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October 16, 2006: Separation Anxiety

What I liked about this episode is how it showed two couples faced with divorce and how different it ended up for each of them. Christine and Richard split up, but Barb and Pete ended up back together, although I wasn’t convinced about their reason for getting back together. I think it was mostly because they were used to each other and didn’t want to be alone. But maybe Barb was telling the truth when she said that they tried the separation out and it didn’t take. Either way, it gave Christine a lot to think about. She was happy that her friend was getting a divorce because she would have a “divorce buddy” and she wouldn’t be the only divorced person around. Plus, she wouldn’t be alone as much. You could tell she liked having Barb as her houseguest. She kicked Matthew out immediately and banished him to Ritchie’s room. She tucked Barb in so tightly and then kissed her on the forehead. Which Barb didn’t like and responded by saying: “... read more

October 16, 2006: Lovazzano/Clover

I wouldn’t have lasted a day in either the Lovazzano or the Clover household. At the Lovazzano household, I would’ve been mocked for my nondesigner clothes purchased within a budget. And Kaila Lovazzano was a snob and a spoiled brat. She was exactly the kind of girl in high school that intimidated me, but she was worse because she wore three hundred dollar jeans. As for the Clovers, I wouldn’t have been able to get up at four-fifteen in the morning to clean the pig pen and feed the chickens. I don’t know how those boys did all their chores by the time they left for school and then survived school. I would’ve been passed out by nine am. Not to mention that they probably have to smell like farm animals all of the time. Charles Clover scared me too. He was just so angry. Instead of coming home from work and blowing up at your sons, why not have a glass of wine, put your feet up, read a book? I think I would’ve driven around in a rented sports car like Tina... read more

October 15, 2006: "I Covered His Mouth, Oh My Gosh!"

They're no Jonathan and Victoria, but Peter and Sarah are rapidly becoming one of the most grating teams ever to run the Race. And when I say "Peter and Sarah," I pretty much just mean Peter. Could this guy be a bigger tool? From all his paranoid posturing on the train to Hanoi, to his desperate attempts at forming a counteralliance with those sneaky beauty queens, to his irritating mouthful-of-beef-jerky decree, "I like who I am, I like the way I deal with things," I wouldn't blame Sarah one bit if she threw in the towel. But she's a trouper thus far, taking the brunt of Peter's alternating belligerent criticisms and condescending encouragements without completely losing her cool. (Forgive me for being politically incorrect, but if I were Sarah, I'd have long ago removed my artificial leg and whacked Peter in the head with it.) They finish this leg of the race out in front and with smiles on their faces, but I have to wonder if the promise of a new home gym will be enough to help S... read more

October 15, 2006: Like It Was

Well, the battle between Susan and Edie for Mike's attention was certainly resurrected tonight. In true soap opera form, Mike finally came out of his coma and the only one not around or even in town was Susan. Susan was gallivanting with Ian in the country again, in a place where there was, of course, poor cell reception. When Susan's daughter Julie finally got through to Susan's cell, I was so hoping Julie would've said: "Umm... Mike came out of his coma. Can you hear me now?" I didn't think Susan was being fair to Ian. She didn't have to reciprocate his flirtations in the first place, but she did. But then I felt bad for Susan when Mike told her he didn't remember her and asked her not to come back for a while since he had to go to physical therapy. Retrograde memory loss will do that to you. You just knew Edie was going to be leering around the corner and then tell naïve Mike that he wasn't in love with Susan. Payback's a bitch and her name is Edie.Orson is one of my favorit... read more

October 15, 2006 – “The Popping Cherry”

Dexter has feelings Im certain of it And the place where this is most clearly realized is the way in which he tells us about his father and his relationship to him certainly an indication of love He wants everyone to believe he has no emotions but I dont believe him He was willing to kill for his father Goodbye Nurse Ratchet And as Harry was the one to teach him how to live the vigilante lifestyle full of lessons of right from wrong the show could have been called The Code of Harry Not only does Dexter love his father but he loves Ritas kids too Or at least likes them a lot Upon hearing Ritas daughter cry as he removes her splinter Dexter intimates If I had a heart it would be breaking right now He does have a heart He just doesnt want to show it and it has something to do with whatever happened to him before Harry and his wife took him in as their foster child Its alluded to again in this ep The best read more

Questions for Producers?

I know all your theories and comments stem from some serious questions burning in the back of your mind! TV Guide is asking the producers what you want to know, so leave your curiosities here... read more

October 10, 2006: Maltese Cross

Having missed the second episode of this season – which apparently introduced new detective Wheeler (Julianne Nicholson) and Law & Order vet as her partner, Logan – last night was time for me to play a little catch up.My first impressions of the new team? Big success. Though Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) was usually the most interesting part of CI, after a couple seasons of his nervous ticks and crime-solving-through-encyclopedia-memorization technique, I was ready for a little break from all those idiosyncrasies.And, from what I saw last night, Logan and Wheeler are the perfect Yin to the old pair’s Yang. You see, Logan is what they apparently call “old school” on the mean streets of NYC. So whereas Goren indulged his predilection (some might say fetish) for playing twisted mind games with suspects and perps, Logan doesn’t hesitate to hammer out a back-alley deal or just take a couple swings.And he took a bunch of them last night. My jaw was on th... read more

October 12, 2006: What I Am

The very best episodes of Grey's Anatomy make you laugh and cry all at once, and this was one of those. Seconds after I was crying while watching Izzie listen to Denny's phone message to his parents, I laughed out loud at Callie propositioning McSteamy. All together now: Shut up! Mark Sloan aka McSteamy to Callie: "Can I buy you a drink?" Callie: "Only if you have it delivered to my hotel room," as she walks out of the bar, then turns around all sexy: "You comin'?" You go, girl! She breaks it off with George and then seduces... McSteamy. Can we say "upgrade" much? Only on television, but I'll allow it.Nice way to have McSteamy enter the hospital — having everyone gaze over and give off all sorts of different vibes ranging from shock to anger to excitement. Oh yes — be sure to pick up the latest copy of TV Guide magazine since new series regular Eric Dane is gracing the cover. Fall TV Hot List issue, people — run, don't walk! Speaking of hot, can we talk about the perf... read more

October 12, 2006: Bloodlust

Another week another seriously good hour of TV Loved the use of Journeys Wheel in the Sky for the recap Probably my favorite classic-rock recap since Salvation Loved the way they incorporated Everybody Loves a Clown and ended on the sound of the crowbar Dean dropped to the ground after he went to town on the trunk of the Impala Speaking of the Impala how freakin awesome was it to see that baby running again The Impalas back sos ACDCs Back in Black It just does a Supernatural fans heart good to see Dean at the wheel Sammy in the passenger seat the two of them bantering back-and-forth Things were finally lighthearted for a little bit a refreshing change after getting so much heavy angst in this seasons first two episodes not to mention the darkness and angst of Season 1s last three episodes The show paid the car a nice tribute After all the Impala is pretty much another character on the showThe case that Dean was so giddy to take on was real read more

October 12, 2006: Wither

Jimmy Olsen was initiated into the weird ways of Smallville (he got nabbed by the villain du jour); the All-American Rejects played Lex's masquerade ball; and Lex and Lana made love. But who really cares when we can just talk about all the Chloe love in this episode. The young reporter pretty much saved the day three times:1) She used a taser to save Clark from the evil vines.2) She saved Jimmy Olsen from some more evil vines, then used the defibrillator to bring him back to life. I won't even talk about why the EMT's left Chloe and Jimmy alone in the back of the ambulance. 3) I guess you can also say she helped Lana reach some clarity as far as her relationship with Lex Luthor.Plus, Chloe managed to actually make out with a boy at Make-Out Point and have another guy (Clark) pine for her after finding out about this impromptu make-out session. Jimmy even called her "my girl." "The girl is on a roll y'all. Can't say that about Clark, however. I'm sorry, but that last shot of him all... read more

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