Squeeze... read more

September 28, 2006: Malibu Barbie Did It?

So now we know why we sat through the boring part of last week — the suicide was only half the story. The conclusion of the season-opener was exciting, creepy and confusing — everything that makes a good episode of CSI. Last week ended with a blood-soaked Danny Bonaduce dead on a table with a model of the kitchen, down to the utensils and the blood splatter, right next to him. In the investigation we get a very talkative "Annie the nanny" walking about in the house in just her bra, and later we find out she was sleeping with the dead guy. We get a suspect list of pretty much everyone who knows how to build, fix or clean something and we learn that Home Depot can make a key just from an X-ray of it. Might I say that Danny Bonaduce should have more roles like this? He was brilliant, wasn't he? It might have been his best role ever. C'mon, it was at least better than Starface. Anyway, he swallows the key to his safe so that his gold-digger wife (she ain't messin' with no bro... read more

September 27, 2006: Clouds Rolling In

Jericho's layers are unfolding like the thick onion that it is... slowly and stubbornly with a little sting to the eyes. I like the personal relationships sparking within the larger picture: the harsh, defensive marriage between Robert Hawkins (more on him later) and his wife; Eric Green's (Kenneth Mitchell) affair with the curly-haired bartender; Dale's concern for Skylar — who called him a "loser" in last week's episode. The Heather-Jake-Emily triangle, which has yet to be formed but is slowly brewing, has the most promising possibility of mixing old and new love and all the drama that comes with it. When Jake tells Emily he wants to keep her safe and she responds with "It's never safe around you," doors into the past are swung wide open.Aside from the love stories within, I'm not sure how convincing the shelter process was. In those 90 minutes, the 1,000 Jericho residents were packed away in tight spaces, shut in with a mine explosion and able to gather enough food and drink... read more

September 21, 2006: Bloodline

Hey ER fans better late than never right Thanks for your patience while we got the blog up and running Thankfully the 13th season of our venerable Thursday-night must-see kicked off right where the finale left off with Jerry Luka Abby and Sam all in various states of peril When we last saw Sam she was being tossed into a van by Steve and his fellow prison escapee Rafe For you Six Feet Under fans Rafe was played by Michael Weston the guy who brutalized David in a similarly creepy role a few years back And Mary the ER trainee turned gun-toting accomplice was played by Natasha Gregson Wagner daughter of the late Natalie Wood Their escape resulted in Jerry being shot and Luka being paralyzed and intubated helpless to assist a bleeding unconscious Abby As a devoted fan the sloppiness of some of the writing and character development in recent seasons has been frustrating This show is at its absolute best and always has been when we are watching the day-to-day read more

September 26, 2006: Lines in the Sand

This week House tried to discover the source of a severely autistic boy's distress while protesting the replacement carpet in his office and dodging the advances of an underage crush. The autism story line had potential and presented an opportunity to shine some light on an often-misunderstood condition. Unfortunately, it stalled discussing the disappointment of having an "abnormal" child and let House disparage parents who change their lives to care for him. House was at the most childish I've seen him in a while. He spent the episode whining about his new carpet, preferring instead his old bloodstained one. In protest, he refused to work in his office, which led to mildly amusing brainstorming sessions in the clinic, Wilson's and Cuddy's offices, the chapel and a conference room, which gave us the much teased "You can't stop our love!" moment. It worked better in the promo than in the actual show.Overall, the team was unenthusiastic about the case, approaching it with a close-mind... read more

September 26, 2006: Danes' Pains and Automobiles

No matter how many inn reservations Luke Danes made, no matter how much cool stuff he packed for a romantic honeymoon, no matter how long he stood there with those puppy-dog eyes begging for forgiveness, nothing called off his quickie wedding plans faster than Lorelai?s one line: ?I slept with Christopher.? Even I was equally blindsided by her flat, emotionless admission. But that?s probably because I was watching the entire episode on the edge of my couch, judging every line, analyzing every shot, hoping our girls would be handled with care by new show-runner David Rosenthal. But when the screen went dark, and the credits flashed, my eyes immediately welled up. (Yeah, yeah, I?m a big softie. You guys knew that already.) But you know what? Those tears were really, really good news. The show is going to be OK. Actually, it?s going to be way, way better than OK. David got it down right out of the gate! The real Lorelai never minced words when she was hurting, so of course she was goin... read more

September 26, 2006: The ER Blog is Coming Soon

I am really looking forward to doing the TV Commentary for ER. A post for last week's season premiere is coming soon with this week's episode to follow on Friday morning. Thanks! read more

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