War courtesy Lionsgate
FBI agent Jack Crawford (Jason Statham) is looking for revenge after his partner is brutally murdered by the assassin Rogue (Jet Li). It's been three years since the murder, and Crawford is prepared to do anything to capture Rogue after he discovers the assassin is back in San Francisco. Crawford's pursuit will put him in the middle of a conflict between two Asian gangs, and he must be prepared to go to war if he wants to avenge his partner's death.

Extras on this Blu-ray release include "The War Chest" (never-before-seen footage available in movie, or through menus), "Scoring War," Visual Commentary with director Philip G. Atwell, Audio Commentary with writers Lee Anthony Smith and Gregory J. Bradley, Gag Reel, Deleted Scenes, "The War Zone" trivia track, Yakuza Fighter game and behind-the-scenes FX Bonus. I really enjoyed listening to the "The War Zone" trivia track, which is filled with interesting information on the location, stunts, and actors in the movie. It also includes short audio clips of the cast and crew providing insight into specific scenes, or their thoughts about working on the project. The release also includes the "Blu-line Slider," which can be brought up anytime during the movie, and displays the total length of the movie, your current position and the chapter points. The Blu-line Slider also allows you to set separate bookmarks for the main feature, the director's visual commentary, or "The War Zone" trivia track. This is one of the first Blu-ray releases to feature "Bonus View" content (also known at Profile 1.1), and some bonus material includes Picture-in-Picture features.

This Blu-ray release features a 1080p transfer and your choice between 7.1 PCM audio, or a Dolby Digital 5.1 Digital Surround EX track. I listened to the 7.1 PCM track and enjoyed all the explosions, and crashes that rocked my condo, and probably annoyed the neighbors. The picture quality was nice, though there's quite a bit of visible grain in some scenes.

As Seen on TV: Be on the lookout for Mathew St. Patrick (Keith Charles on Six Feet Under), Andrea Roth (Janet Gavin from Rescue Me) and Nadine Velazquez (Catalina on My Name Is Earl). - Gord Lacey

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