Wonder Woman courtesy Warner Home Video, The Incredible Hulk courtesy Universal Studios, The Flash courtesy Warner Home Video
OK, first off, to all of you who chimed in last week. I just assumed we all accepted Dynasty's Alexis Carrington as the #1 bitch of all time. That sort of stuff should just be understood from here on out. It's like, who is the #1 villain? JR Ewing. No-brainer.

But this week, I offer you a real challenge. With the sort-of-unexpected monster hit-dom of "Iron Man" in the theatres and this week's DVD release of the TV movies The Incredible Hulk Returns/The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, I thought it would be fun to get all you fanboys and girls to weigh in on your favorite TV superheroes. I'm gonna throw some of my top picks out there (all available on DVD, natch), then I want ya'll to give me yours, aiight?

- Young Superman. The DVD sets that literally kept me from going insane during my doctor-ordered bedrest from two herniated discs. Seven seasons of Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum and a bunch of DC Comics cameos. Season Six is the best, with the arrival of Jimmy Olson, the Green Arrow and the Justice League goodiness. LOVE it. LOVE it! Although without Chloe next season, I'm ascared! (See also: The Adventures of Lois & Clark)
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Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter in her satin tights, fighting for our rights. And the old red, white and blueooooooooh! Even when the show ditched the 1940s angle and moved to modern times with Diana Prince sporting those gigantic glasses and that talking computer, there was still the sort of camp joy that only happened during the happening '70s. My only gripe? When are they going to release the Cathy Lee Crosby TV-movie precursors?
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The Flash - Now for the sort of campy joy that only happened in the early '90s. Having been a Batman-Superman kid, The Flash had eluded me (get it?) until this 1990 oddity. John Wesley Shipp, who we would all come to love as Dawson Leery's father, got his hero on Barry Allen, the world's fastest CSIer, and it was a hoot. The speedy special effects were far cooler than the ones they fed us on the new Bionic Woman and Barry's suit was, um, tight. Plus, you had Amanda Pays, who is hot, as Barry's perfect-lipped love interest, and Mark Hamill (who is not) guesting as the Trixter. This one is like pizza: the cheesier, the better.
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Alias - Tell me Sydney Bristow wasn't a superhero. Go ahead. I will kick you square in the Rambaldi. Between the copious latex outfits and secret identities, the season 4 zombies and Jennifer Garner's action-figure body, this great-when-it-was-on fantasy may be the closest we'll get to a new Wonder Woman in out lifetime.
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NowI know there are a TON of other superheroes out there (notice that I left ya'll a certain show that's all about heroes?) So have at it! Who are your faves?

Until next week, don't hog the remote! - Damian Holbrook