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November 1, 2006: She Attacked My Sausage

It's November 1, and Twenty Good Years is still on the air! Frankly, every week now I'm wondering if this is the last time I'll see the show. I know one of these times, that will come true. But for now, the more viewers it loses, the funnier it gets. This was the most consistently funny episode of the series so far. It's funny how it worked for me; there wasn't much that was really memorable, but I was smiling throughout. It's nice to see Judith Light in something other than a Lifetime movie right now. She plays the stuck-up character quite well, in everything she does. The scene at the bed-and-breakfast where she comes to get Jeffrey was scary — Halloween-night scary! "John, you son of a bitch... I will wash this car with your blood," was a high point of the entire series so far. Good for Jeffrey, to actually grow some marbles. The lady almost took him to the dark side, but John taught us all a lesson: Patience sucks, and attack relentlessly until your subject obeys. A true vi... read more

October 31, 2006: The Monster Mash

This show really knows how to take a theme and run with it.... And we’re talking marathon lengths. This Halloween checklist had it all: smoke on the floor, black lipstick, songs about witchcraft, and fangs. I thought for sure someone was going to dance to "The Monster Mash," but they proved me wrong. (However, they weren’t about having someone dance to Ghostbusters.) I guess you could say the show was a little excessive with its Halloween enthusiasm, sort of like a coworker who decorates his or her cubicle for every holiday imaginable... oh wait, I do that. OK, so I liked the Halloween cheesefest of an episode. It was different, and it made last night’s show stand out. And at this late stage in the season, when the shows can start blending together, that’s a good thing. One contestant who really got into the theme was Joey Lawrence. From his playful opening tango to The Addams Family theme song to his confident, heck-of-a-costume paso doble, Joey was on his game ... read more

October 31, 2006: Fools for Love

I knew it. I find myself saying that a lot when I watch this show, and I don't think I'm alone. It is very satisfying to be able to correctly declare what's going to happen before the show reveals it. You end up feeling like House, who himself spends most of the show declaring the answer before he has the research to back it up. So join me in some self-congratulatory back-patting if you, like I did, correctly called the identity of the officer who pulled House over before he stepped out of the car and also if you called the brother/sister twist to tonight's medical mystery. In case you are wondering, hell yes, I would want to know if I had inadvertently married my sibling, as Tracy (Jurnee Smollett) and Jeremy (Raviv Ullman) did. I'm somewhat disturbed that the sympathetic Foreman thought this situation was something his ailing couple of patients could get past. I appreciate Foreman's wanting to look at the big picture, but let's narrow the focus. Some things you just can't get over... read more

October 31, 2006: Liz Cruz

You knew it was inevitable that Michelle would maneuver Burts death but I didnt think it would be so soon I was really digging Larry Hagman in the role but this doesnt mean he cant come back for some fabulous NipTuck dream sequences When Michelle told Francis the nurse to go home and that shed take care of giving Burt his pills I knew Michelle was lying Poor Burt had to crawl out of bed and attempt the stairs by himself just to try to take those dang pills Too late Burt died a dramatically painful death while his wife Michelle just stared at him But taking Burts kidney saved her dear Christians life Excellent timing with that text message from James to the whorestaff member with the razor blade who was having sex with Christian Abort Since James had 24 hours to give those two mysterious French-speaking Asian-American dudes one more kidney to meet their quota mission accomplished So this means Christian still doesnt know James and Michelle are the orga read more

October 31, 2006: Masquerade

"The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event" (wink, wink) — which of course means: "This episode is based on a true story and features fictionalized versions of real people — but, you know, we don’t want to get sued over it or anything." Gotta love those patented Law & Order disclaimers.Anyway, as we all know, tonight’s Criminal Intent dealt with John Mark Karr’s bogus confession last August to the murder of JonBenét Ramsey. So it was a wise move to acknowledge the source material in the first scene with our JMK stand-in, Simon Fife (who will henceforth be referred to as Sesame Logs), being taken into custody. It definitely felt weird for Goren and Eames to make their arrest at the beginning of the show, but for me, it allayed some of the fears that this would be a been-there, done-that episode because of the case's media overexposure.And man was Sesame Logs creepy – he totally nailed the JMK vibe. And in th... read more

October 31, 2006: Life Support

This episode started with a situation we’re used to seeing in great hospital shows like Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy — the eccentric surgeon and his unique pre-op routine. But Dr. Wayne’s approach certainly added a new twist. Now, I doubt this is the first time we’ve ever seen doctors listen to rock music in the operating room, but there was something so disturbing about the way he gleefully tossed that pitcher of ice on the poor heart-bypass patient. Don't get me wrong, I definitely understand how "Dr. Feelgood” can make one lose one’s head, but maybe that’s why it should be reserved for cleaning the apartment on a Sunday afternoon — not for the O.R.Of course, in this episode nothing was as it should be in the hospital. Poor M.J. was fighting for the life of his dying sister. Matt was losing his cool and letting his childhood trauma affect his work. There was a strange naked man lying on a stretcher who nearly caused the hostage rescue tea... read more

October 31: 2006: Two Morrow

Normally, I love to write about reruns, especially my favorite show. There’s sitting back all comfy on the couch, knowing what’s going to happen next, but keeping an eye out for some of the things I might have missed. (This is GG, after all, and no mater how devoted you are, something great was going to zoom right past you.) It’s fun catching those fly-by slys or finally understanding one of Michel’s bizarre jokes. (Am I the only one who sometimes has a hard time understanding his over-the-top French accent. Good thing for closed captioning!)But this was a repeat of “The Long Morrow,” the season premiere, and the first ep written by new show runner David Rosenthal. The first time it aired, there was no sitting cushy, there were no snacks and there was certainly no talking out loud. Not even during commercials. I was watching this ep the way Rory reads Camus under a tree on campus -- with complete concentration and absolutely no distractions. Do you reme... read more

October 30, 2006: Do You Want to Die Today?

They shoot pot dealers, don't they? That question lingers as Season 2 of Showtime's Weeds drew to a close with a helpless, hempless Nancy staring down the barrels of not one or two but five serious pieces of firepower... never once setting down that prominently displayed can of Diet Coke. Her only possible salvation: Silas, now in possession of the final MILF weed harvest, but himself also in dire straits, with Celia and a policeman marching toward the 38-pound stash. And let's not forget poor Shane, who graduated from grade school straight into an impetuous, Cactus Cooler-fueled trip to Paraguay, with Kat (as in Krazy) behind the wheel, and Uncle Andy and Abumchuck in heated pursuit.And to think that the Weeds writers almost tied everything up in a neat bundle instead! So glad they opted otherwise, (as explained in my fresh Features Q&A with series creator Jenji Kohan).Was I entirely satisfied with the season-ending cliff-hanger? No, not entirely. I think it was a cheat to kill... read more

October 30, 2006: Adios, Agnese

It finally happened. We finally saw those sparks and moments where you think, “OK, these two really like each other,” I was begging for last week. We finally saw Prince Lorenzo let his emotions go and completely lose himself with one of the girls. And here I am, moments after the rose ceremony, speechless because the girl Lorenzo had all those emotions for was sent home. She may not speak English very well, but Agnese perfectly summed up the reason she didn’t get a rose when she was riding home in the limo: “He use more head than heart.” Now I know last week a lot of us were surprised Agnese had made it through the next round. But after tonight’s episode I was convinced Lorenzo was able to overlook the language barrier and that in three weeks he’d be getting down on one knee asking Agnese to be his princess. Just the way he kept looking at her, and how genuine he was with her family about how much he cared for her, and how romantic he kept saying t... read more

October 30, 2006: No Fault Divorce

I liked that this episode, even though it was a repeat, showed us what Richard and Christine were like when they got married. It was nice watching flashbacks from their wedding video and seeing them crack up at the vows. I would be cracking up too if I had to say, “Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup.” Then Richard said, “This is silly, dude.” It was a perfect moment. But I found it funnier that Matthew wore a T-shirt tuxedo with a cape and couldn’t find himself in any of the family pictures. Matthew cracks me up every time he says something. I don’t know what it is. Hamish Linklater is just charming, and he’s always funny. Like when they were watching the wedding video and he was trying to find himself in it and Christine said that he couldn’t be missed because there wasn’t another guest wearing a T-shirt tuxedo and a cape and he said, “How did I not get laid that year?” It was beautiful comedy. I didn’t ... read more

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