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October 10, 2006: This is All Yours for the Taking

Suspense. Last night’s episode was all about suspense. Not just in the most obvious ways — the build-up to the big game, and the will-they-or-won’t-they-win kind of thing, but in the way the whole show was formatted. Some of our questions were answered (Street’s definitely paralyzed and Riggins and Smash are really starting to lose their cool), but so much of the episode left us wondering. Did the Panthers win the game? Will Coach Taylor be fired? The final shot of the football hanging in the air was a fantastic symbol of all this suspense. I think it was a brilliantly executed episode on both the production and acting fronts.While light on actual football, we got to see a lot of character development last night. Tim Riggins is quickly identifying himself as the most complex person on the team and Taylor Kitsch did a wonderful job in the scene where Riggins watches the shot of Street getting hit over and over again. It was tough to watch him go to pieces, especia... read more

October 10, 2006: There's a Million Ways to Cotillion

Alright, is everyone calm? If not, take a deep breath. Another. One more. Are you all OK after that final scene? Good. So let’s be rational for a few minutes. We knew it was coming. We knew Chris would tell Lorelai he loved her, that she was the one, that their night together felt right, that he’d wait forever until she realized they were meant to be. (Yes, she was wearing a white gown and holding flowers. And he was dressed in what looked like a tie-less tux. But let’s not digress.) It happened. Said. Done. Wait, you’re probably saying. Why are we breezing right past this? Because it wasn’t the most important part of the ep. Not by a long shot. We’ll get back to that later.It happened at the kitchen table, as things usually do in the Gilmore home. The identity crisis. It was pretty close to the whole “who-am-I-where-am-I-going” Tony Soprano moment, but over boxes of Pop-Tarts, not a crazy uncle and a really gross gunshot wound. How long have ... read more

October 9, 2006: Where's Tyra When You Need Her?

I have to admit that this week’s episode left me cold — dead cold, as Horatio might say. What’s fun about CSI: Miami is that it’s so over-the-top about the Miami money and celebrity culture; unfortunately, male models are not a culture I care about all that much. The whole story line almost seemed more like an excuse to introduce the subplot about Natalia’s abusive ex-husband than a fully formed idea in and of itself. In fact, it felt a little like "America’s Next Top Nip/Tuck: Miami." In terms of the four episodes that have aired this season, I think this ranks just above the season opener. It’s nice to finally be rid of the Ray Caine action, but it seems that this void will instead be filled by Natalia’s troubles. (On another note, how is it that Natalia has worked in the lab, and yet seems to be completely in the dark regarding how to process crime scenes?) I won’t dismiss the ex-husband plotline just yet, because I’m interested ... read more

October 9, 2006: Oh God, Yes

I don’t think I’ve seen a sitcom story line set in a church before. I’m trying to think back and remember if I’ve ever watched a television show that was situated almost entirely in a church, and I can’t recall anything. Which is why I really enjoyed this episode. It felt new and different. Christine went back to church after staying away from it for years. She was only there in the first place because her parents dropped her off on their way to Indian bingo (what is Indian bingo, by the way?). She was 12 and wanted meaning. Instead, when she went to get her confirmation, they forgot to call her name and she took it as a sign from God. Destroyed, she refused to go back. But then her son showed interest in going to church, and she took him. Matthew said to just take him because maybe he would lose interest in it, like when Ritchie was obsessed with fajitas and they took him to get fajitas and the sizzling plate scared him and he ran off. I loved that she did ... read more

October 9, 2006: "Marriage Is Kind of Like a Dirty Coffee Mug...."

We didn't need a voice-over (all my respect to Meredith Grey) to spell out the symbolism cutting through this episode, and I'm feeling everyone's in for a rocky road (check out my interview with Rick Gomez for more). But it's all about second chances, right?Side note: I know it's supposed to be about Brian (Barry Watson), but can I just say that Dave (Rick Gomez) is the one who has me watching? The quiet guy. The guy who had the real thing and wants it back. The guy who calls his wife in the middle of a bachelor party. And I'm sure if she asked him to, he'd keep those fuzzy red handcuffs around his wrists for days, despite the embarrassment, if it meant helping his marriage. Handcuffs aside, everyone's hoping for another crack at happiness in this opener....Nic's (Rosanna Arquette) worry about pending motherhood is hovering over any baby joy she should be feeling. Deena (Amanda Detmer) tries to rediscover the romance she and Dave once had. Marjorie (Sarah Lancaster) visits a psychic... read more

October 9, 2006: Alcorn/Booker

I have to say that if Jennifer Alcorn came to my door trying to get me off the couch and away from the TV, I don’t know what I’d do. She was really intense. She had these big muscles and she wanted to “beat” the Bookers into good health. But she had a soft side. When Eric finally started working out, she started crying, saying that as a trainer she didn’t “show weakness” to her people. “But it hits me when I get someone that’s struggling and they work so damn hard.” Then the waterworks came and I almost wanted to reach out and hug her. Except if I did reach out and hug her, she could do an uppercut and knock me flat out with a tiny touch. I liked how the Alcorn kids liked to do chores. They were very good about it. The one daughter said she liked doing chores because it was like paying back her parents for giving her life. Who talks like that? The Alcorn kids were almost too good, but their nickname as a family was the “All-Amer... read more

October 8, 2006: A Weekend in the Country

My favorite part about watching this show is the way they end it each week. Sometimes they wrap it up sweetly in a way that makes you smile. While other times, like last week and tonight, we get a shocker that leaves us hanging until the next episode. Sure, we knew Mike would come out of his coma eventually, but I didn't think it would be tonight. How wonderful that they didn't do it the clichéd soap opera way where his eyes suddenly opened up while the camera was on him. Instead, we got a great Edie reaction shot of shock, followed by scenes with other characters (interspersed with the usual Brenda Strong closing narration) and then back to Edie's face looking over at Mike with his eyes wide open. Loved that! It was already hilarious for Edie to stop by the hospital to retrieve her CD player, grab a chocolate and take a peek under Mike's blanket to see if he still measured up: "Damn! That's with the coma!" While we're on the subject of my goddess Nicollette Sheridan, she had s... read more

October 8: 2006: Crocodile

Water cleanses the soul The opening and the ending shot are of Dexter lying in water Does it not cleanse Can it wipe away the blood Out out damned spotAnother beautiful Miami day mutilated corpses with a light chance of afternoon showersWhen we last left our intrepid hero he was tickled that the Ice Truck killer had left puzzle pieces for him in his freezer in the form of a sliced-up Barbie doll This week we watch as Dexter fiddles his way through an emotion frustration Dex has been outsmarted by this killer maybe hes a bit enamored as well Nice to see that the forensics expert has the ability to feel something no matter how many times he tells us he doesnt feel anything akin to emotions I wonder if there really is such a position as Blood Spatter Analyst How does one get that job Does every police department have one What is the training for such a career And at what point in a persons life do they say Scr read more

October 8, 2006 "I Know Phil, Little Ol' Gorgeous Thing!"

Is anybody else exhausted after watching this one? The bickering, the yelling, the crying, all that rowing... it was like Thanksgiving, only with less turkey and more primitive sea travel. If they didn't insist on using cutesy quotes from the teams as titles (more on that later), this week's episode might well have been called "Rob's Anger Management Issues and Other Maladies That Can't Be Cured by a Vietnamese Steam Bath." Seriously, could this guy have a shorter fuse? Between his multipart taxicab meltdown ("I'm done talking with foreigners" — yeah, there's a good attitude to have on a race around the world....) and his constant screaming throughout the entire pearl-harvesting detour (during which Kimberly did most of the work), I was having major Colin-and-Christie déjà vu. Despite all the unpleasantness, The Magnificent Bickersons came in first — winning a pair of Jet Skis (and not, sadly, a free week of couples' counseling). Luckily for Rob, he wasn't the on... read more

October 6, 2006: Looks Like Someone Got His Hand Caught in the Cookie Jar

Communication is the topic of this week’s episode, and of course everything turns into one big miscommunication. As much as it was unavoidable that Marin and Jack were going to end up together, it still seemed too early to have them jump into bed. OK, yes, neither of them actually wants to date and they are both obviously attracted to each other, which doesn’t leave a whole lot of options for them, but I am not surprised that sleeping together isn’t leading them to anything meaningful yet. I guess I am fine with them ultimately reaching a decision to be “just friends.” Although, clearly, they are not “just friends.” Immediately after determining their “friend” status, Jack teaches her how to fly-fish by putting his arms around her. It looks like next week they delve into the topic of whether it is possible to be “just friends” with someone you are attracted to. Should be interesting.... Annie and Patrick were the best part of... read more

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