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Out of all the TV shows past and present, we narrowed down a list of the small-screen lovers we'll always love. Through their tough times, breakups, makeups and romantic moments, we hold the following pairs close to our hearts. Here's our list of the top 10 TV couples we'll forever adore - and how you can enjoy them, too, on DVD. - Gord Lacey

10) Mulder and Scully, The X-Files
People may debate about these two, but this pair couldn't have been more in love even if they never showed it until the end. Talk about sexual tension! Buy the DVD here.

9) David and Maddie, Moonlighting
If only they had hidden their feelings like Mulder and Scully did then the show wouldn't have tanked after they hooked up. But before that, they were the most entertaining couple on TV. Buy the DVD here.

8) Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper, The Wonder Years
There's nothing like young love, and Kevin and Winnie took fans through the flirting, the dating and the nerve-racking phases of finding that special someone. Buy the DVD here.

7) Luke and Lorelai, Gilmore Girls
Stars Hollow couldn't find a better match. They may have taken a twisted path, but the series finale left fans believing they'd found each other for good. Buy the DVD here.

6) Carrie and Big, Sex and the City
Whether you were rooting for them or not, no one can forget this forever-tied couple who proved Paris really is the most romantic place on Earth. Buy the DVD here.

5) Cliff and Claire Huxtable, The Cosby Show
This classic couple balanced five kids, full-time jobs and a house full of trouble! They left a mark on TV history with their strong love that held the family together. Buy the DVD here.

4) Buffy and Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Nothing makes fans' hearts ache more than a hot couple destined to never be "together." But the one love scene they did share was steamy with a capital S. Buy the DVD here.

3) Rob and Laura Petrie, The Dick Van Dyke Show
The TV couple all others are measured against, the Petries broke ground by showing a sexual connection between an on-air husband and wife. Buy the DVD here.

2) Ross and Rachel, Friends
This famous on-and-off again couple always held a spark for each other over the 10 years they spent hanging out at Central Perk. Buy the DVD here.

1) Ricky and Lucy Ricardo, I Love Lucy
Despite Lucy's ridiculous antics and Ricky's outbursts, the Ricardos loved each other more than anything. Buy the DVD here.

What's your take? Do you disagree with our picks? Did we hit the nail on the head? Share your favorite TV lovers!

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