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October 5, 2006: Sometimes a Fantasy

As the title of the episode indicates, "Sometimes a Fantasy" is an effective way to open an episode of this show. So funny to see the three of them (supposedly) naked in bed together — smiling Meredith in the middle of Finn and Derek. This dating thing was a nice way for Ellen Pompeo to finally get a chance to show off that smile of hers, after several seasons of sorrow. I liked seeing Meredith as a giddy girl declaring that "Dating is fun!" and telling Derek and then Finn: "I had a dream about you last night." Sandra Oh did a hilarious job playing the Ethel Mertz role reacting in the background to Meredith's conversations with her men and her "She's dating everyone with a pulse" reference was great.Guest star Abigail Breslin (awesome in Little Miss Sunshine) was perfectly cast as the little girl who thought she was a superhero, but actually had a chromosomal condition where she couldn't feel pain. I loved that what Bailey said to Alex during the girl's surgery — "Pain's t... read more

October 5, 2006: Everybody Loves a Clown

Ive been trying to psych myself up for Everybody Loves a Clown since last week I Hate Clowns Maybe this clown phobia started when I saw Poltergeist back in the day and that toy clown attacked the kid Or it may have even been Tim Curry in the Stephen King miniseries It Well everything scared me in that one except for that silly cartoon ending So you have to know that this episode creeped me out big time The killer clown makes nicey-nice with the kids at the carnival then later shows up at their house where it offs their parents Thats scary It kept on waving to the kids and then holding their hands Even though there really was no gore the creep factor was on high To me its often scarier when you dont see the blood and the guts What I really loved was that Sammy had a bit of a clown phobia too and Dean took advantage of that So cute So funnyAre you surprised that I actually talked about the scares before all the angst of the episode Because usually i read more

October 5, 2006: Sneeze

The Zod-related events of Season 5's finale and last week's season premiere have now been dubbed "Dark Thursday." This is so spot-on, because we all know that every news outlet races against time to come up with catchy names to describe freak occurrences as well as big global or domestic tragedies and events. Now in the aftermath of all the destruction, an exhausted Clark is trying to single-handedly rebuild Smallville. Unfortunately, he has to do it while dealing with a very human cold. Except when he sneezes, he blows a barn door off its hinges. This cold serves two purposes: Clark (along with Chloe's much-needed help) realizes he can use his newly discovered super-breath to his advantage; and Lois Lane apparently forgets all about her political career to finally make the jump into journalism. Or whatever you want to call the article she writes that gets published in the "Inquisitor." I cannot believe she snagged herself a byline the first time out. I had to go to grad school and ... read more

October 5, 2006: The Coup

Et tu, Schruté? Let this be a lesson to us all — backstabbing and waffles simply do not mix. Dwight's attempt at a violent overthrow of the Scranton branch blows up in his face for a myriad of reasons: Jan's aversion to him in general ("You should talk to Michael and he'll talk to me and that way we don't have to speak to each other."); his fellow employees' lack of faith in him (as Pam put it, "I have this old vacuum cleaner that's broken. If Dwight doesn't work out, maybe that could be manager."); and, perhaps most obviously, his egregious error in daring to disparage Michael's car. Betrayal is one thing, but smack-talk a man's Sebring convertible and brother, it's go time. Fortunately, there's no dust-up so severe that it can't be resolved with equal parts groveling, hugging-it-out-b*tch and some good old-fashioned workplace shaming. If Dunder-Mifflin was a little more like Neptune High, I guarantee Dwight would have found himself duct-taped to the flagpole on front cam... read more

October 5, 2006: Somebody to Love

Before I start on the juicy stuff I need someone to explain to me why in the 13th season of a show someone thought it was a good idea to change the theme music I understand that the trend with a lot of shows is to forego the opening credits and I dont necessarily have a problem with that But why change such a recognizable and long-standing part of the show Those first few percussive strains have always been my signal to get back to the couch Ive mentioned before how small familiar touches have really helped maintain the continuity for me amid the numerous cast changes and the theme music has always been a part of that Bad call Anyway I was so glad to see the wonderful John Mahoney back at home on NBC acting his heart out and singing as Bennett Cray He was always my favorite part of Frasier but this character was a far cry from the conservative old-fashioned Martin Crane he skillfully embodied for so long The love story between Bennett and his partner read more

October 5, 2006: The Ghost of Billy

You know, there really may be something to this whole karma thing. It’s almost too delicious to see J.P. and Ozzy knocked down a peg. Ozzy, mastermind of the Billy ouster, has done his best to keep himself in the game ever since the merge. He has been running around in the challenges like nobody's business, diving, swimming, doing whatever it takes to keep his group from going to tribal council. Back at camp he's hauling in fish left and right and making sure everyone knows it. Don't worry, Poseidon, they noticed. J.P., on the other hand, cluelessly set himself up for the fall. It's never a smart move in Survivor to let the tribe see you proudly doing nothing (wasn't that Billy's crime?). But to proudly do nothing and command the others from your perch? Uh-uh. Emperor J.P. surely wore no clothes. I'm so proud of the ladies (and Brad) for their sneak attack. With J.P. voted out, the women of Raro have wrested the power from their big, strong men, but Parvati may soon have her m... read more

October 5, 2006: No Brainer

As many of you already know, I'm more of a fan of one or two cases that take the entire show to solve. I love all the intricate details of the case and the mystery surrounding the evidence and I usually hate the episodes where things come too easily for everyone involved. For once though, I think the quick and relatively easy worked for me. To start, I was pleasantly surprised the show wasn't all dead bodies talking to me. I was at least expecting them to narrate the crime scene but it's great they didn't. I liked the whole — hey neighbor, here's why you're talking to me — type of thing. The four stories were kind of interesting as well. With the first story about the cop being drowned in the bathtub the thing that stood out most to me was the fact Grissom had to tell Catherine to use the partials to get a full fingerprint. Really? After all these years on the job, someone had to tell her to combine fingerprints? I find it really hard to believe that she didn't think of th... read more

October 4, 2006: Nine Scores a Ten

Jeremy (the delightful Scott Wolf) asks his girlfriend, Lizzie (Jessica Collins): “It was just a moment.... Does it have to mean everything?” This seems to be one of the questions The Nine is setting out to answer. And the answer appears to be “yes.” In the grand scheme of life, the 52 hours the nine main characters spent together in the bank were essentially “just a moment.” But the repercussions for the hostages are endless. It is the events destined to follow that are going to make or break this show for me. Scott Wolf has been a favorite of mine since his Party of Five days (before the alcoholism took over his story line), but I wanted to ring his neck when he kissed Franny (Prison Break’s Camille Guaty). Especially considering how adorable and wholesome and pregnant his girlfriend is. Although I have to say, something about Jeremy and Lizzie’s relationship seems off. Obviously, they were pretty serious. Lizzie was excited to tell him abou... read more

October 4, 2006: Leader of the Pack

OK, forget the onion. This show has more layers than a bad day on Project Runway. I am completely wrapped up in Jake and all that comes with him — his past with Emily, his ability to work a black box, his leadership skills that pour out during panic situations while his personal issues sit on the back burner, waiting to be reheated.Eric's affair is bothersome but puts some much-needed faults into his expected perfection. But there seem to be a lot of things that aren't what they seem on the outside... Gray (Michael Gaston) and Shepp's secret about the "heart attack" in the mine (I'm still not convinced they just let him die); Skylar's real personality hidden under the safe, mean girl she pretends to be; Robert Hawkins, his U-Haul and the cement-filled wheelbarrow in his basement. I felt bad for his wife and kids, wanting to join the rest of the town at the cookout but confined to their house for reasons unknown to us. What was he moving in the U-Haul? How did he know the Asian ... read more

October 3, 2006: Dawn Budge

If you missed last weeks episode I can only imagine you were confused with this weeks ending now we know James Jacqueline Bisset and her mysterious company are the ones behind those organ thefts in the Miami area Her escort company isnt really an escort company after her employees get their victims in a drugged-up state James comes over and removes one of their organs Lovely I dont know why I hadnt figured it out since last week I thought for sure that Michelle had to have something to do with that lipstick lesbian picking up poor Liz at the bar and then taking her home drugging her and removing one of her kidneys The beautiful Ms Bisset sure knows how to deliver a raunchy line in a classy way I loved when she in reference to Michelle said to Christian Her [another name for a cat] must have really purred for you Dr Troy Michelle has been known to meow for her customers Another highlight was hearing her with that British accent refer to the read more

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