CHiPs courtesy Turner Home Entertainment, Route 66 courtesy CBS, Incredible Hulk courtesy Universal Studios
As we all know by now (unless you're living under a rock), Harrison Ford has been whipped back into shape for the long-awaited 4th film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It debuts at the box office in just two more months, and most of us can't wait! But there's been an added bonus: in the run-up to this sure-fire blockbuster, Paramount Home Entertainment and Lucasfilm have slowly been releasing DVD sets of the early '90s television version, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. In fact, the third and final collection ships on April 29th.
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But if it weren't for the upcoming return of this illustrious character, would the television series have ever seen the light of day? Maybe...but possibly not at this particular time, and probably not with such an in-depth production job on episodes and extras. Oh, these TV-DVDs have certainly been in the works since 2002. But then again, the new film has been planned for a very long time now, too.

Our fedora-clad archaeologist isn't the only one with new projects that are helping to get classic TV episodes brought out on DVD! The adventures from Doctor Who's original twenty-six seasons certainly were coming out steadily enough, but the rate of those DVD releases have noticeably picked up since the huge success of the new 2005 series. And the television season sets for Mission: Impossible continue to come out consistently to this day, thanks to the trilogy of Tom Cruise films sparking interest in them. Even the classic 1976 PBS series The Adams Chronicles (winner of 4 Emmy Awards) probably wouldn't be coming to DVD this May 13th, if it wasn't for the new HBO program John Adams getting so much attention.
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What else is getting this benefit? Let's take a look!

The Incredible Hulk - The 3rd and 4th seasons of this classic Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno television show are coming to DVD (in separate season sets) on June 3, with the fifth (and final) season tentatively planned to arrive in the autumn. All are easily tied to the new Edward Norton film, which owes MUCH more to the late '70s TV version of the big green guy than the 2003 version with Eric Bana did. The two DVD sets are just ten days prior to the box office debut of the new feature...and the planned fall release of the final season set sounds like it would tie in with a home video release of Norton's film. Perfect marketing synergy there. And the first two seasons are on DVD already!
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CHiPs - Yes, that's right! Way back in 2005, Warner Brothers announced they had put a green light on for a film remake of CHiPs, tentatively planned to arrive in 2009. That new version is going to star Wilmer Valderrama ("Fez" on That '70s Show) as Frank Poncherello. "Ponch" was famously made popular by Erik Estrada, who joined Larry Wilcox ("Jon Baker") in the original television adventures of motorcycle officers in the California Highway Patrol. Last summer Warner released CHiPs - The Complete 1st Season, and they've recently announced a June 3rd release of the second season set. You'll see more of those before the new film arrives in cinemas, I'll bet.
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Route 66 - Another film that remakes a classic TV show is on the way for next year, and Roxbury Entertainment and distributor Infinity Ent. Group have mentioned that fact in many of their press releases for DVDs of the classic 1960-era episodes starring Martin Milner and George Maharis. Season 1 has already been released in two half-season sets, and there's more on the way this coming May 20th: the first half of the second season on 4 DVDs, and also on the same date a "complete" set of the first season (with all 30 episodes in one place for the first time).
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It's your turn: Do you think the new features satisfy (or will satisfy, when they arrive) as much as the originals? Do you care, or are you one of those fans who are just happy anyway, because it means your favorite classic episodes finally come to DVD? Or are you one of the younger crowd, who never knew much about the originals until they came out around the time that the cool new versions were on the way? What do you think about the whole tie-in trend? Leave comments and let us know! - David Lambert