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October 26, 2006: Reunion

That Ollie was a jerk in boarding school, wasn't he? Meanwhile, Li'l Lex was bald, bullied and a comic-book geek. Through flashbacks, we learned the two enemies were responsible for Lex's best boarding-school bud's "death." In true old-school, freak-of-the-week style, the not-so-dead Duncan has actually been kept alive so that doctors can figure out a way to reverse his vegetative state (all on Lionel Luthor's dime, by the way). A Kryptonite-based drug is the cause for the miracle, of course, and soon Duncan is getting revenge with his mind and his astral-projected body. Even though Ollie wants to make it seem like he's a changed man, he never loses that bully tone with Luthor. Sure, he does apologize for the way he treated Lex back in the day. But if he had been truly sorry for how he had acted towards him in school, he would have cooled it with the condescending way he dealt with Lex when they first reconnected at Lex's masquerade ball. I was good with Lex punching Ollie, but then... read more

October 26, 2006: Simon Said

Sam gets to handle the brooding load for a while as the action centers around a guy who has a couple of things in common with Sam 1 Andys mom turns out adopted mom also burned to death in a fire when Andy was 6 months old and 2 Hes developed an ability of his own mind control Then this whole thing becomes a good-twinevil-twin story when Andys long-lost brother Ansem enters the picture complete with the same ability to control peoples thoughts This was an OK episode with some really funny moments Dean got to be there for Sammy whose visions seem to be getting more painful and more erratic Its definitely looking like the visions erupt when theyre connected to other children like Sammy However sometimes Sam can get there on time to save the day other times he cant Then it turns out the evil mind-control twin guy never lost a mother in a fire when he was 6 months old which pretty much means the Demon can probably target anyone Im left wondering why some read more

October 26, 2006: A Repeat by Any Other Name...

Eighteen days in and the producers are still trying to reel in new viewers with this CliffNotes, catch-me-up episode. That's right, it's recap time on Survivor: Cook Islands. Rather than just stroll down memory lane, we regular viewers were also treated to 14 new and easily identifiable scenes — the most riveting of which was Adam and Candice's Day 2 adventure at sea that left them stranded and shivering on a sandbar and had them ultimately abandoning ship in a desperate effort to swim back to land. The next time this happens, it would be nice to see Parvati show a little more concern for her fellow tribe mates than for the unwrecked boat safely parked on a sandbar. At least now we have some basis for Candice's blowing kisses to Adam at last week's tribal council. You don't go through something like that without it changing you. Theirs is a bond none can break.Pavarti is, I guess, this season's hot chick. She got her own montage and everything, but if I see that tattoo one more... read more

October 26, 2006: Masters of Horror 101

Now Fear This!

Ah... my favorite time of year... the leaves are turning, Halloween plans churning, and Masters of Horror Season 2 is off to a screaming premiere tomorrow night [10PM ET/PT on Showtime]. As I weave my dark web here for the new season, I wanted to give Season 1 a short "re-capitation," and take us all through Season 2 "ghoul school."The Premise and The ExtremeMasters of Horror began as a dinner conversation among acclaimed horror directors, which soon became TV history-in-the-making. Director Mick Garris became the series Creator and Executive Producer, and his vision was to allow the "chosen 13" directors as much creative freedom possible. Showtime was up for this premise, and without MPAA intervention, 13 seriously extreme 1-hour horror films found a home on cable TV.And Then There Were 12The horror and cult community eagerly anticipated the 13th and final episode, directed by Japan's legendary Takashi Miike [Audition; Ichi the Killer]. However, finding it way too extre... read more

October 26, 2006: Repeats already?

Tonight's ER episode is a repeat of the season premiere, Bloodline. Please feel free to post any comments about the show in general, or about the casting of Sam's new love interest. See you next week!Find great exclusive features about ER at the show's official site. read more

October 26: 2006 Dog Eat Dog

Miss me? I know you did. You don't even have to say it. I feel the love!Tonight's episode is "Dog Eat Dog", a great one from early on in Season 6. I haven't seen this one since it aired back in November of last year, but I remember it vividly. It's the one where the guy with Prader-Willi Syndrome (that's a disease where you have uncontrollable hunger and constant supervision is needed to prevent over-eating) gets out of the house supervision and takes third in a hot-dog eating contest, then completely ravages an all-you-can-eat buffet before dying of having like six times the amount of food in his stomach than it's supposed to hold. Greg has some good scenes too, when he's trying to find the exact brand of hot dog from a piece inside the dead guy's stomach. I remember watching this and thinking — "I will never over-eat again." Sort of like saying "I will never eat fast-food again" after watching Super Size Me. Sadly, both those statements only lasted a good week or so. Feel fr... read more

October 25, 2006: "Just Friends, Like Oprah and Gayle"

This morning presented a first for me watching a full TV episode online via streaming video at NBCcom Blame it on my Wednesday night out at a ShowtimeWeeds soiree combined with a skittish FauxVo The bold venture delivered to me some unsettling news I have the same bi-curious Converse sneakers as Liz Lemon But maybe theyre only bi when worn by a gal Once I got past the fact that Sex and the Citys Miranda went through the exact same choking to death alone in my apartment scareepiphany as 30 Rocks Liz albeit just once not twice and as the episode shed new light on Kenneth who was at risk of becoming a cipher of a character I was all in as the poker players say Speaking of cards laugh as you might at Tracy Jordans crazy rules Face cards are wild fives are a jinx fives are twos Ive been known to deal a wacky game myself After all without plenty o wild cards I would never win a single hand I am that badThe very start of this weeks read more

October 25, 2006: Lychee-gate

To keep the lychees or to return them? That is the question. Part of me (the evil part of me) was thinkin' Otto's mistake was telling Marisa they may have accidentally pocketed the crate of lychees for free in the first place. Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this scandal, I have to say I've never heard the word "lychee" uttered so many times in a one-hour period; it was positively dizzying. And is it "lee-chay" or "lye-chee"? Since Otto was the only one committing to "lye-chee," I'm gonna go with everyone else. Anyway, yes, it was a problem that Otto's conscience didn't let him return the goods immediately. But am I the only one who really, really hoped it'd be Marisa who'd get the boot? By the end of the episode, I was almost willing to overlook Otto's lapse in judgment in order for her to "pack her knives and go." Her crimes: 1) her not taking complete responsibility for her gelatinous disaster of a dessert (when Chef Ming Tsai called it "a hockey puck," I laughed so hard);... read more

October 25, 2006: No More Spring in His Step

Even after being told he was voted out, Jerry Springer was still cracking jokes: “Thank you for having me. And thank you for letting me go home.” It’s that mixture of sincere humbleness and self-deprecating humor that I’m going to miss most about Jerry. I think Tom Bergeron said it best when he called Jerry “the heart and soul of this show.” This season would not have been the same without him. He gave the show a sweet paternal subplot, a little age variety and some wry commentary — much funnier commentary than Samantha Harris provides (could he possibly sub for her the remainder of the season? Just a suggestion). And in spite of his constant wisecracks, he didn’t treat this competition merely as a joke — he did try to learn the dances. While he sometimes fell short in terms of natural ability and technique, he did succeed in entertaining the crowd. Jerry, you will be missed.Speaking of people missed, MIA Season 1 professional champ Alec ... read more

October 25, 2006: Pieces of the Truth

This time, we pick up exactly where we left off: missiles soaring across the sky and residents of Jericho running in every direction. Johnston says the nearest place the missiles could be coming from is Wyoming, 100 miles away, and Hawkins is on his computer, as frantic as I've ever seen him, sweat lining his brow. An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) killed the power. Everything's dead.All of a sudden it's two weeks later and for the first time we see Jake and Dale have a one-on-one interaction. Things are tense around town and even quiet Dale has a little anger inside of him. But no one seems as angry as Mitchell Cafferty (Clayne Crawford), strolling back into town for some warm beer at Bailey's and some nasty words for Jake. At least we're getting some insight into Jake's past and the trouble that ran him out of town.Uncle Sam/IRS/Mimi visits Stanley and Bonnie, clearly wanting nothing to do with the roosters roaming around. Her brilliant idea of staying at their farm and deducting her... read more

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