Walker, Texas Ranger: The Complete Fourth Season courtesy Paramount
OK, there've been a ton of releases lately that we need to discuss, because quite honestly, they are a hoot. And not just "funny, ha-ha" hoots, but also the kind that you see on the shelf and think "Oh. my god... I kind of want that!" So sit back, tell your shame to take the day off and get in with these guilty-in-the-first-degree pleasures of plastic!

Walker, Texas Ranger
- The Complete Fourth Season Come for the "Eyes of a Ranger" theme song, stay for the very special Christmas episode about an Old West Ranger who saved the day, then feast on the two-part season finale that gave us the Sons of Thunder spin-off. And never forget, when the Boogeyman goes to bed, he checks under his bed for Chuck Norris.

Soul Food - The Complete 3rd Season Before Showtime ever got any attention for Weeds or The Tudors or even The L Word (which we [i[love), there was this stellar NAACP-lauded adaptation of the fabulous Vivica A. Fox-Nia Long flick. Filled with grand performances by Vanessa A. Williams, Malinda Williams and Nicole Ari Parker, the ongoing saga of the Joseph sisters takes more twists than a hair salon this season, including Maxine and Kenny's long-awaited reunion and the revelation of Bird's sordid high school past. Oh, and then musical guests can't be beat. Wassup, Ludacris!

General Hospital: Night Shift - Mock me if you must, but SoapNet's after-hours spin-off of the daytime drama kicked ass. I'm not kidding: It's inventive, sexy, well-filmed and gave GH fans and newbies alike something to cheer for. Think Grey's Anatomy with more CCs of drama and none of the self-absorbed whining. My only gripe was that some of the soap's core cast members skipped out on doing double-duty, but it turns out that loss is our gain: without Carly, Sonny and all that gangster biz running rampant, we got more of the always adorable Kimberly McCullough's Robin Scorpio, Lando Calrissian as a shady maintenance man and enough shots of Steve Burton's ever-expanding biceps to earn their own spin-off. And yes, for those non-soapers out there, that would be a very good show, too.

Medabots - How cool is this show?! Now, I am so not an anime guy and I totally missed its run on Fox Kids, but the Complete 1st Season's packaging alone was colorful enough to warrant a peek. And wow, am I happy I checked it out. Even if I'm still not entirely clear what is going on all the time with the cartoon kid named Ikki and his android sidekick, the robot battle sequences, the cheeky tone and the crazy colors are eye-candy for this overgrown kid. And isn't that what come cartoons should be all about once we achieve a certain, ahem, thirtysomething status?

The Odd Couple - I was 3 when the Third Season set was actually running on ABC, but for some reason, this show has always been one I remember fondly. Maybe it's the unshakable theme song (nothing like the Walker, ditty, mind you), or the fact that Tony Randall and Jack Klugman were Chandler and Joey light years before we ever met our Friends. Either way, every time I see Felix pick up Oscar's cigar butt with his umbrella (ella! ella! ella!), I'm back on the couch with my parents begging them to let me stay up late to watch the rest of the show. If that's not a Joy, I don't know what is.

OK, so those are my latest treats. What's keeping your DVD player happy these days? Lemme know and we'll discuss them later on, aiiight?

Next week: The BBC = Bold, Ballsy and Cool.

Until then, kiddies, don't hog the remote! - Damian Holbrook