Anderson Cooper and Jeff Corwin courtesy CNN
OK, kids. Earth Day is right around the corner and, like bitch being the new black, green seems to be the new gay: hard for some folks to understand, but totally making the world more fabulous.

So let's gather round the paperless computer screen and run down some of the eco-awesome programs now available on DVD.

Planet in Peril
- Global warming meets good ol' hotties in this dazzling CNN special that sends Anderson Cooper, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and wildlifer Jeff Corwin around the globe to check out the myriad treats mucking up our environment. Once you see what the guys uncover in an Asian market, you may never want some "herbs" again.
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Living with Ed - Sounds like a sitcom, but tastes like The Osbournes-meet- An Inconvenient Truth. Devout conservationist Ed Begley, Jr. and his less-green wife Rachelle open their eco-tricked-out home to the cameras as they attempt to save energy, recycle and reduce their carbon footprint in general. Jay Leno even pops up in an episode that turns the chinned-wonder's massive car collection into a lesson about how hybrid autos aren't actually such a new idea. Fun and educational? Me likey that.
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Six Degrees Could Change the World - Alec Baldwin took time out from cracking us up on 30 Rock to narrate a far-from-funny National Geographic report on what exactly could happen if the Earth's temperature rose by six degrees. And trust me, it's not pretty...and it's due to happen by 2100.
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Eden at the End of the World
- Turns out Tierra del Fuego isn't just a great punch line in Soapdish, it's also a sub-Antarctic paradise brimming with elephant seals, penguins and whalesall at risk of going bye-bye if we don't get our act together. Another splendid Nat'l Geo special, much like...
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Human Footprint - I love this one. A step-by-step, CGI-enhanced tally of how much detritus and damage a single person can create in their lifetime. It's at the same time amazing and unsettling, but the piles of plastic bags and miles of plastic bottles will have you thinking long and hard about how you shop. (Fittingly, all the Nat'l Geo specials are packaged in 100% recycled material.)
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The Best of Backyward Habitat - Forget building a jungle gym behind the house. For anyone who has ever wanted a Disney-fied ability to surround themselves with adorable critters, this Animal Planet series is all about teaching homeowners and kids how to turn their free space into welcome environments for animals in needs of a safe place to chill. It's This Old Birdhouse!
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Planet Earth - If you don't have this one yet, shame! It's possibly the most stunning, uplifting and revolutionary exploration of the ground below and the skies above. Five years in the making, more that 200 locations, visuals that will make you go hmmmm. The 11-part BBC/Discovery Channel co-production should be must-see in every school, home, construction company and pet store to remind us all what's at stake these days. (See also narrator David Attenborough's Wildlife Specials and Echo and Other Elephants.)
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Sharkwater - Could it be that sharks are actually just sweet, intelligent beasts being wrongfully slaughtered in record numbers? Biologist-slash-filmmaker Rob Stewart thinks so and he's out to convince the world to ease up on the sea's supervillain and erase the bad rep they got from Jaws with his up-close-and-very-personal documentary. I still wouldn't want to run into one of them down the shore, but after seeing how the world's shark population has been brutally decreased by 90%, I don't want them hacked to pieces for some fisherman's vanity or an industry's commercial use, either.
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So that's it for this week. I hope between now and the next Joy of Sets, we can all do a little something extra to help our little piece of this big blue marble. Maybe think about quitting smoking (I did and it's not so bad...sometimes). Or maybe getting one of those cool reusable totes from Whole Foods instead of going for the plastic bags. For me, it's gonna be about harnessing power from Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua to run my laptop. Wish us luck!

Until next week, don't hog the remote! - Damian Holbrook