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November 2, 2006: No Exit

OK so heres the thing I liked No Exit It was spooky plus I liked the fact that Sam Dean and Jo were after Americas first serial killer That scene where HH Holmes reached into the tomb to stroke Jo like you would a pet was supremely creepy Some of the lines were funny too There was a Ghostbusters reference Cheap Trick Surrender and Foreigner Cold as Ice tunes were heard And we found out a little bit more about the Winchester history There was just one thing missing and its a little glaring since what was missing has been around since the pilot Its all the brotherly banter A third and fourth party get introduced and the vibe changes Its not a bad thing I like Jo and Ellen actually But to me you need to insert as much Sam and Dean sarcastic banter as you possibly can especially if the brotherly angsting is briefly on low The episode needed more banter like thisLos Angeles California Whats in LAYoung girl has been kidnapped by read more

November 2, 2006: Fallout

"For the first time I'm ready to stop running from who I really am, from my destiny." "You're training with Jor-El. You want to go.""But I can't. Not yet. Not until every prisoner that I released from the Phantom Zone is returned... or destroyed."That was the way "Fallout" ended, with Clark finally (finally!) accepting his destiny. What a great moment in a really good episode — I enjoyed Tom Welling's performance. We got a brief hiatus from Lois and Ollie and were able to bask in all the Clarkness. I love it when the future Superman finds someone with whom he can just be free and be himself for a change. It's happened with Chloe, which is probably why I started liking her so much. And this time, it happened with Raya, Jor-El's assistant from this season's premiere, who was able to help Clark escape the Phantom Zone (and was able to escape the Zone herself). It was great seeing him open up to her — they super-jogged together. Plus, she didn't pull any punches with him. She ... read more

November 2, 2006: Diwali

"Who is this crazy gringo, and what is he talking about?" Once again, Michael Scott craps all over his own chance at happiness by being himself — and once again, it's painfully funny to watch. So here's my question: Do you think he proposed to Remax because he was caught up in the sheer romance of the Diwali festivities (the mingling scent of curry and odor-eaters, the glint of twinkle lights off the gymnasium floor... ), because he was moved to an irrepressible state of longing by the throw-yourself-on-the-fire kind of love shared by Kelly's parents, or simply because he was just that desperate to try out Page 97 of the culturally explicit Kama Sutra? No matter — it all ended in a hailstorm of classic Michael awkwardness, from the attempt to drown his sorrows in a rebuffed kiss with Pam, to the backseat-ride-home revelation that he'd left the party with somebody else's shoes.This might be a strange observation, but I was sort of impressed that an episode seemingly centere... read more

November 2, 2006: Heart of the Matter

Now that is what I call a dream Yowza I think we have established that Parminder Nagra and John Stamos have some chemistry For more on the lovebirds check out the ER cover story in the new issue of TV Guide Magazine I was almost disappointed that Ray interrupted the proceedings But how can you not love a guy who shows up to fix your cable before his 7 am shift with Krispy Kremes in tow Neela may be dreaming of Gates but I think this love triangle is going to heat up once Ray gets a clue Shane West is too darn cute to be on the back burner for long Aside from the very pleasant opening sequence tonights episode served up a big dose of bittersweet Kovac won the lawsuit though it was an empty victory The sad fact of the matter is that Curtis Ames probably hadnt received the level of care that would have been required to prevent his debilitating stroke but he certainly received the best care that Luka was able to offer at the time Forest Whitaker is doing a read more

November 2, 2006: Good Job, Gashopper

I always love it when someone tries to tell Gil Grissom that they know what he's thinking. No one ever knows what Gil is thinking, especially in this episode. Seems to me like Gil's feelin' a bit tired of it all right now. We all get to that point once in a while. You know, where you sit in your drab gray cube, squinting at the computer more and more as the day gets long. And then suddenly you just lose it, and everything sort of jumbles. We all need some time to clear our head now and again. Having Grissom clearly not all together right now is a clever way for the producers to write in his imminent hiatus from the show. As for the rest of the episode, there wasn't a whole lot of captivating material, though Grissom's reaction to Brass when he told Carl, "Bad things happen to bad people," was interesting. We all know Grissom is a big fan of letting the evidence do the talking, and he really seemed like he wanted to give the guy a legit shot to prove he was innocent without Brass' be... read more

November 2, 2006: Who You Calling a 'Nancy Boy'?

Clearly Candice is just a loving person. She loves Billy. She loves Adam. But she really loves peanut butter. Like, loves peanut butter would make her declare, "I'm in love with everybody that I can see right now." I mean, it's only been 17 days. Maybe I just don't eat peanut butter that much, but I’m pretty sure that a two-week hiatus from it would not have me kissing on Flicka. And what’s up with Brad? I'm sorry, but peanut butter and potatoes just don't go together. I don't care how forward-thinking you are.OK, how badly did you feel for Rebecca and her Tara Reid take on the reward challenge? "Pull your top down, baby!" I don't know who yelled that out, but I’m quite sure it wasn't Nate, who was just a-grinnin' at the whole scene. And Jeff, who's always yelling something useful during the challenges, couldn't come up with a quick, "Rebecca, you're flashing your tribemates," in between play-by-plays?Kidnapped at the last tribal council, Nate was made by Aitu to sit ... read more

November 1, 2006: "Nuts to You, McGullicuty!"

Yeah its pretty scary when Tracy Jordans Biscuit and Ching-Chong start to look like winning sketch ideas This episode of NBCs 30 Rock raised an interesting question though Which is the worst Girlie Show possible one written by Tracy starring Roberto the 2-foot Spanish hustler one begotten of GE exec Jack Donaghys mind featuring Monkey Senate and entire bits written around the catchphrases Nuts to you McGullicuty and Beep beep ribby ribby or the actual TGS we hear being produced in the background offering the likes of Homophobic Gays Queasy Stuffed Shirts and Who Wants to Eat a DictionaryTough call there But at least you get the sense that 30 Rock isnt actually trying to deliver Saturday Night Live-worthy sketches unlike that other NBC show about a late-night comedy program Speaking of which the best moment this week by far had to be that big fat wink to Aaron Sorkins Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and West Wing and Sp read more

November 1, 2006: Spicy Ketcherella and Cravable Comfort Food

How 'bout that judges table, huh? That's what I'd call a rough session, brutal even. Plus, a line between the comfort-food experts and the fine-dining experts seems to be materializing. Last week, the comfort- fooders had a tough time with the sushi challenge; this week, the fine-diners are nervous because it's time to make some ice cream and a dish fit for TGI Friday's customers. But, a Top Chef must be diverse and, basically, be the entire package. So, whether it's food for the masses or food for the so-called "elite," these chefs need to know how to bring it every time. Advantage: repeat challenge-winners Cliff and Betty.Quickfire challenge: Create an original flavor of ice cream for the man (or, in this case, kids) on the streetWinner: CliffRunners-up: Sam and CarlosBottom 3: Marcel, Emily and MarisaMy man Cliff won his second quickfire challenge in a row by knowing what the masses really want: cookies and marshmallow. It's not surprising that even though he claimed to have neve... read more

November 1, 2006: "All About Eva"

Tonight really was “All About Eva.” What I found most interesting was how easily Nick and Kathryn’s opinion of Eva was swayed. Granted, there was some convincing evidence that she may have been involved in the robbery, but the bond the hostages share seemed so strong that I was a little surprised that they seriously suspected that Eva was an accomplice. In the flashbacks, Eva does appear to behave suspiciously, and the connection between her ex-boyfriend Carlos and Randall seemed a bit too coincidental. In fact, the writers did such a terrific job of convincing me that Eva may have been involved that now I am not completely satisfied with how she was exonerated; there are some loose ends. One example: what did Randall say to her when she came back with Lucas? Another example would be the plane tickets to Phoenix, which are particularly hard for me to understand. It never seemed like the connection between Nick and Eva was that strong. It appeared that they had a simp... read more

November 1, 2006: Let's Make a Deal

When we last left Jericho, Jake was on to Hawkins, Mitchell came back to town, and acres of corn brought everyone together for a Little House on the Prairie-like moment (one which some of us laughed at and some of us found as relief in the midst of chaos). This week, the episode opens with unfamiliar faces tied to Mitchell, Jericho's new bad boy sitting pretty behind bars. Surrounded by pumpkins, which almost seem too colorful for this town, we finally have a moment between Emily and Heather. "There are a lot of things about Jake you don't know," Emily warns her. And then fear immediately takes over Emily when she sees Jonah (James Remar) roll in to town, who we later find out is her father. Their broken ties over her brother Chris' death have put up a hefty wall between them, and she can't forgive him. We see her unravel as her past comes swirling back to haunt her. She was just beginning to deal with having Jake back in town, but this addition can only make things worse.On a more... read more

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