Family Guy courtesy FOX
I feel like I should be ashamed to admit this, but I freakin' love Family Guy. Oh. My. God. What is wrong with those people?! They get away with more jaw-on-the-floor "did they really just say that?" shizz than any cartoon and every live-action network series that I can recall, and yet, every time - every time, people! - I'm stunned. While not laughing me arse off, of course.

My theory is that Guy flies, much like the Millennium Falcon, under the radar. Fox doesn't promote it too much, it never became huge-huge-huge and nobody in the cast has gone to rehab for press purposes. Hence, the freedom to have a walker-bound septuagenarian pedophile, a greased-up naked deaf guy and a veritable parade of equal-opportunity slurs against every special interest group known to man, woman and Wookiee. It universally flips the bird to Standards and Practices!

Which is why I greet this week's "Blue Harvest" release with such glee. Not only is it a smashing production, but I am perilously close to wearing out my copies of the five Family Guy sets already on the market. Originally aired as an hour-long episode on Fox back in September as the show's sixth-season opener, creator Seth MacFarlane and crew hit warped speed with "Blue," their almost obsessive, hilarious retelling of Star Wars. Or as Peter (and like a generation of closet dorks) calls it, "the greatest story ever told."

Just think: Brian as Chewie. Stewie as Darth. Peter as Han, and Lois as Leia? You can almost see the brilliance from a galaxy far, far away. MacFarlane told me last summer that after five seasons of dropping barely approved Star Wars references into the show, Fox basically said, please just get the official approval from Lucas and do your thang.

And boy did they. If you haven't seen it yet, well, I don't really know what that's about. Like 10 million folks tuned in to see it on TV, with another gazillion finding it on the Web. Even my boss saw it - and howled - and he's not that much of a fan. (More of a Simpsons guy... and that's OK, too.)

The only thing about this lovefest is that it stirs up some longings for cartoons yet to make their way to DVD. Blessedly, The Smurfs show up next month, but where are The Bionic Six? Or Filmation's The Brady Kids from the '70s? And don't even get me started on the painful absence of Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Heroes from my shelves. Diaper Man rocked!

What are your missing faves, kids? I know some of you mentioned Spider-Man and X-Men last week, but are there any Daria fans out there? Jem? Snorks? Talk to me, children!

Next week: Thunderbirds are finally a go!
Until then, don't hog the remote. - Damian Holbrook