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October 25, 2006: I'd Like a Table Next to These!

This was the second of the three episodes to start off with some slight show of athleticism. The pilot had the guys playing racquetball and in this one basketball. For the amount of sports they seem to play, you'd think Jeffrey would be a little better skilled or maybe a little less injury-prone. What was he doing when he busted up his elbow? Simply holding his arms in the air? I hope old age isn't quite as sad sack as Jeffrey makes it out to be. I guess I also hope that I don't think I'm cool when I'm really just stuck up like John. Of course, combine those and that's my life now, so maybe I can at least hope for a sitcom down the road. Hey, speaking of sitcoms, this one was quite funny, yet again. OK, so it's predictable and lame in some parts and has virtually no chance of making it (I guess if Fox was able to air multiple episodes of War at Home while the World Series was in a rain delay, then any show has a shot), but there's still enough laughs to keep me interested. In this e... read more

October 24, 2006: Conor McNamara

I always know Im going to like an episode of any TV show when they include flashbacks to the childhood of one of the characters especially when we get to learn something new about that character That was the case tonight when we discovered that Sean himself had a facial deformity as a youth and had plastic surgery to correct it No wonder hes been freaking out about Conors situation and about his eventual corrective surgery As Julia told Sean That kid is why youre a plastic surgeon Glad they ended up going forward with the surgery and so far Conor seems to be OK Didnt the promos for tonight with Sean saying to Julia I have something to tell you make you think he was going to come clean about his affair with the tragically departed Monica But now Julia has something to hide from Sean her little kiss with Marlowe Interesting line that Marlowe muttered as he walked out Thats why I have to leave You could tell he was into Julia but I didnt think she re read more

October 24, 2006: Double Dancing, Double Standard

Monique Coleman has been all about girl power and “representing the women” these past two weeks, as she remains the last female star standing in this competition. Though she feels the female stars have been judged more harshly than the male stars this season, the more obvious double standard that the judges have been applying isn’t so much a male vs female thing as a Jerry vs non-Jerry thing. Their comments to Jerry Springer go something like this (and I’m paraphrasing): “Jerry, great job for just getting out there and trying. And bonus points for moving around a bit.” Their comments to everyone else: “Mario, good job and all, but be careful with the floppy arms.... Joey, well done, but watch the somewhat sloppy turns.” The judges admit that Jerry’s not doing the same level of dancing as the rest of the contestants, but then they go and give him all eights for his fox-trot, which he sort of walked through. Yes, Jerry is older than his com... read more

October 24, 2006: Acts of Contrition

Great episode. I missed this one the first time around because, as I confessed a couple weeks ago, I was a lapsed Criminal Intent viewer last season...just like Goren is a lapsed Catholic altar boy. Who knew? Well, I guess everybody that caught this one last year...But really, this one did have it all – from a nun buying prostitutes out of a seedy van (decidedly not of the mini variety), to the bloody murder of another nun inside a church. And that was all within the first five minutes. Okay, Bad Lieutenant it wasn’t, but you’ve gotta admit, Goren was pretty rough on that one pimp. “I said, hands behind your HEAD!” You tell him D’Onof.While there was a classic L&O murder-scene setup, I was pleasantly surprised that instead of following the case straight through, this ep took a number of interesting detours. Rather than the focus, the nun’s murder only served as the catalyst to shake some skeletons out of another sister’s closet – with... read more

October 24, 2006: To the One Who Wants it Most

I’d like to get the best line of the night out of the way before delving into weightier topics: “I think I told that kid to get our daughter in the back seat of a car.” Coach Taylor’s realization that Saracen is interested in his daughter was that kind of nervous smile-inducing moment when a character really comes alive. Was this not symbolic of the mixing of team and home life for all of our characters? Everyone was affected, but Matt, Coach Taylor and Tami were the real standouts last night.I have to admit that I found myself tearing up during Matt’s videoconference with his father in Iraq. When his dad asked if Matt was going to start the next game, and he had to admit that there was new quarterback and that all bets were off, you could feel the disappointment on both sides of the line. His father saying ‘Well, it takes the pressure off, right?” was a no-confidence vote that Matt had to choice but to respond to with “Yeah, yeah, dad.... read more

October 24, 2006: Sometimes a Pickle Is Just a Pickle

Remember how last week I’d said that Chris knows how to give good romance? Well, apparently so does Logan. Sweet: calling Rory from London and insisting she run to the rooftop to watch a meteor shower together. (One question: England is five hours ahead. Would they really be able to see it at the same time?) Even sweeter: finding Logan there, along with a candlelit dinner and trees decorated with white lights. No real meteor shower, but sparks do fly between the two. Now, I’ve always admitted that I am not a Logan fan. But I am impressed by his efforts. So imagine how annoyed I am when Rory turns out to be the big baby. Who cares if one of Logan’s business partners is a hot blonde who uses her long, sexy legs to close deals. (Freud would have a field day with that one. And maybe with the pickles in Stars Hollow, too. What was the point of that?) Well, OK, I can see why Rory would be threatened, considering Logan never mentioned that Bobby was a woman. (Not like Bobby ... read more

October 24, 2006: Don't Kill the Messenger, But.....

Sorry for the lateness, but I realized I should probably make a post concerning the recent news: if you haven’t heard yet, the CW cancelled Runaway last week. Even more disappointing, although there’s a handful of episodes left that haven’t been aired, they’ve chosen to just shelve them and air America’s Next Top Model in the timeslot instead.I was really starting to get hooked on this show and I’ll miss Runaway: it was a surprisingly effective mix of serialized thriller and family drama, and pulling off just one of those on a regular basis is tough enough. I won’t try to second-guess whether or not pulling the plug was justified (the ratings were pretty dismal), but I still think it’s a shame that it couldn’t be afforded more time for an audience build. Maybe in today’s overstuffed marketplace if you can’t start strong right from the beginning it’s already too late.It’s possible that the remaining episodes might be... read more

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October 23, 2006: Farewell Desiree and Jeanette

Was anyone else totally surprised that Agnese got a rose tonight? Sadie, Jennifer and Lisa were obvious shoo-ins, but I thought Agnese for sure was a goner when she told Lorenzo he was the reason it would be weird on her hometown date because he didn’t speak Italian. Then in the last few minutes before the rose ceremony, he told her, “Whatever decision I make, I have enjoyed this time with you” which sounded like a pre-goodbye, and told Jeanette, “You’re still here, which means there’s obviously something about you that I like.” Damn this show and its tricky editing!While I thought Jeanette was genuine and sweet, it didn’t seem like she had enough confidence or tried too hard to stand out. Some flirting might come in handy next time she’s dating a guy who’s dating five other girls. And let’s face it, she even admitted herself that she made a lame wish after winning the chariot race (side note: how fun did that look!) That said, ... read more

October 23, 2006: I Ain't Got No Santeria....

As if murder isn’t creepy enough, CSI: Miami decided to give us a full-blown Halloween episode this week. Delco pretty much summed up the plotline when he said, “We have a golf club, a coffin and signs of a struggle.” Poor Alyssa. Her boyfriend and her best friend decided to kill her over a work-related snub and a whole lot of gold in a burial plot. I liked that for the first time on this show (at least in my watching), the criminal got away with her crime and no one went after her. That had always been one of my gripes, because every week it seemed a little too neat at the end; the good guys always won. But I guess even CSIs can’t beat the protection Santeria offers.Really though, this plotline seemed more of an excuse to put our investigators into sinister situations. Of course, Ryan, who claimed he wasn’t scared of a “curse,” ended up a believer by the end. On the other hand, I can’t say that if I saw bodies moving around in the morgue, and... read more

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