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October 23, 2006: The Champ

I don’t know what it is, but watching Andy Richter as a love interest kind of made me cringe. Maybe it’s because he’s known more to me as Conan O’Brien’s goofy sidekick or the evil guy in the failed Olsen-twin movie New York Minute. Maybe it’s because he’s just not droolworthy. I guess that’s the punch line, though. Here’s this guy who’s not very attractive at all and whose nickname is "Sad Dad," and Christine can’t resist him. I honestly don’t get the attraction. Maybe Andy Richter’s humor is what’s most attractive about him, but his character of Stan is just weird. He’s not Japanese but is going through a Japanese phase. And the best part is that he seduced Christine by taking some mashed potato off her chest and licking it off his finger. Although he did have some good lines. My favorite: “You look hot in a hairnet.” Not something you hear every day. I agree with Richard when he told Christine: ... read more

October 23, 2006: "I Am Fine."

Adam's back from Bali (his non-honeymoon) and everyone's together for a friendly BBQ... well, until Brian shows up. As if we couldn't see where the video game was headed. Tension... elbows... tackle... didn't I predict punches? Anyone could have.Nothing's like coming into the office with a black eye. And to a desk full of pictures of random women. Strike one for Jimmy for not even taking the Marjorie pictures out from behind the new ones. Kind of defeats the purpose, if you ask me.Meanwhile, in another office, Suzanne's got her hands on more than just business ideas. Could she be more risky during a huge meeting? I wasn't even listening to the discussion, because her sneaky stares and ridiculous IMs to Dave were make me roll my eyes incessantly.Deena nudges Nic where it hurts. "You're just not a baby person." Ouch. For someone waddling her big belly around, that's not something you exactly want to hear on the verge of childbirth. But the ladies work it out at a concert while Dave op... read more

October 23, 2006: Collins/Matlock

Even though this is an old episode from last year, I hadn’t seen it. And I’ve never seen a scarier kid than Carson Matlock. He’s the perfect example of what I don’t want my own kids to become when I start having them. And how did he get this way? Maybe dad Jeff constantly raising his voice and his love of anarchy, their punk rock décor, the fact that they take their kids to a punk rock festival for a family outing and think togetherness is going into a mosh pit….Any of these reasons could account for Carson’s wild behavior. Straight from Carson’s father, Jeff: “Like father like son. You can cut off our hair and cover up our tattoos. But we are who we are.” I think Jeff Matlock is a big reason why Carson is the way he is. I mean, Jeff talked to Shannon Collins without any respect. When Jeff takes Shannon to a punk rock concert and Shannon’s obviously not having a good time, he yells at her to go and catch a cab. Carson joins in: ... read more

October 22, 2006 – "Let’s Give the Boy a Hand," and a foot, and a leg…

The Ice Truck killer finds a way to get under Dexters skin and its fun to watch Dexters emotions pour or rather just drip out of himBest lines Dexter Interesting hand jobAngel Thats funnyDexter Is itIts nice to see some faces from other Showtime series Erin Daniels Dana from the L Word pops in as the girl next doorShe plays a bit much without the 145m-uFavorite part is when the kid in the costume store wearing the presidents mask turns around just as Dexter says the word 145monsterNo killing in this one just a lot of maiming Which is nasty enough as it is but cmon Ive gotten myself all worked up to see some down and dirty serial killing and by gum I want my moneys worth Showtime isnt free you know The Ice Truck killers real purpose is in helping unravel the many layers of our fearless Dexter ITK is having fun with him and it unnerves the strictly business Dex The ITKs read more

October 22, 2006: Nice She Ain't

As Brenda Strong’s narration mentioned, "Sabotage — everyone is capable of it, but some go about it more ruthlessly than others." Sabotage was definitely the theme tonight and the title of the episode was, appropriately, "Nice She Ain’t." This would apply to Gaby, Edie, Bree, Nora and eventually Danielle. The victims of the sabotage? Carlos, Susan, Danielle, Lynette and Mr. Falati (Danielle's teacher). Let's break it down.Gabrielle and Carlos are having their own War of the Roses. I didn't think I'd enjoy watching them fight back and forth like they did, but since their battles were done in humorous ways, it was worthwhile. Eva Longoria was the comedy MVP again with so many funny lines. I think my two favorites involved Gaby trying to make Carlos jealous by pretending to date his business associate Phil Lopez (Marco Sanchez). After leaving the hot tub with Phil, Gaby shouted to Carlos: "I’m making a snack for Phil. You want something to eat? Some sour grapes, per... read more

October 22, 2006: "Maybe Steven Seagal Will See Me...."

How's that for anticlimactic? Those oh-so-clever producers of The Amazing Race throw a kink in the works with their new post non-Philimination round "come in first or you'll incur a 30-minute penalty" scheme, and then they promptly render it useless with a fast-forward. As happy as I am to see David and Mary go from worst to first — especially after that incredibly selfless gesture from the Cho brothers — I must confess, I'm a little disappointed that the new rules didn't make for a more exciting leg. Of course, we did have Peter and Sarah's navigational ineptitude to make up for it. Seriously, is there a greater harbinger of doom on the Race than being told to go directly to a pit stop without finishing a task? That's when you pretty much know it's all over. (The only worse instance I can think of off hand is those poor Mormon sisters from Season 6 who couldn't find the clue in a haystack — and Phil actually came to them. Heartbreaking.) Here's the thing about Peter ... read more

October 22, 2006: Date Night

It was nice of Jonathan to give the brothers and sisters some friendly business advice, although I got the impression from his final conversation with Kitty that he might not be that optimistic about the future of the family business. I actually felt kind of bad for him when he and Kitty were breaking up, even though Jonathan often comes off as arrogant and I never really liked him for Kitty. He appeared to be genuinely sad, and he also apparently knew Kitty better than she thought, as he seemed aware that she hadn’t fully let him in.But tonight was really all about Nora and Kitty for me. Sally Field was great as usual, especially when Nora realized her “date” with David the contractor wasn’t really a date. How awful, and it only seemed worse when Nora tried to salvage it with jokes about her “comedic timing” being off. It was good to see Treat Williams (Everwood) back on TV again as David, even though things ended awkwardly between him and Nora. Kitty ... read more

October 19, 2006: Oh, the Guilt

As the episode's title hinted, overcoming guilt was certainly the ongoing theme tonight. The person most affected by her surrounding friends and fellow doctors was Izzie. My favorite two "Izzie influencers" were Burke and Webber. They both FTF'd her (Friends Tell Friends) — first Burke told her: "You quit. You quit being a surgeon. You have two good hands and you aren't using them. Feel guilty about that." And then I thought it was quite effective when Webber, trying to make Izzie feel better about the Denny incident, told her that way back when he was an intern, he too made a fatal mistake. But he stayed and he worked and he never made that mistake again: "Every day I get to save lives." Excitingly watching Cristina do the running whip stitch on a heart was the other turning point for Izzie. If only she'd frickin' deposit that $8,700,000 check! Cute and quick George-Meredith moment by the refrigerator at the end, by the way. (If you blinked, you might've missed Meredith go to ... read more

October 19, 2006: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

Dead should stay dead How many times did Dean say those words or variations of this I kept wondering why he kept saying that I mean aside from the necromancy theme of the episode I watched the zombie chick kill all the people who had wronged her I watched Sam and Dean deal with this supernatural element and every time he said those four words I wondered again And then it all made sense at the very end Maybe idiot me should have come to the realization before I had to actually hear it from Dean but I actually dig the fact that I was none the wiser until the end because wow Deans breakthrough and the revelation that he blames himself for his fathers death was just really powerful and well acted Jensen did such a good job with this particular scene although that should not shock anyone Sam had been needling his big brother a little bit or a lot in every episode after In My Time of Dying He was trying to help Dean reach that point where he could show his grief H read more

October 19, 2006: Arrow

So did you check out Lana Lang? Since moving in with Lex, the sly girl must have been taking copious notes on how to blackmail and let your dark side loose. You know what? I kinda liked her being all evil in the elevator with Dr. Groll. I think I said this last season, and many others have mentioned in this blog; if they're going to have Lana involved with Lex, have her show some serious shades of gray. No more goody-goody self-righteous Lana; let the girl go on with her bad self. I think I'd just be able to stomach these two more if they were both on the same not-so-prim-and-proper page. And Lex in cahoots with Lionel in order to test his woman? I like that, too. But I'm guessin' Lana won't have a problem with pesky "trust" issues now that she's traveling down a darkened path. I hope she dives right into the deep end of the evil pool. Why have warm and fuzzy when you can have cold and calculating?More Green Arrow, no waiting. Justin Hartley continues to do a nice job, although can'... read more

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