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November 14, 2006: Conor McNamara, 2026

Well that was a nice change of pace Ive got to ask right away though did any of you get a Back To The Future vibe I kept waiting for them to call each other McFly or to have a senior-ized Lea Thompson walk in or for Christian to ask Sean What are you lookin at butthead Kidding but yet not the makeup reminded me of that classic flick I kept thinking how unrealistic it was for Sean and Julia to not get Conors other hand done Why would Sean so obsessed with his own childhood deformity allow his son to only get one of his hands done Yes Hurricane Lenore caused a delay but I found it hard to believe Sean would give up Thats why I was hoping to see Sean wake up at the end and say I dreamed that we decided not to get Conors other hand fixed and he chose to get it done 20 years from now So thats really my only complaintWhat a treat it was to see young Kelsey Lynn Batelaan get another chance to show some emotion as Annie and not get her usual throwaway read more

November 14, 2006: Son of Coma Guy

Stunt casting. Vegetative-state man awakes and wants a steak. Ah, yes, it must be sweeps. I'm a little bit disappointed that it wasn't Coma Guy whom House roused from sleep. But given the way the show ended — John Larroquette's character dying to save his son's life — I was relieved that our long-standing friend is still with us. Wilson summed up the show best: "Caustic Guy was waking up Coma Guy." To be more specific, House injected Gabe (Larroquette), against Cuddy's wishes, with experimental drugs that would temporarily release him from his vegetative state in the hopes of getting a detailed medical history for Kyle (Zeb Newman), the dying patient who, it turns out, is Gabe's son. Guilt is a heavy load to bear for 10 years. Imagine doing so while unconscious. Gabe's guilt over not being able to save his family resulted in a road trip for House and Wilson, who struggled with their own issues — namely Wilson's lying to the police to protect House for forging presc... read more

November 14, 2006: The War at Home

Best Criminal Intent so far this season, hands down. After a couple of sensational episodes dealing with murdered beauty pageant contestants and murderous country singers, we finally got one with some real feeling. And a Thanksgiving episode, no less, from a franchise not exactly known for spreading around the holiday cheer.For me, the crime was really secondary this time out, so we’ll get to that a little later. The heart of this episode was clearly Goren’s relationship with his cancer-stricken(?) mother, whom I don’t believe we’d met before, but immediately explained a whole lot about what makes the beyond-quirky detective tick.Seeing Goren in plainclothes throughout the episode was strange enough, but watching him be openly emotional, even vulnerable, was something else altogether. However, while at first it was touching to see Goren’s concern for his hospitalized mother — including bailing on an in-progress search to rush back to her bedside — ... read more

November 14, 2006: "It's Wires... in a Box."

I loved this show's opening scene: The x-ray vision of her tendons, muscles, wires moving as she plays the violin, struggling as her brain disconnects... the violin falling only seconds before she did. And suddenly we're in the tense, matter-of-fact New York medical office of Dr. Doug Hanson (Stanley Tucci), where a mother is being fed gigantic neurological terms she doesn't understand and Hanson is as cold as ice, but calm and collected at the same time, omitting any emotion or feeling, having not a care in the world other than the work at hand.We meet Penny — who sells medical equipment — someone finally able to break Hanson's straight face with a warm greeting in the locker room. A past fling perhaps?Things get interesting — and personal — when Hanson is scrubbing in and sees a vision of a little girl holding a sand pail. Who is she? A former patient he wasn't able to save? His daughter? It's as if he can turn it on and off when she disappears as he goes into ... read more

November 14, 2006: Man of Steele

Tonight’s episode was most notable for its surprising portrayal of the guest stars. Few acted or spoke exactly as one might expect based on their physical appearances.First we had Doug, who looked like he just stepped out of a Harley convention. He was splattered with blood and appeared to be one of the most brutal hostage takers we’d seen yet. But then we found out that all of this — the shooting, the car chase, the standoff — was because he wanted to adopt a baby. And the actual image of his struggle was even more interesting. When Doug held the baby with such tenderness, it was a striking juxtaposition of large and small, world-weary and innocent.Then there was Avery Steele. At first glance, I wrote him off as another “shock jock” hoping to out-outrageous Howard Stern. But wait, there was a catch! This guy actually had a social conscience. He wasn’t using his antics to exploit beautiful women or the mentally impaired. No, his ultimat... read more

November 14, 2006: Mrs. Hayden, I Presume?

Unless you unplugged your computer and your TV and you ignored the recent cover of TV Guide, you already knew that Chris was going to propose. I’d be very impressed if you managed to hide from the news. The only true surprise was exactly how he’d do it. Say what you will about Chris (and most everyone has), he is tres romantic. Sure, he had to throw a ton of Euros around to get the most gorgeous restaurant in Paris to open at 5 am and serve them a candlelit dinner alongside a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. It worked, but I wondered if Lorelai wouldn’t have been just as happy if he’d asked during a stroll along the Seine as the sun rose over Paris. It just seems odd how our boho girl has fallen for all of the fancy stuff she once eschewed: the five-star hotel; the huge comfy bed with silk sheets (but no mini bar?); the waiters standing like soldiers, ready to honor any request, towels folded over arms. When Lorelai came back to Stars Hollow, did you notice how ... read more

November 14, 2006: I’ll Do What I Can for You

Hot off the news that NBC has ordered a full season of Friday Night Lights, we got a glimpse into what life is like post-high school football in a place like Dillon — and it ain’t pretty. Tami hit the nail on the head when she said of the local football stars, “They don’t know what to do with themselves, they fall flat on their faces.” We had Lucas, whose life completely fell apart during college, such that he never graduated. His desperation to get a coaching job was so disturbing that it actually pained me to watch him plead with Coach Taylor. On the other hand, if he had been offered a job, what kind of effect would he have had on the kids?The most emotional moment last night was, of course, when Street led his team onto the field. I don’t know why I got choked up (that’s a lie, I get teary at Kleenex commercials), but it was certainly something to watch the entire town rally around him. No one close to him could really agree on whether he sho... read more

November 13, 2006: Later, Lisa

Well, it’s finally down to the last two girls, and it looks like Lorenzo has a really tough decision on his hands. I really like both Sadie and Jen, and I honestly have no idea whom he’s going to pick. Watching Lorenzo when he’s alone with Sadie makes me think it’s obviously her; but, on the other hand, I just can’t trust the way this show is edited. That makes me wonder if it’s Jen, because we haven’t seen as much of her. She also had the first overnight date, so I have to wonder if it was Lorenzo’s choice to have his favorite go first, or if he saved the best (Sadie) for last. And speaking of the overnight dates, I was confused by Sadie's meltdown over the fantasy-suite decision. I don’t know where she got the idea that spending the night with Lorenzo meant she must have sex with Lorenzo. It’s a suite — I’m sure if you didn’t feel comfortable sharing a bed, he could have found somewhere else to sleep. At least go u... read more

November 13, 2006: Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer

I feel bad saying that this was a mediocre episode after having seen all those pictures at the end of the women on whom this story was based. However, that doesn’t change the facts, as any good CSI knows. Part of the problem was the fact that it was completely unbelievable that the powers that be would allow Natalia to stay on the case, once it was discovered that her sister was involved. If this were any other show, she would have been thrown off the investigation, because such a personal stake in something can color one’s objectivity. On the other hand, we’ve seen Horatio and Delko investigate the murders of loved ones, so I guess that it’s just business as usual at the Miami-Dade PD. Being from New Jersey, I thought that I would appreciate this episode more than I usually can, considering it began on a turnpike. But just as that first car drove by without paying the toll, I kind of felt robbed on the plot. They actually had DNA evidence for the photographer, b... read more

November 13, 2006: "This Isn't Life.... It's Limbo."

After an extra week to digest the news of Angelo's death, What About Brian returns in a somber state. We open at Angelo's service and with Dave trying to remember the lighter moments of his friendship, mixed in with a little lesson for everybody: Life's too short. But sadness quickly turns into the quirky tone that usually resonates in this show, as Karen creates a schedule for the friends to rotate looking after Nic. Despite Brian breaking up with her after the service, I have an unsettling feeling that she's not completely gone. But how long is she going to stick around? Because I'm really missing sweet, levelheaded Julie from Felicity while I'm watching Amy Jo Johnson play this irritating part.William Devane is stirring the pot as Nic and Brian's father. Their family history is slowly unfolding — the mental health of their mom, the blame placed on their dad. Brian clearly still holds a grudge, and I'm quickly reminded of the sometimes-rebellious Matt we used to see on 7th He... read more

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