Galactica 1980 courtesy Universal Studios, Dante?s Cove courtesy Regent, Silk Stalkings courtesy Starz/Anchor Bay
One of the best things about writing for TV Guide is that my tastes are a bit off, so I get to cover a lot of shows most folks wouldn't want on their beat. Three days into starting here 100 years ago, I scared my colleagues by bounding at the chance to handle a Baywatch episode called "Someone to Baywatch Over You." No lie. And that's not to say I don't love a good Friday Night Lights or even a mediocre Lost (see all of Season 2). I just enjoy some of the odder TV things in life. Things perfectly at home on DVD....

Galactica 1980 - Do not judge me. I have a soft spot for this spin-off from ABC's mother ship! After the massively budgeted original was axed, the fans rose up and riled the network into throwing together an on-the-cheap follow-up set five years after BSG's finale. Since only Lorne Greene and Herb Jefferson Jr. agreed to come back, Adama and Boomer oversaw Barry Van Dyke and Kent McCord as the fighter pilots who finally got to explore Earth. Come for the flying motorcycles, stay for the Cylon that faces off with a microwave during a very special Halloween episode... guest-starring Wolfman Jack!
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Silk Stalkings - The five available seasons of USA's eight-year-long trash classic are a pleasure chest of C-list guest-stars (Adrian Zmed! Tanya Roberts!) and creative crimes of passion. Think Fantasy Island meets SVU. I know some purists will balk at the post-Mitzi Kapture/Rob Estes years, but I gotta say, Chris Potter and Janet Gunn were pretty fetching Palm Beach detectives, too. Plus, my friend Julie totally gets lezzed in Season 5's "Friendly Persuasion."
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Dante's Cove - Speaking of... sure, an LGBT horror soap set in a tropical resort isn't for everyone, but come on! Strewn with hard-body nekkidness of all genders and flavors here! The network groundbreaker has been described ad nauseum as a gay Buffy. But as rockin' as Buffy is, she never had Tracy Scoggins as an ancient, British-accented, oversexed witch. Although I bet Willow would be down with that sort of action, mmmkay?
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Frisky Dingo - Probably because I refuse to grow up (kidult, anyone? Rejuvenile?), any cartoon that is not specifically for the little ones is definitely for this overgrown one. The weirder the better, and few come weirder than the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim hoot about superhero Awesome X's battles against his skinless foe Killface. Pop-culty jokes about action figures, Barnaby Jones and celebrity talk shows ensue, but not to the pseudo-ironic "we're over everything" extent some animated shows have been reaching these days. And no, I am not naming names.
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OK, so now it's your turn, DVD freaks. Tell me what your favorite oddities are. And don't worry, we're all friends here, so you can be honest.

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Until then, don't hog the remote. - Damian Holbrook