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October 30, 2006: Tell Buddy Garrity He Can Shove It

Can I just mention how excited I was that we got this show a full night early this week? Seriously. Way excited. That said, I was a little disappointed by the first half. As much as I love all the characters on this show, I’m finding that I could do with a little less of the Lyla-Riggins drama, and I’m not totally sure what the Tyra story line did to further anything, though Adrianne Palicki did a nice job in a predictable role. Of course, as in the game, they pulled it all together in the final quarter.Really though, the episode picked up right around the time Coach Taylor — I have to call him "Coach," I just can’t bring myself to write “Eric,” I just have too much respect for the guy — pulled Matt into his office to tell him he wouldn’t be a starter. It hurt. You could tell neither of them wanted this, but it was also clear that Coach Taylor wanted Saracen to succeed, which was why he insisted he keep practicing the plays. And boy did tha... read more

October 30, 2006: Thompson/Askam

I found tonight’s episode refreshing. I liked that both families really opened up to the experience and allowed themselves to make significant changes. For the Thompsons, they realized that they had to appreciate Allison and not treat her like a maid. For the Askams, they learned that they had to focus more on family and less on practicing Wicca. It was nice to see two completely opposite families let their guards down and embrace differences. I mean, Allison broke down a few times and didn’t take to the different kind of lifestyle that Wiccans offer, but she didn’t outright disrespect it, either. She just showed the Askams that they could let something else in their lives beside magic. Bella also cried a few times, but she was pretty cool. She was a free spirit trying to make Kyle Thompson realize that his wife was doing everything for them and they weren’t doing anything for her. At first, I didn’t like Allison’s son Austin. His comment earlier in th... read more

October 30, 2006: Back in the Game

So Dave is crashing at Brian's since Deena found out about the extent of his time with Suzanne. "Daddy’s on a time-out," she says to her kids during a whirlwind of a morning without Dave's help.And in a dark bar across town, Ivy's telling the boys to have some no-strings-attached fun with all those "fish in the sea." And they better get to it, or else Jimmy won't be having any "fun," either.Back in therapy, the stubborn marriage may be doomed for good. "It may be time to consider that your marriage is over," advises Doctor Bill. Ouch. When you hear it from a third party, it must wake you up a little bit... looked like both Dave and Deena were shocked at the thought.I thought Brian and Adam working out the rules of their bet was pretty funny. It brought back the little back-and-forth I used to like about this show. Calling the same girl... this has got to get even funnier.Meanwhile, in a more strings-attached kind of zone, Nic is worried about what kind of surprise is expected a... read more

October 29, 2006 Love American Style or Is That Any Way to Treat a Lady

Episode 5 which will go down in cable history as Dexters finest show to date This is the one where Debra Morgan grows some cahones Dexter Morgan gets back to business and the world is right again This is the one where I got it the humor the style the madness or rather lack thereof Dexter is rarely angry and certainly never seems insane Youve got to be a little nuts to live a double life especially the kind that Dexter lives But Dexter seems to enjoy it and now I do too Sgt Doakes is the one riding Debras hindquarters now Hes always been kind of nasty to Dexter but now hes taking it out on everyone else including the painfully pasty Deb I was yelling at the TV for her to let him have it Why she lets all her superiors walk all over her I cannot understand So when she finally tells him to frak off thanks BSG I was really proud of her and thought perhaps she can fill the shoes of an interesting character Of course when Mr Tu read more

October 29, 2006: Sweetheart, I Have to Confess

I thoroughly enjoyed tonight's confession-themed episode, as did my roommate Jason, who referred to the Lynette-Susan-Gaby-getting-drunk-on-the-porch scene as one of the all-time funniest and well-written scenes, and I agree. Just that scene alone had highlights galore, like Lynette confessing her innermost feelings about Tom: "I want him to have what he wants — if it's what I want. I'm a bitch with a capital C." Earlier, Gaby's line had us rewinding to watch it again: "I'm just gonna say it. Tequila makes me happy!" Then, after the neighbor couple walked by: "Yeah, we're drinking on the porch — you got a problem with that?" followed by: "Can I tell you guys something? I can only tell you guys." Susan: "Oh my god — here she goes again — what grade is he in?" And before that, Susan to Lynette: "Where were we?" Lynette: "You were trying to figure out how to kill Edie without doing time." Susan: "I wish Paul Young was still around. He’d know what to do." But th... read more

October 29, 2006: "I Wonder If This Is Going to Make My Fingers Pickle"

Seriously? A second second chance for David and Mary? For all the talk this week about the Six Pack (formerly and now once again the Back Pack), the alliance with Alabama and the Cho brothers isn't doing half as much for Kentucky as good old-fashioned dumb luck. Then again, to show how much I know, I was thoroughly convinced that leaving the salt detour was Race suicide — and that seemed to work out just fine for everyone involved. Similarly, the brouhaha at the ticket counter between the single moms and the beauty queens (over Team Barbie helping the male models leapfrog in line) was more or less a nonissue. Yes, it was an uncool move, but all six teams made it onto the same flight, so why bicker? No need to antagonize the competition when there's still a yield looming somewhere up the road. And speaking of antagonizing, Rob and Kimberly are so the new Hayden and Aaron. (Hell, I'd say we're about one broken ox away from them being the new Colin and Christie, so stay tuned.) Ro... read more

October 29, 2006: For the Children

So Tommy’s wife Julia finally talked tonight, and she certainly had a lot to say. I felt bad for Tommy when she announced to the entire family that she was hoping to get pregnant soon, knowing what Tommy had just found out. They seemed to discuss everything and reconcile before the benefit was over, although the coatroom scene was pretty embarrassing for everybody. Speaking of embarrassing, Nora keeps getting stuck in awkward situations with other men, although at least tonight wasn’t over a date that wasn’t really a date. It was pretty awful of that guy to let his wife think that Nora was hitting on him, and to make matters worse, his wife (Meredith Baxter from Family Ties) believed him. I don’t know how, because I’m sure that’s not the first time her husband did that.I personally found it hard to believe that Kevin would be so insensitive as to offer to pay for Scotty’s lost wages if he would be his date for the night, because Kevin is generally ... read more

October 27, 2006: Masters of Horror Still Has Guts

Tobe Hooper, you did it. You started off Masters of Horror: Season 2 with a bang, and set this year's standard: This series still is not for lightweights. I'm actually a bit in shock as I sit here writing this; speechless [er... blogless?] over what I just saw and felt. To say that The Damned Thing was gore-tastic is an understatement. It made some of last year's goriest episodes seem like they were PG-13. (Hellz yeah!) Following in the footsteps of Hooper's Season 1 entry, Dance of the Dead, The Damned Thing's script is also written by R.C. Matheson. To my pleasant surprise, much like Dance of the Dead, Damned has got that unique, intelligent, poetic meter to it that actually makes Southern draaawls sound artistically stylized. However, Damned definitely parts ways with Dance's romantic, doomed poetry, and opts for a cynically introspective, downright tormenting script. After doing some digging, it's fascinating to learn that Matheson adapted The Damned Thing from a short story by ... read more

October 27, 2006: Tonight's Damned Thing

Robert Englund Gets His Freak On

Tobe Hooper's got some serious shoes to fill with tonight's Masters of Horror premiere, The Damned Thing. Season 1's premiere is still very vivid to me, even though it's been a year since I've seen it; that's pretty impressive. Incident On and Off a Mountain Road literally hit the ground running last season, providing relentless tension, lots of gore, and one of the best twist endings of all season 1 entries. Within one hour, this inaugural episode set the standard: This series is not for lightweights. Entertainment Weekly's preview of The Damned Thing graded Mr. Hooper's work with an uncomfortable [red] "D." However, the same review called the Masters of Horror show open "cliché," which I take issue with [*cough* Emmy© winner *cough*], so I'm just going to say that "D" is for Damned Thing.Tobe Hooper's season 1 episode, Dance of the Dead, received mixed reviews in the horror community, but it remains one of my favorites, so I'm hopeful about tonight. As HHH [horror-hound ... read more

Attention, Weeds Fans: Juicy Q&A Coming Up!

Yep, I hit Showtime's Wednesday-night season-finale screening, and grabbed a few minutes during the cocktail hour with series creator Jenji Kohan, whom I debriefed on the season to date and how, amazingly, she managed to deliver a season-ender (airing Monday 10 pm/ET) that is far, far, far from a series-ender. Also in this Features & Interviews Q&A, the non-spoilery Part 1 of which posts Monday morning:- What Kohan didn't like about the Nancy-Conrad kiss!- Was the deck always stacked against Nancy-Peter? Or was that a last-minute change of gears?- Kohan's take on the widely reported "differences of opinion" she has had with series star Mary-Louise Parker.- A status report on Season 3!The Q&A is up, now! read more

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