Two Guys and a Girl by Deborah Feingold/Fox
With this week's long-awaited release of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles' third and final set (which is completely excellent, by the way), I couldn't help but mourn the shows that haven't been so lucky. You know, the ones that have yet to make it on to the market. And since the last time I ran down the sets of my dreams, both Fastlane and Birds of Prey have been announced, so why not throw a few more titles out there to see if the DVD gods are listening.

Falcon Crest
- Come on! Dallas, Dynasty and Knots Landing are out there, why not this juicy lil' vineyard sudser? Not only did it have one of the best theme songs, but there have been few leading bitches as regal as Jane Wyman's Angela Channing. Plus, Lorenzo Lamas' playboy himbo was named Lance Cumson. You can not beat that! If you want to have some real fun, YouTube the show and check out the opening-credits compilation videos. The nine-season evolution of Susan Sullivan's hair-flip, head-turn move gives me life.
If you loved Falcon Crest, check out Dallas on

The Class of '96
- At the height of 90210 mania, Fox got a little young-ensemble crazy and came up with this uber-sensitive tale of freshman at a cozy New England college. And I loved it. Tragically, it starred notorious show killer Jason Gedrick, so even with the talents of the Neve Campbell-ish Lisa Dean Ryan and Megan Ward (who is kicking ass on General Hospital as we speak), few of us were shocked when Class was dismissed after 17 episodes. Sad, sure, but not shocked.
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Wonderbug - This is for my oldest brother. A few episodes are available on the Saturday Morning with Sid & Marty Krofft set, but if I could get a complete series collection of this wack-job show about a talking dune buggy and his dirty hippy owners, life would be golden. And with Land of the Lost being turned into a Will Ferrell showpiece, the timing for a release like this couldn't be better.
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Relativity - Another uber-sensitive drama from the mid-'90s that ironically also died after 17 episodes, this one told the love story of a nice Jewish boy with awesome bone structure and a needy girl who couldn't get rid of her ex-fiancé. How uber-sensitive? Well, it was created by Friday Night Lights' guru Jason Katims and produced by the thirtysomething guys, so it had that mix of angst and humor so few shows can balance these days. I did ask Katims once if we would ever see this on DVD and even he was excited at the idea, so let's keep those digits crosses, people.
If you loved Relativity, check out Once & Again on

Two Guys and a Girl - So much better after they ditched the "And a Pizza Place" from the title in season three, ABC's Boston-set sitcom probably has more charm now than it did during its four-year run from 1998 to 2001. Ad I'll give you three reasons why: a young Ryan Reynolds; a young Nathan Fillion; and the totally underrated Richard Ruccolo. Oh and Traylor Howard was cute, but really, all the good female laughs went to Suzanne Cryer as Reynold's med-school nemesis.
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TV 101
- There is so little I remember about this one, but I swear, it was good, because whenever I hear anything with the "101" suffix, I think "ohh, I miss that show." Yet even now, when I mention it to people my age, they have no memory of CBS's late '80s teen-ish drama about a high-school journalism class putting together a news program. Maybe that's because it only ran for 13 episodes, but you'd think something that starred Matt LeBlanc and Teri Polo would be able to stir up some interest, right?
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OK, so that's me for this week. What shows are you dying to see make it to DVD? Come on, don't be shy. Who knows, maybe one of your faves will get lucky. Let me know!

Until next week, don't hog the remote! - Damian Holbrook