John Adams courtesy HBO
So, if you have a dad like mine, this weekend is a cause for alarm. I'm a little too old to be giving him a can of cashews again, he has every book on the Civil War known to man, and I've probably stolen every tool he's been given over the last 10 years. See? The man is impossible to buy for!

To take a little pressure off myself (and hopefully inspire some of you equally desperate ACOIFs...Adult Children of Impossible Fathers), I offer a cheat sheet of DVD sets perfect for every daddy-o

For the Jock - The Major League bigwigs have released these spectacular Esssential Games collections celebrating baseball at its best, played in the best parks. So far, Fenway Park and Shea Stadium have gotten the love, but when Philadelphia's beloved (now leveled) Veteran's Stadium makes the cut, yours truly is going to be a very happy man.
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For the Historian - Hello? HBO's fantastic John Adams miniseries just hit the shelves and if you didn't see this one, grab an extra set for yourself. Paul Giamatti, who I usually think is a little blah, is amazing as our second President. And anything with Laura Linney is worth owning, as far as I'm concerned.
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For the Soldier - Again, an HBO item you can't beat. Band of Brothers. Having never watched this WWII epic before, mostly because the opening of Private Ryan made me incontinent, I had no idea how truly sprawling and impressive the whole production is. I wouldn't say it's changed my mind about war, but it sure changed the way I see how television portrays it. And honestly, I'm a little proud of Gossip Girl's Matthew Settle and Life's Damian Lewis for being part of this one.
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For the Cowboy - James Stewart: The Western Collection. Wow, how much do we love Jimmy, huh? About as much as we love Universal for packaging a six-shooter of his classics, including "Destry Rides Again." "Winchester '73" and " The Far Country." Turns out our boy was much cooler when he packing heat and horsing around than when he was running around helping angels get their wings.
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For the Newbie - Give it up, bud. If you just became a father, you ain't watching TV. But you'd be smart to stock up on sets to keep the little once entertained as they grow up. And as a product of the '80s, there is no other option for me to suggest here than The Muppet Show Season Three. They'll dig the pig and frog, you'll love the fact that Alice Cooper pops up to trick the crew into a deal with the Devil. No lie. This show was the coolest thing ever and it's still a joy to behold.
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For the Unmarried Uncle - Lipstick Jungle Season One just came outeven if he hasn't yet.
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For the Yippe-ki-yay Mofo - Greatest. Action. Film. Ever. I'm sorry, I will fight anyone smaller than me to the death over this one. Die Hard rocks. The sequels ain't too shabby either and they make the best bet for a father who likes his explosions big and badass. The Die Hard Ultimate Collection throws in all four of Bruce Willis' best works in an 8-disc experiment in awesomeness. Yippe-ki-yay indeed.
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Obviously, this is just a handful of options we can drop our dollars on for dad this weekend. What other titles have I missed? Maybe some good dads from TV? Cosby, anyone? Come on, share your ideas and help your brethren (and sistren) come up with some great DVD gifts for pops this weekend!

Until next week, don't hog the remote! - Damian Holbrook