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November 7, 2006: One Shot Stop

Now, I don’t want to alarm anyone, but my psychopathic-killer instincts are frighteningly good. At the start of the episode, I had a hunch that this new string of shootings was not coming from the real G.L.A. If I were a detective and I started off the case summary by saying the suspect was breaking from a pattern he’s followed for decades, I might spy a red flag. The shootings had “copycat” written all over them. I also knew that Captain Bayless was a goner. His suave attitude and eagerness to appear the hero pretty much signed his death certificate. And while I didn’t find his death all that surprising, seeing it happen was still a pretty raw experience. And, man, so was Cheryl’s reaction to it. It’s understandable that she’d feel responsible, since she let him continue with the ill-advised press conference. But I found myself laughing incredulously when she suggested killing Donald to satisfy the demands of the real G.L.A. The lady has ... read more

November 7, 2006: Que Sera Sera

While the opening joke in tonight's show left me with the distinct feeling that I was watching a performance in an acting class, it did lead into a clever entrance for the show's main patient: George, a 650-pound comatose man thought to be dead and who, while in the process of being cut out of his apartment by a crew of wisecracking firemen, involuntarily alerts them to his true status with a built-in alarm.Quick to champion the cause of the underdog, Cameron immediately empathized with the now-conscious George; however, Chase could not see past George's excess flesh in order to treat him. As a matter of fact, he disappeared from the case. What's up with that? We know Chase has issues. I just want to know what they are. Occasionally we get a clue that there is something bubbling under the surface with him, and I patiently wait for the big reveal with the faith of a viewer who just knows we're going to get that powerhouse episode that brings all of Chase's disparate parts together. ... read more

November 6, 2006: Jet Set

So, in the wake of “Burn, baby, burn” from two weeks ago, we got exploding cars yet again. We also had plenty of questionable plot points. First off, I’m not totally sure I can believe that even our vaunted Miami-Dade CSIs can identify jet fuel purely by the smell. Secondly, they solved that whole murder in less than 24 hours? Wow. I didn’t even realize this until they were running the call log on the dismantled phone/hydraulic transmitter and said that this week’s evil blonde had called it at 6 am that same morning. I know everyone was griping about Horatio getting the car from the lab out to a completely deserted area in under four minutes in the previous episode, but in terms of plot holes, I think this might be the big winner.We didn’t have nearly enough Alexx this week, as this was a wound they didn’t even need her to identify. I suppose decapitation isn’t very exciting for an ME, as it doesn’t exactly leave room for interpretation... read more

November 5, 2006 – “Return to Sender”

By now youve all heard the good news Dexter has been picked up for 12 new episodes coming in Spring 2007 This is a good thing considering how close Dexter came in this episode to being found out Mrs Castillo returns via the ITKWhen hes called to the scene of his crime and Mrs Castillo has been layed out in the Airstream we get to know more about how Dexter works A real pro hes called and wishes he could take it as a complimentDexter is unravelingThe ITK is getting back at Dexter for not killing the security guard A little kid is found in the trunk and when Dex climbs in to see what he can see he knows hes been watched But was it is the boy or the ITK Either way he could be discovered Dexter says the noose is tightening This is how it ends - in the hands of a seven year oldBest thing about this little boy we finally get to see a softer side of Laguerta or LT as Angel calls her And hell break her heart in the read more

November 5, 2006: Bang

I read a lot of advance press about this action-packed sweeps episode, and let me tell you, all the hype did not let me down. I laughed, I cried, I was on the edge of my seat, and I screamed "Shut up!" so many times I lost count. Definitely one of the best episodes ever, so I must first give kudos to the writer — Joe Keenan (writer/executive producer of Frasier) — and the director, Larry Shaw. The entire cast did an outstanding job, but the three powerhouses were Felicity Huffman, Laurie Metcalf and Marcia Cross.Several of my coworkers had given me the big spoiler a few weeks ago regarding who was going to die, so I was already prepared for Nora's demise. What I wasn't prepared for was the feeling of sadness after she got shot. I was one of those "Nora-haters," so hearing that she was gonna bite the dust made me happy. But here I was tonight crying during her death scene! I really lost it when Nora told Lynette to please watch over Kayla, since she was "the only good thing... read more

November 5, 2006: "He Can't Swim, But He Can Eat Cow Lips!"

All right, I'm not sure if this was some clever editing work or simply a testament to the intrinsic calming qualities of cow lips, but it seems like Rob and Kimberly may be mellowing out just a bit. Granted, "mellow" for those two still seems like a regular rage-fest to little ol' nonconfrontational me. But, it's a step in the right direction nonetheless. Kudos to Kimberly in particular for powering through that ick-tastic fast-forward, and a big fat boo to the sound and video editors for making us watch her heave-ho in slo-mo. (And did anybody else find her description of the Malagasy delicacy hilarious? "It was disgusting — the hair was still there, there was fat on it, there were teeth there still." Apparently "fat" falls somewhere between "hair" and "teeth" on the unappetizing scale.) All gastrointestinal distress aside, the real lesson learned here is that, despite its name, the fast-forward isn't necessarily the fastest option — the intersected Tyler/James/Rob/Kimber... read more

November 3, 2006: Don't You Forget About Me

The DeepTonight's episode made me cry. I found the themes particularly sensitive, so this week's ghost story struck some chords with this viewer.The "sins of the father" impacting a family like a generational curse is particularly profound and a topic that can never be explored too deeply or conveyed too urgently. The bond between Mama Ghost and Lanie also came as a surprise: they both found the courage to "leave him." Studies on abusive relationships over the years have proven that leaving isn't as easy as one would think, but it can be done. It must be done. I love that this episode showed that it can be done. Pretty deep stuff for spooky television. The CreepsSpeaking of spooky television, should I take a poll to see how many of us find dolls thoroughly creeptastic? OK, all those who feel permanently scarred by every creepy doll ever flashed on a screen, raise your hand. "Me!" Had I been in Lanie's haunted shoes, I would have preferred a baby blanket as a token of Mama Ghost's lo... read more

November 3, 2006: Masters of Horror's Family Matter

The quiet, suburban Wisconsin neighborhood of John Landis' Masters of Horror entry, Family, looks much like Desperate Housewives' notoriously perfect Wisteria Lane. Sure, Wisteria Lane continues to experience its own share of scandal, mayhem and murder. But if George Wendt's character Harold compared notes with Wisteria Lane's latest diabolical resident Orson Hodge [Kyle MacLachlan], I believe that even Orson would get a chill down his spine. Or... maybe he'd just wish that "he'd thought of that." Yes, I think that Orson would find a mentor in Harold. He certainly would respect Harold's excellence in homemaking, gardening and cleanliness as well as his devotion to family values — especially the value of hiding the evidence. (Bree Hodge really needs to watch this episode!)If I were to recommend a Masters of Horror episode to entry-level horror fiends or to my squeamish friends, it would be Family. Yes, there's a bit of gore, but nothing (I mean, nothing) compared to last week's ... read more

November 3, 2006 - More Dexter?

Good news, Dexterites!!! Showtime, (can I hear a rah, rah, rah?) ordered a new season for Dexter set to air spring 2007. Twelve spanking new episodes have been requested for Dex and the gang and I for one am thrilled as punch!On October 1, 2006, Dexter premiered to over 1 million viewers and they are still going strong!See you all Sunday night for another fantastic episode. read more

November 2, 2006: Let the Angels Commit

I bet all you Meredith-haters screamed "Yes!" when Cristina said: "Everything is not about you, Meredith." I would've laughed harder had they not used it in the coming attractions and promos, but either way, that was a good line regardless of how you feel about Meredith. I personally enjoyed Meredith tonight in this commitment-themed episode — especially in the closing scene when she finished Derek's sentence by suggesting he "take some space" and clear his head, as if she understood, followed by her "I'm here for you" to Cristina. How about that troublemaker sister of Derek's, though? Seems like Nancy flew in to town just to stir the pot, but I liked that she and Derek played nice at the end, even after she admitted to being one of the many women who had slept with Mark Sloan. Lame opening scene, though, with Meredith's barging in to the trailer as Derek's standing in just a towel and not immediately telling (the "slutty intern") Meredith, "She's my sister." That was Embeth Da... read more

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