Family Guy image provided by 20th Century Fox
Fox and Apple announced Digital Copy for iTunes at MacWorld, which includes a digital version on the DVD, and allows you to watch the movie on an iPod, iPhone, the computer, and an AppleTV. The first title to use the iTunes Digital Copy is Family Guy: Blue Harvest; Fox used Digital Copy for their release of Live Free or Die Hard, and Warner Bros used it for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but they weren't files created for playback within iTunes.

iTunes Digital Copy allows consumers to transfer a DVD purchase to iTunes by entering a unique code into iTunes which then automatically copies the movie to their iTunes library. The digital copy of the DVD has the same viewing options as other iTunes content, and each DVD will only transfer its iTunes Digital Copy to one iTunes library.

Fox has plans to use iTunes Digital Copy for other upcoming titles, including Hitman, which will be released in April.

Are you more likely to purchase a title that includes a digital copy of the film for your iPod? - Gord Lacey